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Album review: Ghazalaw "Ghazalaw"

‘Ghazalaw’ is a fascinating project which more than succeeds in its aim of connecting two apparently divergent and ancient cultures, using the ebb and flow between voices, instruments and sounds to great effect in a hypnotic and immersive listening experience. 1,037 more words

Folk Radio UK

Known mononymously as Selda

I’m using Wikipedia’s reference to this Turkish folk singer-songwriter, guitarist and music producer.

By following the link I learn that a better example of someone known by a mononym is Plato



The Count, grateful for a personal Harp recital by Jon Anderson, has decided to give us a little insight into what fine morsels of entertainment we can expect over the holiday period. 485 more words

Top 10 Christmas Songs

This is a potential credibility killer, but my guiltiest of guilty pleasures is Christmas music. I guess it’s a nostalgia thing; some of the happiest memories of my childhood are from Christmases – all the rules were suspended, the limits were relaxed and there was a kind of warm glow about everything, oh and we got presents! 612 more words


Nevermind Watchdown: S3E1 or SERIES THREE, BUSINESS AS USUAL

And, fresh off our last Jonathan Ross episode, it’s…oh jesus, ANOTHER ONE?

Yeah, their way of starting off Series 3 was throng in a guy that ended series 2, as well as throwing in Donna McPhail, who had a very quiet appearance in Series 1. 487 more words

Mark Lamarr Era

Looking and listening this week

Cleaning up over the weekend was fairly productive and I think I now have enough space to put up a light and a backdrop. It’s a start. 92 more words


Sunday Poem - Peter R White

It is not Sunday, it is not Sunday.  It’s barely still Monday.  And yet.  Better late than never I suppose! This week has been slightly bizarre.  1,290 more words