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Astros Magic Number Update

Current lead 5.0 games over the Rangers

 Magic Numbers:

31 to clinch AL West

30 to clinch Wildcard Playoff spot

Houston Astros

RIP, Players Falling Off the 2000 Ballot

We couldn’t fill the Hall of Miller and Eric if we didn’t empty our list of eligible players. Today, we say goodbye to eleven more, including three we’ve been considering for some time, Cesar Cedeno, George Uhle, and Harry Stovey. 1,488 more words

RIP, Obituaries Of Players We're No Longer Considering

Backlog Prospectus: Up the Middle Players

We haven’t looked in on the Hall of Miller and Eric backlog since August, and we’ve done a lot of trimming and a little electing since then. 883 more words


Cy Young, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams … and Yasiel Puig

By Jon Weisman

“I think Puig is definitely in this family of nearly mythical characters.”

— John Thorn

The next time someone suggests Yasiel Puig is unlike anyone who has come before, or that he’s dangerously cavalier about baseball’s unwritten rules, think of Ted Williams. 1,321 more words


Put SOMEBODY in, coach...

If I asked you to name the best centerfielders, you’d rattle off, Willie, Mickey, and the Duke. Joe D. Speaker and Cobb (two newbies in our 1936 election), and and and…you’d probably trail off after that. 675 more words


Good To Be Home!

It’s good to be home.  Long road trips are never fun, especially when a team has struggled as the Angels have this season.  That said time flies when you’re having some fun and the guys certainly had some fun on this last roadie. 914 more words


The End (Diagrammed)...

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From Good, a breakdown of the 10% of the world’s population (!) that believes the world will end by the conclusion of this calendar year. 51 more words