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That One Time I Had a Meltdown About Postpartum Weight Loss

Hey, so…remember when I said I was going to do Weight Watchers?

Yeah…that’s not happening anymore.

Now don’t all freak out at once! The weight loss challenge is very much on. 518 more words


A Moment 27 Weeks in the Making...*

At our 37w appointment (the infamous one where I found out I would likely need a c-section), my husband and I had some time to kill between my appointment and the ultrasound. 540 more words


NICE: Straightforward pregnancies are better off staying out of the hospital 

Great Britian does it better, and has been doing it better basically since the beginning of time. Ninety-nine percent of babies in the U.S. are born in a hospital, compared with only 90% in GB. 43 more words

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First Firsts--In Which You Teach Me the True Meaning of Insomnia

Dear Lily June,

These days, well-meaning coworkers and colleagues, mostly seasoned veteran mothers, lean across my desk and inquire, genuinely concerned, “How are you doing lately?” I only ever have one honest answer: Tired. 1,540 more words

Forgiving the Flesh--In Which I Recount the Ways My Body Has Betrayed Me

Dear Lily June,

As human beings, we live in the flimsy structures of our fleshy bodies. Our hearts, like birds, are protected only by a cage of ribs; our minds, like yolks, sit inside the bony eggs of our skulls. 2,130 more words

The "Birth Plan" that didn't go as planned

I didn’t have a birth plan for when Paige was born.  My “plan” basically consisted of 2 main points:

And we are very blessed, because that is exactly what happened.   1,121 more words

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Therma Therapy - an Answer to Pregnancy and Childbirth Pain

Throughout history nurses  and midwifery staff have found therma therapy a natural way of dealing with Pregnancy and Childbirth pain.


Reduces pain to any tender muscles, neck hips and back (use cool or heated). 211 more words

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