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My Fun Analogy

When I hold my daughter, she seems as though she’s already such a big girl, but then when I watch her with her daddy, in his arms and playing, I see that she is still a tiny little baby girl. 1,189 more words



Today I am a mom. My journey down motherhood actually started, though, when I found out I was pregnant the beautiful morning of October 10, 2016. 881 more words


Women who birth by C-section potentially face long-term health risks: study

Women who give birth by C-section are more likely to encounter long-term health risks later in life, a new study has found.

According to researchers at Aalborg University in Denmark and at Ariadne Labs in Boston, women who undergo caesarean section births have a higher chance of needing a hysterectomy which is likely to result in more surgical complications resulting from the procedure. 508 more words


Things No One Tells You About Having A C Section !

  •  It’s not as bad, painful, or terrifying as it’s made out to be.
  • Operating rooms are actually quite bright and inviting.
  •  The numbing shot they give you may surround your lungs and make you feel like your drowning.
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Labor & Delivery Series Part 4: Experiencing The Operating Room During My C-Section (Series Finale)

In the operating room, the nurses and my doctor didn’t waste any time getting started. As soon as they lifted me onto the operating table from the bed (which was a little awkward), they began cleaning the incision area. 757 more words


Labor & Delivery Series Part 3: Embracing When My Birthing Plan Changed

When we showed up at the hospital at approximately 3am, the valet was closed and the front desk was empty, so we took the elevators to the Labor & Delivery Ward. 712 more words

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OB Baptism

My mother tells me I was baptized as an infant.  Sadly, I cannot recall the details of that particular occasion, but I do remember with clarity the baptismal event from my obstetrics (OB) rotation during the third year of medical school. 819 more words