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C-section Awareness Month my ass

Did you know that April is Cesarean Awareness Month? Neither did I. It seems like there’s a special month, week or day for everything. April 11 was National Pet Day and social media was flooded with photos of our furry friends. 650 more words


It is typical of people , especially Nigerians to say, “na wa o. Why did she have a Cesarean Section? Can’t she push her baby like other women do?” I used to think every woman was meant to have a vaginal delivery until I started having children and shared bed spaces with other women in the maternal ward. 798 more words


Signed Off: Unconsented-To Cesarean Section, A Quarter Century After A.C.

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By Deborah Fisch, JD

The Texas case… 1,649 more words


Too precious to push — shame, fear and the spike in C-sections: 'It’s not safer, but it’s believed to be safer'

Frozen from her rib cage to her toes, the 35-year-old woman felt a fleeting, uncomfortable sensation during her second caesarean delivery last year. Then the anesthesiologist adjusted the medication and 25 minutes after surgery began, her son was born. 1,485 more words


Cesarean section. As a result the stomach to form?

It has become a tradition to disassemble in Friday’s post female threads and today one of them, cesarean section, we’ll talk. In the notes we get acquainted with this phenomenon, we learn that it is from ourselves, what causes it, ie, why resort to it, and in the end to get your hands ready training program, allowing lead to prenatal belly shape and get a flat tum :). 963 more words


The Gory Bit

If you were wondering what a c section is like, here we go. I’m not sugar coating anything.

You will have at least one anaesthetic followed by a spinal block. 913 more words