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Choice of Anesthesia for Cesarean Delivery

Neuraxial anesthesia use in cesarean deliveries (CDs) has been rising since the 1980s, whereas general anesthesia (GA) use has been declining | Anesthesia & Analgesia… 98 more words

General Anaesthesia

Eden - A Birth To Remember

I started writing this shortly after being released from the hospital. I was very surprised to realize just how emotional it was for me. I hadn’t thought that Eden’s birth and our hospital stay had been as hard for me as it was coupled with a very difficult pregnancy and I guess it was just a little much. 3,220 more words


My Illness Explained.

Trigger warning: the following story contains graphic details that may be unsettling. You don’t have to read it so don’t give me that ‘you shouldn’t post this’ crap.  430 more words


My First (Complicated) C-section

Despite never wanting a surgical birth, I had a medically necessary cesarean section delivery with my second child. Though complicated, in all likelihood, the procedure saved both of our lives. 1,931 more words


C-section pt. 1

I went into labor with my daughter at 1:30 in the morning on May 16th. The day before I had spent the day shopping with my mom. 1,806 more words


I Had an Unplanned Cesarean and I’m Okay with That. (And Why You Should Be Okay with Yours Too!)

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I could probably count on one hand the women I knew of who had Cesareans. But I didn’t talk to them about their experiences so I could get an idea what it’s like, in case I wound up having one myself, because “I’m having an all-natural, peaceful, whenever-the-baby’s-ready home birth, and there is no need to learn about the surgery or post-op recovery.” 1,447 more words

Life Snippets

Pregnancy Problems: Birth Blaming and Shaming


C-section shaming. I can’t believe it’s really a thing. But I experienced it — from my childbirth education teacher.

I was excited and terrified about having a baby — not motherhood, but actually… 499 more words