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Getting a C-Section, Pt. 1: Breech Babies and My First Feelings of Failure as a New Mom

“Still breech,” my OB-GYN exclaimed, as she glided the ultrasound probe over my belly.

It’s been two weeks since my standard 32-week prenatal checkup, where — in addition to analyzing my urine, asking about my exercise and diet, and addressing any concerns about the quickly approaching birth — my doctor checked the baby’s position. 1,027 more words


Getting a C-Section, Prologue: #CesareanAwarenessMonth

I woke up last Thursday morning to an Instagram direct message from my mom: an illustration of a woman cradling a newborn and sporting a slightly crescent-shaped scar across her lower belly. 532 more words


The “Baby Blues”

Nobody tells you that you are going to feel this way. I was not at all prepared for the aftermath of emotions that came post delivery. 595 more words

Mom Life

First Days Home

Saying it’s been a very busy week for us is a bit of an understatement. Tomorrow the twins will be a week old! We were discharged from the hospital on Monday so we have been learning how to handle two babies at home with two dogs as well. 964 more words

My Birth Journey Part 2: Induction & Birth

September 6, 2016

Hubby and I go for an early dinner since I can’t eat so many hours before my induction.  Total hospital BS, but whatever.   1,552 more words

We Gave RosehipPLUS a Whirl. Some Findings...

If like yours truly, the skin on your face has been reduced to sandpaper since the birth of your children, you may find this find handy. 405 more words


My Birthdate is actually my removal date

“How many C-sections are too many?” This headline has been gaining more and more traction in the mainstream media and within the baby blogosphere. Newspapers seem to focus on the medical pros and cons of having a C-section, while the baby blogs tend more towards emotional accounts and horror stories of labors that ended in unintentional surgical deliveries. 688 more words

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