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The Birth of Baby X

On the day of my scheduled Cesarean, A and I reached the hospital at 7am. Our surgery was scheduled for 9am but we had been told to arrive by 7, so we did. 960 more words

Why I Chose An Elective Cesarean

Although my first labour in January 2014 – natural, no epidural – had been an agonizing experience, I knew that if I had another child, I would want to have a natural birth again, though this time I might insist on an epidural (but! 644 more words

C-Section and the Pelvic Floor

Many women have asked me about pelvic floor problems after a cesarean delivery.  Approximately 32.7% of women nationally and 21% of women in PA (in 2012 according to the CDC) end up delivering via c-section.  972 more words

The C Word 

Cesarean. C Section. Through the ‘sun roof’. The other way of giving birth.

It never entered my head that I might end up having a c-section. 584 more words



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We would like to bring your attention to protecting against pregnancy complications and most importantly Neonatal expenses. 111 more words

What I've learned about emergency cesareans

Throughout my pregnancy I never really thought much about cesareans. Given the choice, as much as I was worried about ruining everything downstairs, I wouldn’t have opted for a cesarean because of the recovery time. 977 more words


Hate this time of the month!

Started my period four days early this month.  Was scheduled to start tomorrow, which happens to be Wednesday.  Unfortunately, started on Sunday morning which explained why I felt sick to my stomach Saturday night.   340 more words