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Family-friendly Cesarean Birth

Despite the fact that ABC News’ piece, Pregnant Women Turn to Alternative, ‘Personalized’ Birth Options failed to mention doulas as an increasing and evidence-based birth option, this article touched on some interesting concepts.   410 more words

One Educated Mama!

I love sharing stories that show how education can truly impact a woman’s birth experience and outcomes. This mom faced a lot of challenges and overcame them beautifully! 1,012 more words

Birth Stories

Getting Ready for Baby - Birth Plans

At my next appointment, my midwife will want to discuss birth plans with me, so I thought I really should give it some thought. Anyone who has done the whole “childbirth” thing before will tell you that “Birth Plan” is a terrible name, and that really they should be called “Birthing Preferences”. 1,068 more words


Does Having a Cesarean Make You Weak?

There is this common belief among women today that having a caesarean makes a woman weak or defeated. Either she is too afraid to give birth vaginally, so she is weak, or her planned vaginal birth does not go as planned and she feels defeated by having a caesarean. 268 more words


Vaginal or C-section: Does it matter?

Feb. 20, 2015

In the climax of William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” the title character is sword fighting and believes himself invincible because he was given a prophesy that said “no man born of woman shall harm thee.” Yet, that is how he was tricked, for his rival, Macduff, was “from his mother’s womb untimely ripped.” This and other historical references show that cesarean sections have been used for centuries, but today the high success rate has made them more common than ever. 462 more words


Four years ago today

Four years ago today I was packing a bag for the hospital. I went to get my nails and toes done. I had a bath and tried to get everyone ready, the Little Bird included, that a little baby would be joining our family the next day. 665 more words