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It was going on 4 years since the birth of Maxwell that I became pregnant with my daughter.  After the birth of Maxwell, my body regulated and my periods were every 28-31 days routinely. 1,472 more words


You are not on a picnic, it's your delivery!

My shopping list majorly consisted of morsels for quick bites, healthy fruit juices and chocolate bars for instant energy. As I went picking up items from the store, my husband’s eyes danced with amusement and my mum kept reminding me – You are not on a picnic. 602 more words

C-section babies could benefit from microbial transfer from mom's vagina

Partially restoring mom’s good bacteria in C-section babies

Babies delivered by C-section differ from babies delivered vaginally in the makeup of the microbes (microbiome) that live in and on their bodies. 744 more words


Charlie's Birth Story

It’s taken me six months to blog the story of Charlie’s birth. I don’t know why, exactly. Partially, I wondered if it would be interesting to a reader since she was delivered by cesarean. 1,564 more words


Cesarean Sections: The Story Behind My Undeniable Shame

On August 15, 2015 at 8:31 pm I gave birth to my daughter via c-section. After around 14 hours of labor, one of the doctor’s informed me that at this point the safest way to deliver was going to be through a c-section. 752 more words


VBAC anyone?

Alrighty… My clock is ticking… I have lots to plan for and lots of creative ideas, but priority number one is to prepare my body for… dun dun dun, LABOR!   912 more words