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Children born by cesarean section may have a greater risk of obesity

#Science #Obesity Children born by cesarean section may have a greater risk of obesity Children delivered by Cesarean section may have an increased risk for obesity compared to children born vaginally, according to research presented at the American Heart Association s Scientific Sessions 2016. 33 more words

6 Tips to Achieving the Birth You Want

When we get pregnant, or even before, a lot of us have this idea of what our labor and delivery will look like. At least, I know I did. 1,104 more words

Motherhood Uncensored

5 Tips to prepare for a c-section

If you’ve ever thought about being pregnant, or envisioned the birth of your children, chances are you think of a grueling, sweaty labor while your significant other rubs your back, wipes your forehead, and feeds you ice chips. 592 more words

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Liam's Birth Story

Finding out I was pregnant with Liam was one of the best days of my life. You see I had cancer when I was 14. I went through numerous operations, scans, 18 rounds of chemotherapy and no one could tell me what affects all that may have had on my fertility. 768 more words


4 things to consider before your planned cesarean

There’s a misconception that a planned cesarean birth somehow takes the concept of choice and preparation off the table. Like the only available option is showing up at the hospital, entering the OR, and exiting with a new baby. 803 more words


It was going on 4 years since the birth of Maxwell that I became pregnant with my daughter.  After the birth of Maxwell, my body regulated and my periods were every 28-31 days routinely. 1,422 more words


I don’t remember the last meal I ate the night before my induction. I can’t recall the exact weather conditions that night either. It was December 11th, 2009 the evening my husband and I left for the hospital. 1,618 more words