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Third time's the charm

When Kyle got back from school he went back to work in his regular capacity and we would settle into normal family life. It was a very happy time in our marriage. 738 more words

Maternal Morbidity for Vaginal and Cesarean Deliveries, According to Previous Cesarean History: New Data From the Birth Certificate, 2013

A new NCHS report presents recent findings for 2013 on four maternal morbidities associated with labor and delivery—maternal transfusion, ruptured uterus, unplanned hysterectomy, and intensive care unit (ICU) admission—that are collected on birth certificates for a 41-state and District of Columbia reporting area, which represents 90% of all births in the United States. 144 more words


When Jessie came out of the sunroof

Pre-baby (and pre-pregnancy) I went to see a friend who had just had her little boy via an unplanned cesarean. Whilst I was there she mentioned that she was gutted that she had to have a c-section and felt like she’d cheated birth. 1,294 more words

The Unexpected in Birth and the Importance of Control

This is a quick reflection on how birth is about “the unexpected” and about how important it is that women be in control of decision-making in birth precisely BECAUSE so much in birth is unexpected. 398 more words


In the absense of compassion

All the way to the hospital, I was cracking jokes and making silly comments. I was so grateful for my sister-in-law because mom doesn’t like to drive and without my SIL I don’t know how I would’ve gotten to the hospital. 970 more words

Gone again

I was six months pregnant when Kyle left again, it was the day before Valentine’s when he deployed. Valentine’s had never been a particularly important day to me because I reject the idea of showing someone love because the calendar tells us to, no offense to anyone who loves that particular holiday, it’s just my personal belief. 850 more words