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Thankful For Cesareans

Chances are you have a plan for the birth of your baby. Maybe you’ve been religious about your diet and exercise while pregnant. You’ve been doing all the yoga, Pilates, and chiropractic work to make your body ready to bring your baby into the world. 394 more words

My reality of having a c-section

Disclaimer.. this is not how every single person would have experienced a cesarean but this is my experience. If you haven’t read my previous posts then you wont know that, i had an emergency c section 1 year ago (the most traumatic time of my life). 444 more words


My Birth Story. Part Two: My Cesarean and Recovery

I left off in my last post explaining why I ended up going for a scheduled c-section, now it’s time to gab about everything that came along with that! 1,383 more words

The Ramblings Of A Mad Woman

Having a baby after PTSD - am I mad?

For some mothers giving birth is a magical, exciting and altogether positive experience. For many others, including myself, it is an experience that begins with excitement, but doesn’t have the happy ending. 460 more words


Why every woman should have a doula.

Sarah is preparing to go to nursing school and some of her pre-requisites required that she write certain types of essays. As you can imagine, most of the essays were birth related if it fit the criteria for the essay. 1,329 more words


A C-section Is Not As Bad As You Think!

While I was pregnant, I so often remember seeing these passages or links to read in case god forbid you had to have a C-section, but I refused to click on it or read it.  1,229 more words


Birth Plan : General Anaesthetic Cesarean

Before I became pregnant, I was always quite determined I would have a natural birth and do everything myself. Then as soon as I saw the two red lines on the test, reality struck and I realised there was more to consider than just myself. 463 more words

First Time Baby