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The most common scar in America

There has been a major conflict about whether or not, a cesarean is considered a “real” birth. I’ve even heard the term “extracted, not birthed”. Personally, I believe that C-sections are as real a birth as a vaginal delivery. 990 more words

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Brazil: The C-Section Capital

I´ve never given birth myself and I´ve actually never quite recovered from the trauma of watching that dreaded PSHE video at school (you know the one).  549 more words

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5 tips for a better postpartum

Sometimes in all the preparations for baby we forget to prepare for our postpartum selves. Your body and emotions have gone through a lot birthing and welcoming this new person into your world. 266 more words


10 days

Between the last several weeks flying by, and my c-section getting moved up a week thanks to another patient delivering early, I am now only 10 days away from (hopefully) meeting my baby. 352 more words


Why I Became A Doula

Every doula seems to have a story to tell about how they chose this line of work. It’s never really for the money or because it’s something simple and easy, it’s usually a labor of love and passion. 369 more words


My Birthing Story

Baby Sophie graced us with her presence on December 5th, 2016. In my short time as a new mommy, I’ve thought of about a million topics I’d love to blog about … but really, who has time for anything with a newborn around? 1,300 more words