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This is My Story`

In today’s world anybody has the power to influence other people. We are given so many platforms to be able to do this- its a gift. 2,309 more words



Pregnancy certainly wasn’t easy this time around, I was sick, I was swollen, I had pain all over! Every day from about 38 weeks I woke up and said to Joel, maybe I’ll have a baby today! 1,731 more words


C-sections are not the easy way out

Having an emergency c-section sucked.

It was not an easy way out and it was certainly not my choice. After giving it my all pushing for 3.5 hours and suffering in excruciating pain, the last thing I wanted was to be cut open. 591 more words


Belly Birth

At a time when we are taking back agency over our births and demanding more physiological practices, those who have experienced alternative birth scenarios are reflecting on their own experiences. 1,058 more words

What to expect when you're having a c-section

I wasn’t planning on having a c-section. I also wasn’t planning onĀ spending the last 9 weeks of my pregnancy in the hospital as a high-risk patient. 1,944 more words


My Childbirth Experience in Portugal: Pro & Con List

Olivia and I – first days home

First day home

Visiting hours were 1.5 -2 hrs at a time

The view from my hospital room (I could actually see my apartment building) … 984 more words


Ten ways to help yourself after a C-Section

April is Caesarean Section Awareness month, and I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of posts about the topic, so here’s another!

As someone who had a C-section due to… 921 more words