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Brittany's Change of Plans. 

Hi, I’m Brittany!

I’m a 29 year old big city girl turned little mountain momma. Five years ago our family left the skyscrapers of Chicago for a new life near the mountains of Colorado.

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Your Birth Counts. Her Birth Counts. My Birth Counts.

Somewhere in the history of birth, we got lost in this hierarchy of slating one birth against another, praising women who gave birth one way while shaming women who gave birth another way. 562 more words


Best Advice For New Mothers

I would like to share my best advice for new mothers. An advice that I wished that someone told me before my lovely baby girl was born. 401 more words


6 Things I Didn't Know About a Cesarean

Good blog post. I was not prepared for a cesarean or the recovery because I was so gung ho for an unmedicated and vaginal birth. I didn’t read or learn a ton about cesarean births because I didn’t want to freak/psych myself out. 75 more words

Post Cesarean Exercises, Weeks 0 to 2

2 weeks post op video, yoga poses, etc.  I’ll have to try this!  (Even though I’m almost 4 weeks post op…where did the time go?!  Because of my back issues, etc. 62 more words

First Firsts--In Which You Teach Me the True Meaning of Insomnia

Dear Lily June,

These days, well-meaning coworkers and colleagues, mostly seasoned veteran mothers, lean across my desk and inquire, genuinely concerned, “How are you doing lately?” I only ever have one honest answer: Tired. 1,540 more words

Starting a life

I have written this story a thousand times over, watched it play out in my mind over and over, and rehearsing it to a T. My illusion of my natural birth would be perfect. 1,010 more words