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Hanna's Birth Story- Cesarean Support

Back in July 2016 we shared Hanna’s birth stories. An emergency cesarean section, and a planned cesarean section. I first saw Hanna on Instagram and was inspired by her story and determination to better her experience second time around. 1,669 more words


3 Effective Strategies to Writing a Birth Plan

Your birth plan is a list of what your preferences are during labor, birth and immediately after birth; What you want and don’t want.
Just a few examples are things like, who you want present before and/or during labor, if you want to be mobile during labor, whether or not you want an epidural, etc. 488 more words

Pregnancy and Labour Struggle

Happy Mothers Day!

Never thought I’d be celebrating this as a mother myself. Being a mum is the most challenging and rewarding thing I have done all at once which is such a mind fuck. 567 more words


Deep Transverse Arrest ~ Could I Have Done Something?

I am a big supporter of unmedicated, intervention-free natural childbirth when it’s possible. Getting rid of things that can slow down labor and/or cause distress is certainly a good idea.  781 more words


Why cesarean sections are rising in private practice in India?

In the recent time, particularly in private practice the toll of cesarean sections are quite high in various parts of India. This author tried to speculate why cesarean sections are rising in India and here are the understandings of this author (which are also enriched by some real life experiences). 836 more words


A Plan is now in Place

I have been off work now for almost a week which has been ok, a little boring, have made lots of meals to stash in the freezer. 196 more words

Life with Postpartum Depression 

When you’re pregnant you’re warned about postpartum depression and the baby blues. You’re told to seek help and talk to your doctor and partner about it. 789 more words