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Dear Diary: Gut Feelings

As many people don’t know and my husband recently knows, I’ve carried a secret my whole pregnancy. That secret being, I’ve got a bad feeling. That is enough for some people’s dismissal, but those who know me know my gut never lies. 381 more words

Vaginal delivery vs Cesarean section

Big salute to all the modern mommies out there receiving all the pressure from society to prove what kind of brave they are. The debate continuous. 609 more words


Welcome baby H.

After dropping off Hunter Blayne and I went for dinner to celebrate our anniversary. To say I was distracted would be an understatement. In just over 12 hours I would have my baby in my arms. 717 more words


Our Happy Ending

It’s sort of an odd feeling knowing exactly when you are about to give birth. There’s a feeling of excitement and anxiousness in knowing that your life is about to change in ways in which you cannot fathom. 797 more words

More reasons why breastfeeding can be so hard after a traumatic birth – and why it's STILL not your fault. [Part Two]

I was completely devastated. I felt like I had failed to go into labour naturally and, while having resisted some interventions, did not achieve the peaceful, calm, un-injured birth I wanted, and had now failed to exclusively breastfeed my child.

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Birth Trauma

You Don't NEED a Doula--But Here's 5 Reasons Why You Will Want to Hire One Anyway

A doula is not a necessity during birth. The baby is going to come, regardless of who is in the room (or even regardless of where you are!). 776 more words

Postpartum ~ Week Six

I’m a day late…it’s been just over six weeks since baby Elizabeth joined our family!

I went to my postpartum appointment last Wednesday and all is well! 360 more words