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Postpartum ~ Week Twelve

It’s been six weeks since I gave a real update, so here’s how things are going for me at twelve weeks postpartum with baby number four. 813 more words


Birth Trauma

All of my labor and deliveries have had a part that was intense enough to cause a bit of trauma. Some more than others. I’m trying to process my fourth baby’s birth experience, so I’m reflecting on all four of them. 891 more words


Don't undermine me because I had a C Section

Once I had got over the initial shock of finding out I was pregnant, everything was great – it was all guessing weight and gender, buying baby clothes and eating my own body weight in cake. 2,161 more words


Having a Birth Plan

I’ve had three babies vaginally and then I had a c-section with my fourth. My advice to expectant moms? Make a birth plan and then try to relax because you can’t control everything ( 783 more words


Having A

It’s been such a busy few months I’ve been meaning to start one of these things (a blog) up for some time to share my story and have only just found the time to do something about it. 545 more words


Welcome to Birth

After finding out we were pregnant in late July 2014, we started the roller coaster that was destined to end in the most ridiculous way possible. 1,443 more words

How to Align Baby for an Easier, Faster Birth


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Your baby has an active role in her birth. She must rotate and tuck, hold and kick her body in certain ways to be born.

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