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Friedman's Curve and Failure to Progress

Over the last several years that I have been doing birth photography, more than 35% of those photographed were planned c-sections or became a  c-section after mother being diagnosed with “failure to progress.”  The alarming number of cesarean  births has myself and many others concerned. 52 more words

21 Birth Days

Tips For A Successful VBAC

With one of the upcoming births this month being a mother who is hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), I have been reading up on what helps mothers be more successful in having one. 15 more words

21 Birth Days

My Caesarean Section Experience

All along I know I was having a normal delivery.


It was May 18, 2016. I was scheduled for a 40wks ultrasound. Right there we found out that my baby was 7.2lbs, he is bigger than I expected. 572 more words


Mode of Delivery: Cesarean vs Vaginal Birth

Parenting forums have been full recently of people asking if they can just request a section, because they’d rather have major surgery than experience labour. The short answer is it depends where you are. 971 more words


Pregnancy Journal | week 36

Up in the air i fly zoom zoom za zoom zoom zoom. If you didn’t just sing that you either don’t have children or are just a fancy pants mum that doesn’t resort to children’s tv programs as a baby sitter. 229 more words


My C-Section (Cesarean) at 41 weeks. A No Labor Baby Birth Story!

I asked my husband to sit down with me to talk about my birth story (it’s fun to have his perspective, too, right?)! I had a planned, but not elective, c-section at 41 weeks pregnant, due to ZERO labor!   155 more words

C-section - what really happens

When I was pregnant with Hudson and found out I was having a c-section I heard all sorts of horror stories. I also Googled (don’t do it). 606 more words

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