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Talk Radio Got Me All Fired Up.

Today I was driving home from my work appointments and listening to the local sports talk radio show. It’s a few days before the Super Bowl, and it seems all have moved on from “Deflate Gate” so a new topic needed to headline the next talking segment. 566 more words


Lessons From A Bottle Feeding Mum - How To Have Peace Of Mind When Life Doesn’t Work Out As You’d Expected Or As You’d Like

Before I start this article I want to state for the record that I really believe in both natural birth and breastfeeding, they just weren’t meant to be for me. 932 more words

The 3 Principles

Is it the cesarean, or the absence of labor?

I’ve written a fair amount about the association between cesarean birth and the increased risk of immune-related diseases like asthma, diabetes, celiac disease, and even… 631 more words