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Mode of delivery and childhood illness: A randomized trial in 2004.

One of the biggest difficulties in proving a causal link between cesarean birth and chronic health problems in childhood is the type of research studies that can practically and ethically be done during pregnancy. 644 more words


Cesareans and chronic childhood disease: Time for a public discussion

In an analysis published in the most recent edition of The BMJ, Drs. Jan Blustein and Jianming Liu examine the evidence that cesarean delivery is associated with an increased risk of chronic childhood diseases like asthma, type 1 diabetes, and obesity. 661 more words


Talk Radio Got Me All Fired Up.

Today I was driving home from my work appointments and listening to the local sports talk radio show. It’s a few days before the Super Bowl, and it seems all have moved on from “Deflate Gate” so a new topic needed to headline the next talking segment. 566 more words


Is it the cesarean, or the absence of labor?

I’ve written a fair amount about the association between cesarean birth and the increased risk of immune-related diseases like asthma, diabetes, celiac disease, and even… 631 more words