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Marine Le Pen candidly speaks about Germany and Angela Merkel

‘The EU will COLLAPSE’ Le Pen blasts Germany for using the euro as a ‘POLITICAL WEAPON’

The candidate to the French National Presidency, Marine Le Pen having a great chance of winning, has spoken candidly about Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel, and the European Union. 589 more words

EU expects Canada to ratify CETA in coming weeks, official says

OTTAWA – The European Union’s trade chief says she expects Canada to ratify a landmark free trade agreement within weeks.

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom says she expects the Canada-EU pact to stand as an example of the merits of free trade for the protectionist Donald Trump administration in Washington. 115 more words


EU trade commissioner raises concerns about U.S. attitude that sees trade as a game

The EU is worried about a protectionist U.S. White House that appears to see trade as a game that some countries win and others lose. 528 more words


Congress urges get-tough trade approach with Canada in hearing for Donald Trump pick

WASHINGTON – In a possible preview of upcoming NAFTA negotiations, Donald Trump‘s pick as trade czar was urged to get tough with Canada on multiple fronts including lumber, dairy, and intellectual property, during a hearing in the U.S. 675 more words


Are you ready to export?

Currently the world’s 11th largest economy, Canada could be the largest trading partner for EU due to CETA. Canada has a top-class infrastructure, a strong consumer base, a highly educated workforce and a strong banking system. 778 more words

Canada Europe Free Trade Agreement (CETA) - By 2023, a total of 227,000 jobs would be lost research finds

Proponents of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) emphasize its prospective economic benefits, with economic growth increasing due to rising trade volumes and investment. Widely cited official projections suggest modest GDP gains after about a decade, varying from between 0.003% and 0.08% in the European Union and between 0.03% and 0.76% in Canada. 413 more words

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Ceta trade deal between EU and Canada will cost 300,000 jobs and cause greater inequality, study says

‘Under current austerity conditions, high unemployment and low growth, improving competitiveness by lowering labour cost can only harm the economy,’ researchers say