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I'm so lame.

Sorry for my silence lately.

I have a list of excuses but I’m just gonna get into it now.

I’m gonna switch gears a little bit and talk about the narwhal. 484 more words


Cetacean - where do they come from

I’m fascinated by marine mammals, especially cetaceans since childhood and therefore was glad to take a course during my masters, focusing on their past and development. 1,775 more words

Marine Mammals

The Fucking Right Whale

People who know me in real life know I’m obsessed with marine mammals. To the point of having a tattoo of a dolphin (not like a basic chick though. 303 more words


Adaptions of Cetacean - what makes them so special

— German Version, English will be added —

Bei diesem Artikel habe ich mehr oder weniger eine Zusammenfassung des entsprechenden Kaptiels im Westheide Rieger produziert, aber ich finde gerade deswegen ist es entsprechend innformativ und dennoch kurz gefasst. 771 more words

Marine Mammals

What's That Swimming Towards Me? - Reblog

I recently took the decision to share some of my older blog posts in order to pad out this iteration of the blog a bit and get me back into the swing of things. 692 more words