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Romania Makes the Cut: 15 Acts to Compete in the semi-final!

Over the weekend, Romanian broadcaster TVR broadcast a show to reveal their semi-finalists, after the jury made their judgements from the live auditions back in January. 140 more words


Cezar - Interview

Interview about burnout with Turnul Sfatului, an online newspaper from Sibiu (in Romanian language)


It’s been an interesting (first time) experience. I tried to cover some basic aspects about stress and exhaustion. 28 more words


Test- Start Screen - Main Screen - End Screen

The project made Unity3D is going to be projected on the wall screen on the Wirelab  location.

For the Final Prototype there are is the Stand-By Scene(with the Push The Button Video) that transits to the Main Scene and when the counter in the Main Scene reaches 60 seconds the project will transit to the End Scene(which after 10 seconds of giving information to the user about the website and performance, it will transit back to the Stand-By scene) .


Functionalities Stand

In the support for the button we have also included a Arduino board on which is connected a buzzer, 9 leds and a Ultra Sonic Sensor. 80 more words


Test- Scene Transit

For the stand-by stage to attract people to use our installation, I’ve made another scene in Unity3D that relies on  the GUI principle. When a keyboard button is being pressed the next level will start using the build settings. 87 more words


Test 03: Unity-Arduino- Wireless Button

In this test the wireless button is connected to the platform in the scene. So, when the button is being pressed the main platform will rise up and the countdown will start, thus starting the interaction. 23 more words