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During the Redo of this assignment I have worked with Hao. Together we strived  to achieve a better result and make our 2 final products (the commercial remake & the 360 video) to be consistent on the theme subject. 156 more words


The 360 video redo - filming day

Filming Day.

Today Me and Cezar make this four different version of the 360 film we are going to make. The story is about the fake cleaner( Cezar played) who doesn’t want to clean the kitchen and his roommates( Hao and Lucy). 70 more words


The redo of 360 video - feedback of Martijn

After the day I sent the redo of 360 video,  the teacher reply the mail, the feedback is

1/ the story is not clear

2/ and for the other questions about the content in the 360 video, suggestions like do sth as a student and learn from other video on youtube. 165 more words


REDO - Feedback

During the exam review session, that took place on May 24th, we received some constructive feedback on the commercial remake & the 360 video we have produced for this assignment. 77 more words


The redo of 360 video - create the story

Today Me and Cezar went to Macandra and my friend’s place to film the 360 demo. We try to make stories which is not that clearly about the “don’t waste time in Somewhere” and we choose two locations to test the film, in Macandra we came out another story which is about a man who want to escape from prison or somewhere since the building itself is quite old and odd. 155 more words



Cezar salata

Jedna od mojih omiljenih… I ne, nije dobila ime po Juliju Cezaru! Tvorac ove salate je Cesare Cardini, Talijan koji je živio u Tijuani (Mexico) i osmislio ovo jelo 1924. 126 more words



On behalf of all team members I can say that this assignment wasn’t easy to follow & finish, since everybody had several other university stuff to focus on as internships, minors or other redo’s. 185 more words