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The Stingray: Can they hear you now?

I want to talk about Stingrays. (Yes, I’ve decided to give this whole law thing a rest, and focus on my true passion, marine biology!) Alas, the Stingray I’m referring to is not an arrow-tailed aquatic leviathan, but a secretive cellphone surveillance technique used by law enforcement to trick our phones into giving away our precious data! 2,079 more words


How To Front-Run Financial Markets With Your Web Browser

Early access to financial data can mean big profits. Imagine if you could learn the quarterly financial results of a company or macroeconomic statistical data before everyone else? 868 more words


'Aaron's Law' back in Congress to bring "long overdue" fix of US hacking law

More than 2 years after US Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D.-Calif.) proposed legislation that would dial back the ferocity of the charges used against internet activist Aaron Swartz, 778 more words


Middle-Schooler Gets Charged with ‘Computer Hacking’ Felony

An eighth grade student has been charged with a felony after he allegedly hacked into the computer of a teacher and changed the desktop background. 492 more words


Does the CFAA Apply to Lenovo's SuperFish Malware Lawsuits?

For me personally, the timeline of events surrounding the discovery of Lenovo’s SuperFish malware is ironic. Just a couple of days before it was discovered, I had a telephone call with a friend named… 643 more words

Computer Fraud And Abuse Act

An Appeal to the White House on Behalf of the (ISC)2 Membership

This is an important topic for IT Security Practitioners to consider.  Proposed restrictions by the White House could significantly hamper our ability to do our jobs.  18 more words

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A Law School Study Platform

I think I may use this little WordPress thingie as a way to vet my thought process when it comes to studying for law school and figuring out legal arguments for some class assignments. 28 more words

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