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DOJ confirms Uber is under criminal investigation

The plot of the Waymo vs Uber fight over stolen self-driving technology was already thick, what with 14,000 pages of intellectual property and a 37-page letter that described an Uber unit called Marketplace Analytics (MA) that allegedly spied on competitors worldwide for years, scraping millions of their records using automated collection systems and conducting physical surveillance… 543 more words


Senators act to SAVE voting machines

Looks like it’s at least a possibility that DefCon won’t be the only place hackers can compete for prizes by exposing flaws in US voting systems. 1,034 more words

Security Threats

Hack-back bill would legalize companies hacking their attackers

A couple of years ago, a counterterrorism expert had an idea: let’s arm US companies with cyber weaponry so they can hack-back cyberattackers, suggested Juan Zarate, a former US deputy national security advisor for counterterrorism during the administration of US President George W. 916 more words


Hacking Into A Company You Sold Can Get You Jail Time

A federal judge sentenced David Kent to a year and a day in prison and ordered him to pay $3.3 million in restitution and pay a $20,000 fine for accessing the computer network of Rigzone.com, an industry-specific networking website. 106 more words

Computer Fraud And Abuse Act

District Court Rules that Startup Can Use Web Scrapers to Collect Information from Public LinkedIn Profiles, Despite Protests for LinkedIn

On August 14, 2017, on a motion for preliminary injunction, the District Court for the Northern District of California held that LinkedIn, a social network owned by Microsoft, Inc., could not continue to block hiQ, a data analytic startup, from accessing information from public… 1,276 more words


Judge orders LinkedIn to stop blocking third-party use of your data

A San Francisco judge has rebuffed LinkedIn’s attempts to stop a third-party data-analytics startup from using the publicly available data of its users. According to legal experts, the case could wind up in the Supreme Court, given the important constitutional and economic issues it raises. 1,292 more words


El Centro de Fabricación Avanzada Aeronáutico premiado como "Mejor Práctica"

El centro aeronáutico recibe este galardón tras ser escogido como la mejor iniciativa de entre los más de 60 parques que forman parte de la Asociación de Parques Tecnológicos de España (APTE) 484 more words