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The introvert's fatigue and the question I despise

Ah, the question that tires me most: “what’s new?”


That question is an immediate red flag, warning me of an extrovert who wants to make small talk and hasn’t remembered enough of my details to ask me a better question.  149 more words

Smarter Worker

F3.14 Friday's Favourite Finds

Last week, a colleague and I recorded an informal webconference in which I demonstrated the actions that I take to keep my inbox clean on a daily basis.  243 more words


F3.13 Friday's Favourite Finds

Better late than never!  My favourite find last week was a documentary called Craigslist Joe, the story of a young man who travelled across the United States for 31 days using only Craigslist to find food, shelter, transportation and companionship.  49 more words


F3.12 Friday's Favourite Finds

The serendipitous value of networked learning continues to astound me.  The very first link that I found on Working Smarter Daily today led me to a SlideShare by Harold Jarche on… 73 more words


F3.11 Friday's Favourite Finds

After a year and a half of dabbling with various platforms for networked knowledge sharing, I have concluded that LinkedIn and Working Smarter Daily are my two favourite sources of social learning and inspiration.  429 more words


#CFHE12 #Oped 12 How a theory and technology will change the world? Part 1

Scientific approach to teaching I have been wondering what theories would change the world.   Social Constructivism, Cognitivism, and Behaviorism have both shaped and changed the world to a certain extent.   1,713 more words


F3.10 Friday's Favourite Finds

I was having a hard time coming up with content and a theme this time , which seems to go hand in hand with not having read much outside my corporate walls this week.  152 more words