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Grow 1 - Day 8

I realized late last night that the seed leaves were trapped by some sort of membrane like material left over from the seed. I gently removed it with some tweezers and the leaves immediately opened up revealing the beginnings of the first set of real leaves as well. 81 more words


Grow 1 - Days 1 through 7

Since I already started an un-published journal I am just going to copy and paste what I’ve documented so far:

Day 1 – January 15, 2017: 799 more words


Grow 1 - Northern Lights

So this post will just explain what my set-up is and what my plan is so far.

For my first grow I have planted 1 Northern Lights seed that I purchased online. 193 more words


Fire-Earth Alert: CFLS

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  • Details of the CFLS Alert are available from BEACONS.
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Good lighting in your home

As I finished my yoga practice at night fall, I rose and began turning lights on in my living room. I use incandescent bulbs in my lamps and had a moment of guilt at using this energy to provide myself comfortable lighting. 211 more words


General Electric Dumps CFLs for LEDs

by Judy Li

With a heart-filled Valentine’s Day themed campaign, General Electric announced on February 1st that it will stop production of CFLs for the U.S. 429 more words


GRER 2015: Measuring Impact

By Selena Caruso

Over the course of my involvement with Greek Eco-Reps, I have seen the club grow in a variety of ways. I am especially excited, however, about the fact that our club has put a greater emphasis on impact evaluation this year. 205 more words