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Good lighting in your home

As I finished my yoga practice at night fall, I rose and began turning lights on in my living room. I use incandescent bulbs in my lamps and had a moment of guilt at using this energy to provide myself comfortable lighting. 211 more words


General Electric Dumps CFLs for LEDs

by Judy Li

With a heart-filled Valentine’s Day themed campaign, General Electric announced on February 1st that it will stop production of CFLs for the U.S. 429 more words


GRER 2015: Measuring Impact

By Selena Caruso

Over the course of my involvement with Greek Eco-Reps, I have seen the club grow in a variety of ways. I am especially excited, however, about the fact that our club has put a greater emphasis on impact evaluation this year. 205 more words


How Changing the Lighting in Your Home Can Save You Money Down the Road

Do you know how much lighting contributes to your electricity bill each month? If you are an average American living in the average American home, the answer is about 25 percent, and it’s likely even more if you work from home or your house is otherwise occupied throughout the day. 533 more words