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Grow 1 - Day 33

Things are looking good, have several stems growing their way up and the stems where I topped are starting to grow pretty good now too. May do some more rearranging and LST later tonight or tomorrow to try to better maximize my light. 120 more words

Grow 1 - Day 32

Doing a little LST to get some light to a couple lower branches that have cola potential. Last night I also trimmed the first couple sets of fan leaves off the bottom, they weren’t getting much light and were pretty small so they seemed kinda useless…though I guess trimming leaves during veg is a controversial topic, LOL. 39 more words

Grow 1 - Day 31

Nothing really to write about today. Looks like I have 4 colas growing in the middle, 2 where I topped and another 2 from the branches below are creeping up and at around the same height. 36 more words

Grow 1 - Day 30

Starting to recover from all the crap I’ve put her through this week. Unfortunately it grew too close to the lights overnight and has some burns but not too bad, will try to be more careful about that. 198 more words

Grow 1 - Day 29

When I checked on my plant this morning it had grown significantly bushier since yesterday and the upper leaves were blocking light to the lower leaves again. 365 more words

Grow 1 - Day 26

Have been checking on it pretty regularly today and making adjustments as needed. I’ve been able to bend the main stem a lot more since last night howevee the two big sets of leaves towards the top kept wanting to move so that they were facing upwards and were blocking light so I added a couple more strings to keep them out of the way. 54 more words

Grow 1 - Day 25

Today I decided to start LST. The photo above was taken right before I tied the strings. My plant is still really small so maybe it’s too early but most sources I found said to start between when you have 3-5 leaf sets and thats my fourth set growing in the middle right now so I’m gonna go for it and see what happens. 41 more words