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Grow 1 - Day 70

The stretch is definitely happening, when I check on it in the morning it seems like it has grown up a few inches. I have been pretty lax with the LST lately because it doesn’t seem as helpful now that the plant is getting bigger. 132 more words

Grow 1 - Day 61

Tonight is the second to last night before I will be at 12/12, lights will be off tonight from 10pm to 6am. I watered her again tonight with a transitional nute ratio again. 65 more words

Grow 1 - Day 59

Finally began the transition to 12/12 last night, set the lights to go off from 1am – 3am. Tonight I have them set to to off from 12am-4am and I will add 2 hours each night until I get to 12/12. 54 more words

Grow 1 - Day 57

Have had a few minor fuck ups over the last few days, haha. Friday night I got drunk and forgot to turn my LED back on after I was done checking on it so the LED was off til morning (but I do have the two CFLs on the side so it wasn’t in total darkness). 163 more words

Grow 1 - Day 54

Seems to be taking to the new pot very well, doesn’t seem like growth has slowed down at all. I just watered her but I only gave her a gallon because there was still water in the new soil. 121 more words

Grow 1 - Day 45

Everything is going fine, did end up watering last night using the same week 3 measurements that I have used the last couple waterings. Not a whole lot else to write about today. 10 more words

Grow 1 - Day 33

Things are looking good, have several stems growing their way up and the stems where I topped are starting to grow pretty good now too. May do some more rearranging and LST later tonight or tomorrow to try to better maximize my light. 120 more words