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Earth Day, Every Day - Reduce water and energy usage

As I explained in my post yesterday, I have been working on updating all my posts related to Earth Day and protecting our planet. It has always been my passion to find new ways to be “green,” and if those actions save me money, that is a bonus as well! 86 more words

Other Savings Tips

Grow 1 - Day 80

Some solid flowering progress over the last few days, seems like the stretching period is slowing down a lot over the last couple days so hoping that means the plant is focussing all it’s energy on flowering. 131 more words

Grow 1 - Day 74

She has been showing clear signs of starting to flower for the last few days so that is exciting. Growth has definitely been more vertical lately, it seems like leaf growth has pretty much stopped as the plant is focusing it’s energy on flowering. 11 more words

Grow 1 - Day 70

The stretch is definitely happening, when I check on it in the morning it seems like it has grown up a few inches. I have been pretty lax with the LST lately because it doesn’t seem as helpful now that the plant is getting bigger. 132 more words

Grow 1 - Day 61

Tonight is the second to last night before I will be at 12/12, lights will be off tonight from 10pm to 6am. I watered her again tonight with a transitional nute ratio again. 65 more words

Grow 1 - Day 59

Finally began the transition to 12/12 last night, set the lights to go off from 1am – 3am. Tonight I have them set to to off from 12am-4am and I will add 2 hours each night until I get to 12/12. 54 more words

Grow 1 - Day 57

Have had a few minor fuck ups over the last few days, haha. Friday night I got drunk and forgot to turn my LED back on after I was done checking on it so the LED was off til morning (but I do have the two CFLs on the side so it wasn’t in total darkness). 163 more words