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CFP: The Documedia Revolution (University of Torino, 4-5-6 October 2018)

The Documedia Revolution

DOCAM, Document Academy

 15th Annual Meeting 2018

University of Torino, Palazzo Nuovo, Ground Floor

Scienza Nuova Centre for Advanced Studies

4-5-6 October 2018… 641 more words


Adventures of Mommy Money: Introducing Margo!

“Mom, the teacher said that we are making lunches for homeless people.  How can people be without a home?” This was the question my 5-year old son asked me as I was rushing around the house at 6:30 am trying to get everyone to put on their clothes/shoes and get in the car.   753 more words

The Great Betrayal - Fishing, the EU and the Scottish and UK Governments

Nothing illustrates the desperate state of UK and Scottish politics than this weeks wrangle about the place of the fishing communities in the Brexit negotiations. The story is simple, and the reactions have largely been simplistic. 2,133 more words


CCCC 2019 | A/AAC Sponsored Session | Call for Papers

At our caucus meeting at CCCC 2018, we engaged in a discussion about the historical in/visibility of the work of Asian and Asian American communities and of our caucus more specifically; about the simultaneous difficulties and possibilities of “identity politics” in academic, rhetorical, and political work; and about how we—as individual (and individually situated) academics and also as an increasingly diverse but collective caucus—understand ourselves as contributors to the causes of common good and change. 312 more words

Meet the Jury: Carillon Music for an Inclusive Soundscape

The jury for our 2018 composition and arranging contest, Carillon Music for an Inclusive Soundscape, features Joey Brink, Mathieu Daniel Polak, and U-M alumna Linda Dzuris. 569 more words


What's in the Brexit Draft Agreement ?

The UK Government Brexit negotiators headed by David Davis have reached a draft agreement on some points with the EU task force led by Michel Barnier. 1,627 more words



It may be a bit bold to declare a conference the 1st biannual (what if there never is a 2nd one?), but the organizers of this particular conference seem to be on to a hot topic, so their confidence may be warranted. 1,187 more words