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Guardians Official Trailer English Version

If you have not see or heard of this Russian super hero movie well where the  hell have you been?

The film takes place during the Cold War. 122 more words


Rogue One? Right On!

As I’m more than sure you’re aware, a new Star Wars film has been released.  After a veritable onslaught of ads, we viewers can now see how well Disney has handled the franchise, and without the input of – wait… Huh –  If I didn’t know better I’d swear this was last year’s holiday season, with how this new Star Wars film is being released just about the same time as last year’s was. 3,354 more words

My Take

First attempt at 3D modeling

I’ve had my first attempt at 3D modeling, in MODO!

Overall the program has issues with high polygon count, so adding detail is quite a task. 28 more words


On the Shoulders of Giants (2012)

This is a movie that has the same sort of low-budget TV look as a Blakes 7 episode from the 1970s and lots of very low res, barely shaded CGI graphics.   264 more words

Movie Reviews

2016’s Movies End-Note

Time passed so fast! Terakhir kali movietard menulis review adalah di pertengahan tahun 2016 dan setelahnya, movietard seolah menghilang ditelan kesibukan. Seperti pada tahun-tahun sebelumnya, movietard melakukan kaleidoskop sederhana atas film-film yang sudah ditonton dan merangkumnya dalam… 881 more words

Romantic Comedy

Admiral Raddus WIP

A work in progress of Admiral Raddus from Star Wars Rogue One. Using a low poly base mesh and imported into SculptGL. Still early stages and trying to find more reference material. 39 more words


Movie Magic: The Black Panther (Captain America: Civil War)

These days as a mover goer I know full well that practical effects combined with CGI can create virtually any type of effect imaginable.

Though what I find infinitely more interesting is when a movie’s special effects are so seamless that I don’t know that what I happen to be looking at is a special effect, which brings me to Captain America: Civil War. 114 more words