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Film Review: ‘Warcraft’ — Variety

Duncan Jones’ video game adaptation plunges headfirst into a fantasy realm teeming with mythical creatures, magical spells and exotically named characters and locations.

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Movie Monday: "Strange Thing" - by Alrik Bursell

A newly married couple, Kris and Jake, wake up to find a door has appeared in their living room. As the temptation to open the door lingers the couple discusses how to handle this bizarre phenomenon as they discover more about the person they each married.

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Fun with Nitrous

A slightly different experiment here – I tried to use the rather powerful capabilities hidden within 3dsMax itself – Nitrous. By switching to the Quicksilver Renderer, and then making use of the NPR Explorer (which gives hidden, custom, fine tuned options on how the graphical styles turn out), it is then possible to create some very interesting images from a resource that is usually overlooked. 114 more words