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Bird in flight

A bird in flight. I used to be very keen on birds when I was a boy, and regularly read books way above my reading level on principally British birds. 28 more words

Nerd Words: Practical Effects vs. CGI

This post was inspired by Star Wars, and in the next post I’ll really focus on those movies. For today though, I just want to talk about what these types of effects are and what they can be used for. 446 more words

Star Wars

Pixar in a box! Animation lessons from the masters

Well now, this is something!

Khan Academy: Pixar in a Box

A collaboration between Pixar Animation Studios and Khan Academy. Sponsored by Disney.

Don’t let the kid-friendly intro video put you off exploring the content.

124 more words
Light-based Media

Practical Magic

This September brings the home video release of one of the biggest surprises of 2015, “Mad Max: Fury Road”. Without going through a typical movie review of the film I’ve come to the conclusion that having a conversation about what makes this movie so special would be more productive. 968 more words



This video is about the self-contained nature of mind and matter.

“Remnants” – Max Cooper and Tom Hodge -Official Video by Nick Cobby

The physical processing of sounds by the brain leave remnants in its structure as it learns about the outside world. 35 more words


The Visual Effects of Marvel's Daredevil

Watching Netflix’s Daredevil, you’d probably be surprised to learn that a lot of the scenes that you thought were practical were actually digital.  For instance, the scene where Daredevil jumps from a window into the Hudson River?   92 more words

My Two Cents

Ships Of The U.E.G part 97

Aarrrghh! Can’t believe I’m starting another ship. But here it is.
I got the idea for this one when looking at two of my remote controls. 92 more words