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Production Update 129: Scene Complete!

I was finally able to get that pesky scene done. It felt like I have been working on tat scene for a long time. Lots of things sprung up during production on that specific scene. 223 more words


Alt-TOS part 112

Decided to go back and work on my version of the K7 space station.


Sharknado 1&2 Review

Sharknado and Sharknado 2 are not good films, but you knew that before you even started reading. What you want to know is if they’re so bad they’re good, which seems to have become its own sub-genre of cult films. 519 more words

Should I Watch This

The Romulan War part 23

Well as far as I’m concerned the rim windows are finished. They’re a bit big but I can live with it.


The Foundry's Latest VFX Reel Will Knock Your Socks Off

Here’s the latest compilation of work from the team over at The Foundry (Creators of Nuke (node based compositing software), Katana (Look development and lighting tool), and Modo (3D modeling, sculpting, and animation software). Try not to drool.


Bad CGI Fridays: Cerberus (2005)

What if the hair of the dog that bit you actually has three heads? Well, then you might end up with a crazily CGI ridden opus like 2005’s… 182 more words


Incredible 'holographic' virtual aquarium

photo credit: Memukhin Oleg/Vimeo

The video below was made by Memukhin Oleg, it features CGI fish swimming in a virtual aquarium. 93 more words