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Day 12. The Abyss (1989). Directed by James Cameron.

The Abyss (1989) score: 74%

Until the silly, clichéd as hell ending, The Abyss was definitely worth at least 80%. The final act feels like it was copy-and-pasted from another (bad) movie, perhaps because the filmmakers incapacitated themselves making the rest of the film. 63 more words

Monsters, Inc.

Snow Cones

Yes, you read that right. Snow cones. In January. Hey, this is the time of year for snow and ice, so I’m just using what’s on hand. 554 more words

Cartoon Cravings

The Emoji Movie

Folks, I’m not sure what to think of this movie yet. HOWEVER, I just learned today that it appears Patrick Stewart will be doing some voice work in it so the premise just became a bit more interesting. 66 more words


Mickey's Weekly Recommendation: The Walk

Happy Thursday!

This week’s recommendation is…

‘The Walk’!

I’m a big fan of Joseph-Gordon Levitt. The guy is doing amazing work in Hollywood and is a fantastic creator and businessman. 178 more words

Mickey's Weekly Recommendation

How Visual Effects Were Done Before CGI & The Green Screen

Visual effects in filmmaking have certainly come a long way. Today, anyone with enough knowledge to navigate around the right software and access to YouTube can incorporate astounding visual effects into home videos. 153 more words

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Thesis 2008

My thesis architech contemporary college in 2008.