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week 3 - around the world

This week i started to build on the environment by creating a bridge, clouds and plant life then merging them into my 3ds max scene. You can see the image coming together and i am now thinking about adding a waterfall in the left side of the picture in the background. 75 more words


Gamorrean Guard 3D Model

Gamorrean Guard by Adam Beamish on Sketchfab

The Gamorrean guard model I created in 123D Sculpt+. For best results view the sketchfab models on a PC or equivalent.

123D Creature

Greedo 3D Model

Greedo by Adam Beamish on Sketchfab

Now you can view the final 3d model of Greedo that I created using 123D Sculpt+ in the Sketchfab viewer!

123D Creature

The Dark Knight 3D Model

The Dark Knight by Adam Beamish on Sketchfab

Now the Sketchfab model viewer works with WordPress I will be adding more than the usual static image! 12 more words

123D Creature

Short Review of a Favorite Film: Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Logline: A cyborg, identical to the one who tried to kill Sarah Connor, is sent back in time to protect her son, John from a shape-shifting cyborg made out of liquid metal. 518 more words

Favorite Films

week two - game design

This week i started to build my environment for the game level adopting a low poly style. Below are some images of the progress this week. 94 more words