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Earth Around Animation

A travel around Earth as it would be seen from a space probe.

Earth Around Animation, 4x speed.

Rediscovered Astronomy will publish Solar System animations and space general info this coming 2016 as part of our effort to renew our content for our audience. 9 more words


Animated Floating Island

There’s still lots of things I wish I would have improved.

3d Still Images

Free Fallin' with NVIDIA's Shield.

The purpose of advertising is to get you to do something. Buy it, click on it, engage with it, remember it etc. The video below form NVIDIA got me to do a couple of those things. 242 more words

Video And Motion Graphics

A wonderfully weird music video from vaporwave originators Pet Shop Boys

Put on your conical hats, lean back and immerse yourselves in this music video, bringing you straight back to that early nineties post-modernist aesthetic.¬†“Can You Forgive Her” features the¬†typical Pet Shop Boys sound, mixing 90s dance with ambient and orchestral elements, accompanied by airy vocals and funny, yet poetic lyrics.



There’s an old hot-rodder’s saying that goes something like, “I’d rather be fully blown than injected . . .” I’m not really sure what they’re getting at, but I do know nothing looks cooler than a roots-type supercharger sitting on top of a big block V-8. 8 more words


The Romulan War part 26

I got this part of the spine pretty much done.

Started on the back side adding torpedo launchers and some detail. While doing this I noticed how bad the segmenting is and started to laugh. 10 more words