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Cha, Memory

The eve of our annual Sandbridge trip, our first without Cha. Last year, Cha was still here, although degenerative myelopathy had taken its toll and we knew she was literally on her last legs, but my girl had will, such strength and sense of purpose and plain desire to never let me out of her sight even if it meant that if I was out of the room, she barked so that I would return. 731 more words


The Fuss About A Good Cup Of Tea Is...

that it’s presumptuously and unapologetically fussy.

Each of us tea lovers likes our cup of tea to be a certain way, and that itself makes it all the more  828 more words


Althea Herbal Tea

Do you know which is the second most popular beverage in the world? There are approximately 7.4 billion people in the world and it seems that a lot of them are drinking tea. 514 more words


CN May 5 2016

A CHA voucher recipient lives in a high-rise with a lake view. The rent is about $3,000 a month. Another lives in Aqua Tower.  It’s great fodder for investigative news teams. 1,028 more words

Chicago Newsroom Past Shows

像星星一樣閃耀的男團 ASTRO 做客韓流世界 - YouTube

Jin Jin (진진 朴真祐) (age 20)
MJ (엠제이 金明俊) (age 22)
Cha Eunwoo (은우 車銀優) (age 19)
Moon Bin (문빈 文彬) (age 18)
Rocky (라키 朴敏赫) (age 17) 32 more words

Hydrotherapy Training

To become a Canine hydrotherapist you need to complete a course with modules on canine/feline first aid, pool water management, hydrotherapy theory, and canine anatomy and physiology. 237 more words



Nomes científicos: Matriarcaria recutita (camomila alemã); Chamaemelum nobile(camomila romana); Anthemis nobilis.

Planeta: Sol

Elemento: Água

Propriedades mágicas: dinheiro, sono, amor, purificação.

A camomila foi utilizada como anti-séptico até o final dos anos de 1940. 281 more words

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