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The Ascendency of Trump

Brief break from the challenges to have a little fun with thoughts on America’s new president.  It goes like this:

The Ascendency of Trump
by Michael Romani

Mining the past for prologue
Opening thick minds for dialog
Pushing out past the sometimes stumbling
Half way past the experts mumbling
Reaching the pinnacles by soaring
Refusing to be among those ignoring
That the fall of the House of Bush brought triumph
And a presidency filled by Donald Trump

The crystal ball once held by the magic aficionado
Is now held by a proud, sometimes scandalous desperado
Who some hope for only the worse from
The same who whom assume half a country dumb
Angry, bleeding hearts exacerbated by living
Too filled with anger and hate to be forgiving
They pray ill intended prayers to bring the man down
Half filled with fear hidden behind the masks of clowns

Ghost written pages cross our nation's cloudy history
Innuendo shapes a nation's conversation with conspiracy
We put on the pretense this has something to do with character
As columnists shake hands with communists and disparagers
Sarcasm replaces factual debate to a degree without precedent
While these danger mongers claim we should fear the president
As they quietly strip away bits of God given rights
And we the people silently let our country slip into the night

(c) April 14, 2017 Michael Romani

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11SecondsClub - December Competition - 4th place

This was for the monthly competition of 11SecondsClub. This is the december one. I got the fourth place :). There are a lot of things to improve, I didn’t think I win that place. 9 more words