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Chabad Feels the Effect of Its Own Greed; Teachers at Beis Rivkah Unpaid; Children Out of School

Where are the Cunins and the Gutnicks?  Where are the New York fat pockets, and top wealthy Chabad dynasty families?  Well, they’re lining their pockets and acquiring assets  while the children in their own sect suffer.  609 more words

Haredim And Ultra-Orthodox

Militia Intelligence Report: Whoah to You Lawyers

Militia Intelligence Report: Whoah to You Lawyers

Chris dorsey opens with an overview of the most important events of the week including the latest on The Jewish Mob/Banking Cartel Controlled Government,Lawfully neutralizing the Federal Reserve &The Bar Association, North Korea,The Paris shooting False Flag, Chabad Lubavitch, Carter Page Gazprom Neft, Roman Abramovich Chelsea FC Russia Exxon,Iran Boeing, Lev Leviev, Jared Kushner, China Ivanka,Google, The NSA & Mossad, Trump, Israel Adelson, Epstein. 61 more words

De Hewitt House Of Radio

Two men break into Brooklyn Chabad; attack caretaker with gardening tool

Apparently the Chabad house didn’t have very good security; nor any mystical, magical protection from unfortunate mishaps.  Maybe they should check their mezuzahs.

MIDWOOD, Brooklyn — Two men assaulted a sleeping man after they used a ladder to break into a Brooklyn Chabad building, police said.

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Facebook Page: LGBTQ Chabad and Allies

I recently found a group on Facebook called LQBTQ Chabad and Allies.

Their web site is located at https://lgbtqchabad.org/

Their Facebook community About page states: 912 more words


Putting the “Kiruv Movement” to Sleep

The Times of Israel has an article from January, 2016 that puts some very good perspective on the Jewish kiruv/outreach movement and its effects on Jews worldwide. 1,071 more words