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Jewish Banderites - something you don't see every day - Part II

Dear Readers:

Continuing with this piece in PolitNavigator, by reporter Dmitry Skvortsov.

Where we left off, we were discussing the “Petro Yatsyk” annual competition in Kiev, which awards prize money to pupils and students showing their knowledge of Ukrainian language, culture and history.  678 more words

Russian History

Jewish Banderites - something you don't see every day - Part I

Dear Readers:

I saw this piece in PolitNavigator, the reporter is Dmitry Skvortsov.

One of the oddest things about the Ukrainian Maidan “Revolution” is the political attempt (sometimes successful, alas!) to merge Ukrainian Nationalists/Banderites with ethnic Jews into an odd-couple type anti-Russian coalition.  567 more words

Russian History

My Issue With Talmudic Judaism

Folks who read this site (or have read my blogger blog Truth not Heresy, know my issues with Christian Zionism: putting Israel on the same footing or ahead of Christ, supporting genocide of Palestinians, including Christian Palestinians, believing many Jews must die so the “rapture” happens, the dual covenant heresy, etc. 1,227 more words

Update (Sort of) on the Tommy Robinson Case and Media Blackout

I am going to repeat one thing I said in the previous post here, about former EDL leader Tommy Robinson (who goes by other names as well): I don’t care if the guy is a Zionist–the man has a right to freedom of speech (something Talmudic Jews would deny us Gentiles!), Zionist or not, Jewish or not. 1,021 more words

The Japanese Diplomat and the Yeshiva Bochurs of Shanghai

As we are ending the observance of Yom ha-Shoah – the Hebrew date for the observance of Holocaust Memorial Day, I would like us to consider this inspirational story. 1,249 more words

Los Angeles

This Parkland School Shooting Just Might Be the One That'll Take Our Guns Away!

Now I am not being an alarmist here. I do not truly think Trump or anyone else will actually take our guns away on some pretext regarding this school shooting–the name of the HS is a long one so I will just say the Parkland School Shooting. 1,075 more words

Update on "Is Trump Jewish?" Post

It turns out Ivanka Trump was a convert to Judaism either (likely) before or after she married Jared Kushner, then as with Kushner became a member of Chabad Lubavitch. 49 more words