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The Japanese Diplomat and the Yeshiva Bochurs of Shanghai

As we are ending the observance of Yom ha-Shoah – the Hebrew date for the observance of Holocaust Memorial Day, I would like us to consider this inspirational story. 1,249 more words

Los Angeles

This Parkland School Shooting Just Might Be the One That'll Take Our Guns Away!

Now I am not being an alarmist here. I do not truly think Trump or anyone else will actually take our guns away on some pretext regarding this school shooting–the name of the HS is a long one so I will just say the Parkland School Shooting. 1,075 more words

Update on "Is Trump Jewish?" Post

It turns out Ivanka Trump was a convert to Judaism either (likely) before or after she married Jared Kushner, then as with Kushner became a member of Chabad Lubavitch. 49 more words

Chabad Lubavitch: Is This Why Trump Recognized Jerusalem as Capital of Israel? Plus: Is Trump Jewish?

For the last two weeks or so, since finding out President Camacho–er, Trump–was recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel and was planning to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv “shortly,” I have been trying to find out the truth of it, as far as I can discern the truth of it. 1,211 more words

Chabad, the Jewish equivalent of "Have you tried aromatherapy?"

Yes, Chabad proselytizes – and has disturbing ties to the Trump family, Russia, and Eastern European autocrats

Among my Jewish friends off Tumblr, the consensus is that Chabad is hardly a praiseworthy organization. 775 more words


3 Tammuz and Eastern Parkway - "We Want to See Our King"


Thousands to Unite for 3 Tammuz

Thousands are set to attend a Gimmel Tammuz event on Eastern Parkway, where Chassidim will unite to see and hear the Rebbe. 193 more words

Lag BaOmer celebrated in Cote Saint-Luc

Lag BaOmer (Hebrew: ל״ג בעומר‎), is a Jewish holiday celebrated on the 33rd day of the Counting of the Omer, which occurs on the 18th day of the… 356 more words