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Today's 200th Post... Brought To You By The Letter Reish - By Marc And Ben

Marc: I’m a bit embarrassed that Ben found this photo of me… but what can you do?  Another milestone for the boys! Today marks the 200th post of… 1,100 more words

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Putting the “Kiruv Movement” to Sleep

The Times of Israel has an article from January, 2016 that puts some very good perspective on the Jewish kiruv/outreach movement and its effects on Jews worldwide. 1,071 more words


Parshas Ki Sisa: Man and G-d

This week’s parsha contains a famous episode: that of the golden calf. After Moshe Rabbenu ascends mount Sinai and does not return, the people form a statue of a calf out of their golden jewellery and despite Aharon’s attempts to distract them, they worship it, incurring G-d’s wrath. 559 more words


The Sky in the Synagogue

My paternal grandmother Sarah grew up in Odessa, Ukraine, not far from where I now serve as a Peace Corps volunteer in Moldova. Her family — my ancestors — fled to America to survive the violent anti-semitism depicted in “Fiddler on the Roof.” 841 more words

Two Drachim in Chassidus?

Hello Chaveirim! Welcome to my first vort on Chassidus.(Mild disclaimer: most ideas I write on this article aren’t my own and just things I have learned, however I find it important if you are a… 521 more words


Sefer HaMitzvos

Every day- other than shabbes, of course- I go to the Chabad daily study portal to read the Chumash, Tanya and Hayom Yom. If I’m in a hurry, I sometimes read my Tehillim there, too, rather than using the beautiful Artscroll book which takes considerably longer to find and read. 234 more words