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Kleinberg speaks at largest sit-down banquet in all of New York City

Last week, Milton Kleinberg had the extreme distinction of speaking at the International Conference of Chabad Emissaries 5776 (ICCE). Milton was part of a special panel assembled by the ICCE, and representing the extraordinary milestones and achievements of Jewish life. 137 more words

The 99.5 Percent Solution

A short cartoon, just one frame of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, has provoked an awful lot of thought on my part. Snoopy is taking it easy as usual on top of the doghouse and Charlie comes round to vent to his buddy and perhaps imbibe some wisdom. 428 more words

Facing Death

Jewish Elite, The Bell Curve And The End Of The West

October 28, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

The following is the first part of a seminar I gave in Gothenburg, Sweden (October 18) . In the early part of the day I elaborated on the Bell Curve – I spoke about  the dominance of Jewish elite in the west,  cognitive partitioning and the destruction of the working people.

AngloZionist Empire

Zach the Douche (The Douchebag Series, part 1)

It’s a bitter cold January night in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  I just moved to New York City two weeks prior, and I’m walking towards my first-ever date as a newly-minted New Yorker.  1,608 more words

Carrie Bradshaw

A Dream, Tefillin, and my Kippah

I had a dream last night that I saw some tefilin sitting on the side of the street in an open suitcase. I was speaking with someone and I immediately ran after someone, a bunch of Chabad guys wearing shtreimels, that were climbing into this old decrepit building. 249 more words


All Sorts of Events

Ratty is in the hospital.  His drinking has taken its toll.

It’s easy to know what caused it all; the disdain of his parents, the demeaning by his uncle, the sense that no matter what he will ever do they will never be proud of him. 375 more words