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How it started

I had had only a few brushes with Judaism during my life: Passover seder in my Catholic junior high, a synagogue tour as part of my Catholic high school’s World Religion class, a cute Jewish boy on a rival debate team across the city. 249 more words

Parshas Ki Tavo: Blessings, Curses and Joy

This week’s Parsha, Ki Tavo, tells us a lot about laws and offerings. But the most famous part is the end of the Parsha, where it also tells us about blessings and curses. 453 more words


Good News Friday

Thank goodness it’s Friday again and time for another Good News Friday installment.

My first item is quite astounding: archeologists have managed to recreate the floor of the Bet Hamidkash, the Holy Temple… 1,640 more words

Israel News

Rutherford Rabbi Grows Congregation In Rickety, Firebombed Mansion


RUTHERFORD, N.J. — There’s a yellow sign with a smiley face hanging in the window of Rutherford Rabbi Yitzchok Lerman’s mansion-turned-synagogue. 402 more words

A Waste of The Talent of a Generation and Slavery by "Education Day U.S.A."

Enslaving Children By Denying them an Education

We are posting this letter to the editor as an accompaniment to our articles on the subject of enslaving children by denying them an education. 1,153 more words

Shimon Cowan - Western Civilization, No Homosexuality, Bigotry and A Letter


Dear LM:

I have a couple of suggestions for you about the Shimon Cowan article (“Rabbi urged to face facts about sexuality”.) The suggestions are relevant if you have the ability to amend past posts. 786 more words


Shimon Cowan - Another Chabad Intellectual - "Conversion Therapy"? A Lobotomy Perhaps?

Rabbi Shimon Cowan and the “Facts About Sexuality”…

The rabbi who is the subject of the attached article from this week’s Jewish News is Shimon Cowan (son of the late former Governor General, Sir Zelman Cowan.) His extremist attitudes are the hallmark of the religious zealotry that often characterises the ‘born-again’ who either adopt religion or change their religious allegiance to (ultra-)Orthodoxy in middle adulthood.

Sexual Abuse