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Chabad leader, Messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson on his plans for destroying Ukraine and Russia (reprint)

Zio-Nazi atrocities in Novorossia are the ethnical cleansing / mass genocide of the indigenous people — Russians — on the ancestral Russian land, absolutely identical to the Zio-Nazi atrocities in Palestine which are the ethnical cleansing / mass genocide of the indigenous people — Palestinians — on their ancestral land. 3,052 more words

Chabad Wishes To Build The New City On The Hill-The New Zion In Kiev Ukraine

By K.F. Ipatyev, GRU Major, Retired, May 28, 2014, from Politikus Website, translated by Piotr Bein

May 31, 2014, from PiotrBein Website

Original version in Russian… 2,338 more words

770 Eastern Parkway

At 770 Eastern Parkway, Crown Heights stands an inconspicuous gothic-style brick building. It faces the busy Brooklyn thoroughfare, buzzing with cars, and two shared-use paths, sprinkled with cyclists and pedestrians. 165 more words


Every Mitzvah Is A Favor To G-d, So To Speak...

I have been wanting to make this video clip for the longest time. Ever since I watched Jem’s fabulous video Marching Orders and heard the Rebbe say that every… 121 more words


Shaar HaYichud Perek 3

  • Two co-existing dimensions enmeshed one within the other. Revealed otherness (Gilui Zulat) and instrinsic (Aztmut).
  • Within the unknowable essence of God we do not even ascribe the description of singular unity.
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Chabad rabbi building ‘1st mikvah in West Africa’ in Nigeria

(JTA) — An Israeli firm and a Chabad rabbi working in Nigeria are preparing to open the first known Jewish ritual bath, or  239 more words

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