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Stupid scammer of the day award goes to...

25 year old Mervin Cabe attempted to swipe $18,548.00 worth of merchandise at the Louis Vuitton store in Aspen, Colorado claiming he was ex-athlete Chad Ochocinco. 33 more words

The American Flag Football League Had Its Day In San Jose, But Making It The Future Will Take Time

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA — Michael Vick is no longer an NFL-caliber quarterback, but he can still throw the damn football. Give him time in the pocket, and he can hit a receiver running a wheel route in stride. 1,569 more words


Speed, Technology And Maybe A Boost From Michael Vick Could Make Flag Football The Future

Flag football is the stuff of gym classes and afternoons at the park, but Jeff Lewis sees much more for this football hybrid than maybe anyone else in America. 1,185 more words


The 15 craziest touchdown celebrations that have us so excited the NFL loosened up again

Some good news for NFL fans and players came from commissioner Roger Goodell himself on Tuesday:

Following conversations with dozens of players, we’re making changes to our celebrations policy: …

717 more words

39-year-old Chad Ochocinco said he could, then actually shut down one of the best receivers in the game

Chad Ochocinco hasn’t been in the NFL since 2012, but the 39-year-old former All-Pro wide receiver can still move.

Last week, Ochocinco challenged Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown to a one-on-one duel. 356 more words


Chad Johnson tried to cover Antonio Brown 1-on-1, then called out Odell Beckham Jr.

Chad Johnson took on Antonio Brown on Tuesday, and the two of them documented it all on their Snapchats that they use frequently. Johnson and Brown are the two of the best Snapchatters in the NFL world, so you know these videos will be fantastic. 381 more words


Launching in 3 ..... 2 .... 1 .....

It has been an eventful couple of years in Florida.

The technology and space beats have exposed me to some pretty cool interviews, including Steve Wozniak, multiple astronauts, Brad Feld, the guy who knows a guy who once worked on the Ultima computer game series, Jim Davis of Garfield fame and the studio behind the Madden Football video game series. 279 more words

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