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The Relevance of Politics Ideology

Our current politics is small, ethno-divisive and rejects intellectual acuity. Both the smallness and the polarity of our politics bother me at times. I’m pro-participation. If not all Tanzanians, I expect the size of participants to increase and be inclusive. 117 more words


Mahakama hiyo imefikia uamuzi huo baada ya kupitia hoja za pande zote mbili zilizowasilishwa mahakamani hapo leo na kuamua kuzitupitilia mbali hoja za upande wa serikali za kumnyima Lema dhamana. 231 more words


Security Agencies and Tanzanian Human Rights

First, it is important…very important, if not too important, that we all understand the real meaning of ‘human rights’ and what it entails. So permit me to use few minutes to explain this as much as I can. 1,624 more words

Hate Irresponsibility

If only president Magufuli, his entire team and their online #Vuvuzela had deployed at least 20% of the time and resources invested in painting Lowassa and his team in bad light towards delivering the much needed change to millions of Tanzanians who had faith in them, maybe…..just maybe, we wouldn’t be in this mess today. 729 more words