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Avoiding chafe...

Over the last several weeks I have been lucky in finding plenty of wood to retrieve for firewood!  As the survivalist, I heat my house solely with wood and therefore, I have to go searching for opportunity!  402 more words

Young Living

Itchy Boxers

Rick’s boxer shorts were itching.

Every other piece of clothing he wore was fine. Nothing chafed, nothing compressed. He was entirely comfortable but for the boxers. 222 more words

Short Story

Details CHAFE TAPE 1 x 25

?Tape measures manufactured from fibreglass are used to sew. They don’t tear or stretch and look safe for long. Those meant to measure carpentry or construction work are designed from stiff, curved metallic ribbon which is rigid and straight when left to measure. 253 more words

Treat Post-Run Chafing With Diaper Cream

Ever experience thigh rubbing so painful your legs felt like they’d brushed against a cheese grater? Or cross a finish line, realizing that the spectacle of your blood-streaked shirt is eliciting horror from spectators?

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The Loneliness (and lessons) of the long distance swimmer

Well it’s not exactly lonely, but there is a magnificent solitude when you are training for this type of thing. Several years ago (over a quarter of a century in fact), when I used to do some long distance running, one of the things I really enjoyed about pounding the pavement was the opportunity to just clear your head and think about nothing but the next step. 380 more words

Giveaway with Vevina!

Today I bring you another solution to the dreaded chub rub, and this time, rather than it being a pair of under-cracker shorts that could potentially (but not always) make you hotter due to being an added layer of clothing, this is in the form of  334 more words


Doc's Skincare Product Review- Sunscreen and Chamois Cream

It’s possible I have the most sensitive skin on the planet.

And living in Florida where it’s hot and sunny year round, that can be more than a bit of a challenge.   953 more words