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Recipe for a quick, easy and tasty Chai Tea Latte! :)

Dear sweet tooth,

Do you know the Chai Tea Latte? This beverage made from black tea, spices, milk and whipped cream causes a stir at… 147 more words


Chai Tea Concentrate

There’s something about the aroma of the chai spices that seems to faithfully serve us as a pick-me-up, no matter the occasion, crisis of emotions, time of day, or weather conditions. 383 more words


Costa Coffee.....Call that a Chai Latte?!

Sorry Costa Coffee, but your chai latte sucks.

Too sweet, and not tea-like at all.


Coffee And Tea

Iced Chai Latte

I can’t recall a November as beautiful as this year’s. Sun is shining, it’s warm outside (during the day) and I get to see the most beautiful sunsets from my new apartment on the 7th floor.   259 more words

Kitchen Time

My coffee habit and searching for a nice chai latte in the fine city of Norwich...

Each week or so, I try and find a nice new place to have a coffee or whatever in Norwich. Until I discovered chai latte that is. 281 more words


Groundswell | St. Paul, MN

And I’m back at it! Yes, it’s been a while but I’m ready to get started again!  My Summer was so busy I just couldn’t keep up with anything and now I can finally take a break as the seasons change.   370 more words

Some non-typical Kyoto snaps

Talk of “Kyoto” usually elicits images of temples, shrines, tofu, leguminous dessert and women in Kimono. Here, I share some of my not-so-typical Kyoto snaps all taken and edited on my humble/not-so-humble iPhone. 50 more words