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Birthday Shenanigans!

Woo today I turned 27! What a surreal feeling. 26 was full of ups and downs including going to Paris for my first wedding anniversary, finding out I was pregnant, had a beautiful baby girl, and both of my dogs getting cancer (they are both okay thankfully). 247 more words

Reviews: Tazo Green Tea Latte and Tazo Chai Pumpkin Spice Latte

Hi there! Two weeks ago, I bought two latte concentrates from Target, which are the Tazo Green Tea Latte and the Tazo Chai Pumpkin Spice Latte. 841 more words


The Yellow Umbrella

The audacious figure walks out of the gym and  to survive the mighty sunlight, open up her yellow umbrella. The vibrant color shows the true nature of her. 312 more words

City Chronicles

Espresso Drinks: Awesome or Meh to Baristas

When I started getting into coffee at the age of eleven, I didn’t know what went into those caffeinated drinks. All I knew was that a mocha had lots of chocolate and lattes were just milk and espresso. 533 more words


totally random (but delicious) PSA

Hello! This is a rather short post, but I did want to add it just because I feel it’s important to celebrate the little things in our lives and I want to be able to share those with you as well. 164 more words


Fall spiced pudding… or jello… I don’t actually know what to call this😂 It’s kinda like a chai latte but in jello form… that might sound interesting to some people ha! 143 more words


Friday Favorites #11

Happy Friday! And once again, it’s a day of Friday Favorites!

So let’s get rolling!

Friday Favorites #11

1.  My first vlog!

There’s not very much to say here besides posting the video.  213 more words