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Vegan Vanilla Chai Tea Latte

I’ve been on a chai tea latte kick lately! I had never had one, and decided to try one at Starbucks, and it was totally love at first sip. 426 more words


Growing love for chai tea latte...

I’m sitting by the door, watching the world go by. My view is uninterrupted – buses, cars and motorcycles turn on their headlights and find their way home.  319 more words

Food For Thought

My Meatloaf

I always cook the same thing.  If you have read my blog for a bit or looked at the recipe page you can see what I cook.  559 more words


Vegan Masala Chai - Indian Spiced Tea or Chai Latte

My Vegan Masala Chai recipe had to be the very first post for howtomakeitvegan. This is the first thing I make almost every morning. There is nothing better than a flavorful cup of hot spiced tea to warm you up on winter mornings.  147 more words


Dirty Chai Tea Latte

For the YouTube tutorial;


  • 4 tsp Chai Tea Latte Powder
  • 1 Shot of Espresso
  • Boiled Water
  • Milk (to taste)


Step 1:

Add the 4 tsp of Chai Tea Latte Powder to a mug and blend with the boiled water… 13 more words


Chillin' (Alone) Chai Tea Latte

I love me a good Chai Tea Latte. I’m usually a coffee drinker, but this is the perfect drink for cold nights, or any night that I’m looking to relax before bed and don’t want a huge jolt of caffeine. 338 more words


Chai (Sigh) Tea Lattes

What I wouldn’t GIVE for a Chai Tea Latte. Or a coffee. Heck, make it organic, herbal, water-pressed… the point is if I could drink those sweet little droplets of freshly roasted, seasoned, cinnamony, holiday flavored drinks, oh… how happy my heart would be. 308 more words