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I am travelling to Budapest this Friday to meet up with my boyfriend who is studying in Prague during this spring. I have never been to the city so I’ve done some research on what to do there. 142 more words

Budapest Wandering Mark III

I have a problem! Every time I try to write this post, it grows and grows and grows and eventually I realise I have written enough content about each given place to fit a post all of its own! 42 more words

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The Two Sides of Budapest, Hungary

Budapest does not “grab” us at first. The taxi driver did. It’s a common scam. Unregulated taxis rip off foreign visitors. We should have known better, but we’re travel weary from a train ride, lugging heavy backpacks, it’s nighttime, fourteen degrees Fahrenheit, and all we have is an address full of numbers and consonants for a small apartment we rented somewhere in this huge city. 734 more words

Danube River

Budapest | Hungary

#HelloHungary. Budapest is one of those countries I have always seen advertised for cheap city breaks, yet I have never known what the Hungarian capital has to offer. 621 more words


A Trip To Europe Pt 7: Budapest* Pt. 1(Take My Breath Away) Giorgio Moroder. Sung by Berlin

*Buyer’s remorse (or buyer’s regret) is the sense of regret after having made a purchase. It is frequently associated with the purchase of an expensive item such as a car, console or house. 821 more words


Bridges that Unite

You love the mountains. I love the sea. Both love adventures in the promising horizon. Both love to be part in each other’s worlds. Togetherness in sharing. 194 more words


Start shooting

It’s impossible to mope when visiting Budapest. Even if your friend is dedicated to photography. I can understand it’s boring sometimes. Stopping all the time to shoot photos when you just want to walk and chat – being together. 43 more words