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6 Simple Ways To Tell If That Email Forward Is Bogus

Chain mail has been around for a long time. You may have been first introduced to them when you first received an email telling you that if you didn’t forward it to at least 5 people, something bad would happen. 1,067 more words


Understanding "fake news," & why defeating it isn't a fix-all

After the dust from our toxic post-election discourse settled, the talk of traditional and social media turned to “fake news” – a term that has taken on new meaning in recent years, and new prominence in the 2016 presidential race. 1,550 more words


Grandad, what's the WiFi password?

Visiting my grandparents as a child is one of my greatest memories. When my brother and I were young they would spoil us rotten. Food, tea, and free control of the AUSTAR remote. 498 more words


Is It Ever Right to Bear False Witness?

Okay, it’s a stupid question. None of God’s Ten Commandments comes with an “except” clause. Case in point:

Yesterday we received one of those chain emails, this one regarding Nancy Pelosi (D-Transylvania) and a plan to levy a “windfall tax” on retirement income. 330 more words