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The Office

I spent the first half of my workday with my pants zipper unzipped.

Apparently, the new girl has either irritable bowel syndrome, very poor motor control, very poor social skills, or a combination thereof. 84 more words

Absalom's Journal

Throwback Thursday: Remember Chain Emails?!

I thought I’d pull something off my LiveJournal for a throwback post today, and was surprised to see that I’d made this long-ish post around this time of year back in 2002. 1,032 more words


Dealing With Chain Emails

You’ve probably gotten an email or text that first congratulates you for being loved by whoever sent you it. Next it tells you to forward it to people you love (including the person who sent it to you), and if you do, the email promises kisses from a crush, good luck, money and other impossible things. 346 more words

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If You Were Born In The '60's, '70's Or '80's, You Have To Read This. Wow.

I’ve noticed that the web is littered with wistful paeans to the virtues of growing up in the mid to late twentieth century (here’s an example of the sort of thing I’m talking about) 1,144 more words


The Worst Thing My Mother Ever Told Me

I sat down to write and opened the 642 book. It turned right to this page: Five things you wish your mother had never told you. 1,170 more words


Forward, backward

So, things aren’t really going to plan in this chick lit life right now.

A fortnight ago, things were barreling ahead. The warmth from home was still in my bones. 562 more words

My Chick Lit Life