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That's The Sound...of a Man Milking On The Chain Gang

Chain Gang. The word conjures up visions of prisons in the deep south marching out their population into the hot sun to toil on the sizzling blacktop or in the scorching fields . 587 more words


Double jeopardy.

Salisbury Truth, 23 April 1896.

I can’t say for absolute certain, but I am pretty sure that the lucky man was William Caswell “Cas” Brown (1871-1934), husband of… 30 more words

North Carolina

0598 Chain Gang – Sam Cooke (1960)

Sam Cooke wrote and recorded this song in 1960. It was released as a single with I Fall In Love Every Day on the B-side. It reached number two on both the R&B chart and the Billboard chart. 43 more words


Timéo – Convict 1

Timéo – Convict 1


It was 1815, in a town called Digne, about 70 miles north-east of Marseilles which was built on a spur of mountains jutting out into a gorge. 1,133 more words


Secret Squirrel Solves Everybody's Prison Problems.

Secret Squirrel’s attention has been drawn to an interesting headline in America……..

“America Is Finally Closing Prisons. Now What Do We Do With Them?The trickiest reuse challenge yet.” 1,777 more words

The Seriously Political-Humor Of Secret Squirrel

Alabama Prisons Face Chronic Issues

Fact: Alabama’s prisons have grown 840% since 1977. The state population has grown 23%.

Fact: In 1995, Alabama briefly re-introduced the chain gang for the first time in America in 30 years, before dropping the practice amid criticism and court challenges. 40 more words


Gesprengte Ketten

Auf der Suche nach guter Musik führen mich meine Streifzüge quer durch Youtube. Vor längerer Zeit stieß ich dabei auf das Genre der sogenannten “prison songs”, die ich immer schon eingehender in einem eigenen Beitrag behandeln wollte. 608 more words