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The Chain Letter: Chapter 3

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It was a perfectly ordinary evening. Brooklyn Legend, head of the growing Simstra Nostra crime organization in Willow Creek, sat down with her younger sister, Mackenzie, to go over the daily email. 1,451 more words


My First Blog Award! Yay?

Earlier this week I was nominated for my first so-called blog award: the Liebster Award.  Being relatively new to this, I was unfamiliar with this specific one and had a lot of questions.   875 more words


The Chain Letter: Chapter 2

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“There you are!” Dacnis called out from across the Glade, just as her beloved reached into a hollow log.

“You surprised me,” Dhaval confessed when she caught up with him. 2,086 more words

Sims Story

A Stitch in Time - Fielden.June2012

The idea that we live in multiple worlds at once is starting to take root. I came to terms with this gradually over some time and I hope this writing exercise can help you reconcile what we’re all experiencing. 675 more words


No more postcards

One summer I blended a bright idea about how to get more mail with a chain letter opportunity and sideswiped a poor teenage girl.

I was 14 at the time and wanted to bring mail into the house that was addressed to me. 226 more words


A Stitch in Time - Mario.June2012

This was another tough week for the world. Between bombings and shootings, it’s one of those moments that’s difficult to process… Surrealism and cultural distortion are a day-to-day occurrences now. 381 more words