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Chain letter ransomware: how to hurt enemies

Long before the internet, there were chain letters. Someone just about to become a former friend sent you a letter which you had to send on to several others, for fear of ‘breaking the chain’, and the bad karma that would incur. 416 more words


Breaking The Social Media Chain: Stop Pasting, Start Caring

“One like = one prayer!”
“Scroll down and type amen!”
“I know many people don’t give a hoot about…”
“I know 97% of people won’t post this, but my real friends will!” 1,120 more words


Facebook privacy hoax chain letter rises from the grave: AGAIN!

Look, an attorney told us to post this hard-boiled egg on Facebook in order to protect our privacy, so we had to do it.

I mean, … 571 more words


Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination

When I woke up today, I was informed that about a week ago, I was nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award by Monday Morning Movie Quarterback… 918 more words


5 Ways to Enjoy Summertime When It’s Too Hot to Be Outside

This week the Midwest is enjoying the lovely July combination of triple-digit temperatures and 100% humidity.

Photo credit: gravatar.com/nikolynamcdonald

I’m currently fighting off cabin fever. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful for air conditioning, but I wish I could be outside for longer than a few minutes without feeling like I’ve been in a sauna for hours. 389 more words

#WeekendCoffeeShare: Liebster Edition

If we were having coffee, i’d tell you i’ve been nominated for my first Liebster Award! Hooray!

“What’s a Liebster Award?” you say? It’s an award given out by fellow bloggers to recognise and promote new or up and coming blogs. 962 more words


The Chain Letter.2

The Best Chain Letter

You find yourself in a place on your journey where it appears everything is falling down all around you.  Relationships are breaking apart, you lost your job, the dog died, your husband or wife is cheating, the children appear to have lost their mental capacities.  1,030 more words