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A Stitch in Time - Arlen Dec '12 / Mario Apr '13

Chicago went through a whirlwind this week. Many poured their hearts into the Chuy Garcia campaign but money won over people. I’m proud to say that I believed in the cause and was heartbroken by the loss. 1,388 more words


How the Internet Destroyed the Chain Letter

Chain letters had a noble start in 1888 – a letter sent to a person requesting a church donation and to send the letter to three people asking them to do the same. 470 more words


The Chain Letter: Chapter 6

Contributing Author:  CathyTea
Author’s Blog:  http://cathytea.wordpress.com

Owen had been working even more feverishly ever since he was scolded by his disappointed father’s ghost. He was more determined than ever to accomplish his goal of becoming fabulously wealthy by the end of the week so he could begin his duties as heir of the Pruett legacy. 1,532 more words

Pruett Legacy

A Stitch in Time - Sandy.July2012

This was another tough week for the world. Between bombings and shootings, it’s one of those moments that’s difficult to process… Surrealism and cultural distortion are a day-to-day occurrences now. 885 more words


Liebster Award 2015


This is his fault for tagging me. (Just kidding :D )
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This is the first time this humble blog has been involved in such award. 1,011 more words


The Chain Letter - Chapter 5

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Unfortunately for Joel Rochdale, today was the day that his life was about to take a dramatic turn. During the events of S-GAS, he was rudely interrupted by an email on his account. 1,232 more words


11 Questions

I’ve been privy to a variety of chain letters over the course of my digital life.  This stuff was prevalent from the very first message boards, and has only really grown as more avenues are opened to personal contact.  1,000 more words

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