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Sarissa Precision Radar Station Build

After reading these posts on the Too Fat Lardies blog here and here, I decided to take some inspiration (steal ideas) and build my… 379 more words


Tohaa 105: Support Network

It’s quite possible to play a reckless Tohaa army who doesn’t care about casualties―but you may be missing out.  Tohaa has competent casualty maintenance units, and a strong selection of support units to indirectly assist your campaign of planetary conquest. 1,888 more words

Basics Of Tohaa

Big CoC AAR: Market Garden

Last Thursday Daren and I repaired to Mike’s house for an ambitious evening of Chain of Command. It was planned to try and get through 3 games based on Market Garden (well Mike admitted more like on ‘A Bridge Too Far’). 1,475 more words


Too Fat Lardies Summer Special 2016 now available

As well as producing various rules and scenario books throughout the year, Too Fat Lardies produce a bi-annual special in PDF format which contains all sorts of articles written by players of ‘Lardy’ games in support of the hobby. 153 more words

Historical Gaming

Club Night Catchup 3: More Village based CoC

After the great game Des and I had we decided to have another go, this time expanding the game to 2 platoons a side. Again we went for a meeting engagement with both sides tasked with taking control of the village. 143 more words


Club Night Catch up 2: CoC'ing about downtown

Des and I had a bash and went for a village fight for a change. We also decided that we’d do a meeting engagement and came up with a simple way of deciding the support points – we each rolled a d6 and the total of both was the amount of points that we had for the game. 137 more words


Club Night Catch-up: East Front CoC Fistfight

Due to all the PC/Interweb and personal problems I’ve had over the past month or so I’ve not been able to keep up to date with my Club Night write ups. 157 more words