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Tanksgiving 2015!

Every year I like to host a big event with prizes, beer, and plenty of food. This year I reached back to my FoW roots for inspiration … and TANKSGIVING 2015 was born. 1,007 more words


All I Want for Christmas (2015 edition)...

With the holidays upon us it is time once again for us to look at some goodies. This has been another great year for gaming and there are almost too many high quality releases especially on the miniatures front. 921 more words


November 13, 2015

Joshua 11:15 As the Lord commanded his servant Moses, so Moses commanded Joshua, and Joshua did it; he left nothing undone of all that the Lord commanded Moses. 415 more words


First outing for the Russians.

Managed to get my first game of CoC using my Russians at club the other week.My opponent was Mike and his Fallschirmjagers so was going to be a challenging game as these are a tough bunch.We rolled up flank attack for are scenario with me being the attacker,Mike had decided to use his chaps a elite so with the difference in forces and my support dice roll I ended up with a mighty 20 points of support to Mikes 3. 394 more words


WW2 in 15mm.

Was lucky enough to be involved in a multiplayer game of Blitzkrieg Commander the other week.The game was based in North Africa using 15mm models all provided by Alan who was also umpiring the game. 172 more words


Chain of Command Battle Report - US Infantry vs. German Panzergrenadiers

Battle report! This past weekend my brother came down for a game. I had intended to break out a new board game but life conspired to limit my preparation time the week prior. 1,587 more words


Those Russians keep coming.

Yes my Russian painting frenzy keeps going,this time some lovely Artizan Design miniatures.

Close up.

These are there scouts,you get 4 models per pack, I’ve only painted up 7 as I’m going to use the one with the raised hand as the junior leader in my CoC force, I already have 2 other models to make up the full scout support option, so jobs a good’un ;o).