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Look around and all you see is a huge ship,

There are tons of people but no one that

Wants to hear your pain or to help you, 404 more words

Finished 3D Print

While printing 3D vehicles is all well and good, at some point you have to take it to the final stage right? So picking the smallest of the prints so far I decided to finish the kubelwagon. 176 more words

Bolt Action

Club Night 28/07/17: Flaming Big CoC....

I have been quite lax in posting this and as I have some more to get done here’s a quick AAR of a fun game of Big Chain of Command that was played just before we broke up for our annual August break. 1,059 more words


3D Printed Vehicles

Just before Easter, and after many months of thinking about it I took the plunge into 3D printing. My justification was simple. At some point I want to recreate Grabner’s charge on the British Airborne at Arnhem, and for that I would need a lot of trucks. 584 more words


Actions on the Eastern Front

Many weekends ago, I’ve been very slack with my blogging, our little group of gamers were all lined up to play a Western Europe I Ain’t Been Shot game at the League of Ancients, when the guy with all the figures found he couldn’t turn up. 725 more words

Chain Of Command

Painting the Sturmgesch├╝tzbrigade 280 - StuG IIIG

If there is one iconic vehicle from WWII German forces I love, it’s the StuG and all it’s variants. So, it’s probably no surprise that it was the first “tank” I added to my Waffen SS. 228 more words


Sales Organization

My definition to a Sales Organization is; one that carefully plans and co-ordinates towards the objective of putting a product or service in the hands of the consumers. 296 more words