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Club Night 25/01/16: CoC 'Training' game

Last Monday night saw me put on a game at the club for Des and Daren to have a go at Chain of Command, Mike was also having a game with Ian to help him get to grips with the rules too – ‘spreading the Lard’ I believe it is called! 526 more words



At Disqus I offered my view on how the breach in the chain of command contributed to the disaster in the Mamasapano.  (with a few changes and corrections) 327 more words


Martlet Campaign: Attack on the Hauptkampflinie

After the battering Erste Zug suffered in the last action they had to do some serious re-organising, so much so in fact that they were dangerously close to being ‘Trigger’s Broom’*. 1,892 more words


Martlet Campaign: Pushing On

After a quick break to re-do the terrain and decide on our new support lists it was straight onto the next game in the campaign, one which I had recently played and had not done at all well at, surely this time I’d do better, especially as I knew where I’d gone wrong in the last game, surely I would……. 1,521 more words


Martlet Campaign: Probe into Fontenay

On Saturday I went to Mike’s to start our Chain of Command campaign, Operation Martlet. This will be our first bash at doing one of these and we will be making some mistakes with the rules along the way but all part of the learning process, unfortunately it is the tactical mistakes that are the worst to take, and there’s going to be a few of those over the next post or two! 953 more words


Operation Martlet: Introduction

After ‘discovering’ the excellent Chain of Command rules from Too Fat Lardies and getting together a German force to play them with it was a no brainer to want to do one of their pint sized campaigns. 426 more words


CoC AAR: Pushing On

On Friday I went round to fellow South London Warlord Mac’s house to have a game of Chain of Command. This was only my 4th game of this great ruleset and I think Mac’s second, although he has played a few solo games. 1,756 more words