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Saving the Day as a Hard-Ass

I recently watched the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode (in two parts) the Chain of Command. It is one of my all time favourites. Now I’ve read up on it, I’m pleasantly surprised to see I’m in the majority on this. 1,937 more words


How Many Ways Can I Put Communism Will Be Annihilated. International Failures Large To Small. Close Every Door.

2 international Failures In Communism they can not solve. We are all aware of all the Territorial to local failures in it all. If they can not get the tops right they sure as Hell can not be trusted with top issue in Communism. 316 more words


German Mechanized Reconnaissance (CoC) - Sd Kfz 250s and 250/9s

Well they took longer than I thought, but my recon halftracks are finally ready to take the field!

I followed Ruben Torregrosa and Mig Jimenez’s  423 more words


British aggression wins the day - Chain of Command scenario

Captain Saunders stopped his jeep on the crossroads to give a last word of command before advancing again. His scouting party had told him to expect some German resistance at the bridge ahead. 358 more words

Wargaming With Kids

Painting 15mm WW2 figures

Recently I’ve been trying to get some friends of mine into gaming and am planning on running a big game of Chain of Command from Too Fat Lardies. 1,206 more words