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What the Heck is a Military Order

I’m working on a scene in the next book in my GALCOM series (the first is Crying Planet, coming out this month).  The main character is a civilian contractor recruited by the military because she can see ghosts.   634 more words


U.N. Experts Say President Bashar al-Assad and His Brother "The Butcher" Responsible For Syria's Chemical Weapons Use


Fri Jan 13, 2017 | 11:21am EST

By Anthony Deutsch

International investigators have said for the first time that they suspect President Bashar al-Assad and his brother are responsible for the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict, according to a document seen by Reuters. 1,066 more words

German Squad in 28mm (WWII)

Quick update as I inch closer to finishing a squad of late-war German grenadiers for Chain of Command. Here’s my latest 10-man squad. Just a platoon leader, extra senior leader, LMG team, and panzershreck team to go…then on to some supports! 187 more words

World War II

WW2 North Africa,15mm.

With the end of the year looming and with no KOW models to paint I thought I should looking at finishing some more of my outstanding projects.One of which is my 15mm desert force for WW2 gaming, now this Army is not built for any set of rules in particular but I’ve based it up so I can play Bolt Action or Chain of Command plus I’ve made some extra bases so I use it for Blitz Krieg Commander. 53 more words


French World War Two Vehicles from Mad Bob

Recently I participated in the Mad Mob Miniatures Kickstarter for French or former French vehicles.  This was really a no-brainer for me since I really needed one of the elusive German 7.5cm PAK auf Somua conversions for Too Fat Lardies campaign supplement… 475 more words

Advance to contact at the Desamie railhead

Major Stanley Beverage cautiously led his paras into railway sidings behind Desamie station. There were unconfirmed reports of sniper activity and enemy movements in the town beyond. 242 more words