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Wars and rumors of wars part three

Medical ships started to arrive at the planet. Rescue operations began immediately. Teams. Beamed to the planet and the star base.
In orbit several ships assumed defensive stance around the planet this was just in case the dominion fleet returned. 1,166 more words

Star Trek

5 Q's (+ A's!) for Organization

“It’s complicated.” “We’re not exclusive -yet.” “We’re just casual.” These are some favorite definitions of what a “relationship” is among my fellow millennials. In business, you have to define relationships among employees and groups of employees. 785 more words


Scenario planning for Operation Market Larden IV

Saturday 4th June will see the 4th ‘Operation Market Larden’ event in Evesham. Having missed last year, I was very keen to attend this event, and offered to put on a game. 681 more words

World War II


(Have a free snippet from a work in progress.)

“Are you really in line for the throne?”

“Oh, yes. House Vintar is neither most ancient nor particularly high, and we Vidutars are a collateral line, so I’m something like… three and a quarter billionth in line for the throne, if you want to get into the fine details. 124 more words


German DAK Vehicles - Part II

Took advantage of a gloomy rainy day to put the finishing touches on a Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf. C for my Afrika Korps. This is the… 19 more words


What Public Managers Do: The Dark Side.

The Washington Post reports that some managers and supervisors within the Transportation Security Administration are openly complaining at a Congressional committee hearing that “the agency’s managers punish employees when they point out security lapses at the nation’s airports.” The TSA’s recently appointed administrator “has centralized training of TSA employees in Georgia, restricted executive bonuses, ended forced relocations and taken steps to increase airport security.”  One official told the committee that “a group of about 20 senior supervisors whom he blames for the TSA’s mismanagement were “waiting out.” Said another complaining official, according to… 65 more words

Chapter 11-Managerial Heuristics

British Desert Rat Sniper Team

Speed painted a Desert Rat Sniper Team in about two hours. These are for North Africa league currently going down at my FLGS that is have by weekly painting competition. 139 more words

Miniature Painting