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Finds of the day: two taverns

Steuben Taverns

Two small finds on a cold, rainy day at the Brimfield flea market. Both are from the 1930s, both are taverns, and both conjure up bygone days. 608 more words

Proprietors & Careers

Weekly Check In: Chain Restaurant Bar Crawl

Chain restaurants are somewhat of a polarizing topic. Millions of Americans obviously love them, as evident by just a casual drive down any business route anywhere in the country, or walk through any hotel parking lot.   1,173 more words

The history of the restaurant of the future

Starting in the early 20th century, most futuristic thinking about restaurants involved technological inventions. Many envisioned replacing waiters with mechanical devices that would send orders straight to the kitchen, then deliver the food to customers. 651 more words

Chain Restaurants

Millennials Singlehandedly Kill Whole Industries With Their Bare Hands And I Could Not Be Happier

I grew up in southern New Jersey, a land of highways, strip malls, and chain restaurants as far as the eye could see. Before my friends and I could drive ourselves or imbibe alcohol in public spaces, we were relegated to walking the mall from end to end and getting late night apps at Applebee’s. 548 more words

Update to Healthy Living 34 - Chain restaurants are the bane of my existence

I just read an article that millennials are to blame for the woes of chain restaurants.

I call bullshit.

I live in “Ground Zero” of what can be considered a “Chain Restaurant Hell” (CHR for here on out).  746 more words

Healthy Living

All the salad you can eat

The salad bar most likely developed from the Americanized version of the smorgasbord which, by the 1950s, had shed its Swedish overtones and turned into an all-you-can-eat buffet. 510 more words


National Westhills - Best Burger

My husband and I frequent National Westhills. It’s not in our neighbourhood, but we make the trek because of National’s heavy focus on local beers, happy hour oysters and recently, their burger special on Thursdays. 252 more words