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The changing state of American fast food in charts

The story of fast food in the United States isn’t just mega chains like McDonald’s and Burger King anymore. Higher quality fast casual restaurants, which put more emphasis on food quality and less on speed and price are growing the fastest, according to a breakdown of the industry by Morgan Stanley analysts. 219 more words

Start your morning off right—with a trip to the pub

JD Wetherspoon wants millions of Brits to start their days at the pub. That is not nearly as debauched as it sounds—the pub-chain operator is making a big push into coffee and breakfast. 305 more words

Hi, My Name is Toby and Welcome to Chilis!

Hi, my name is Toby and welcome to Chilis! How many in your party tonight? Four? Super! Due to the typical amount of parties of 14 or more there’s currently a 95 minute wait. 730 more words

Chain Restaurants

Outback experiment

Last summer I was working with a LOT of different contractors to get my folks’ new place fixed up, with varying degrees of success. The one that was most irritating was of course also the most expensive, and when I told them how annoyed I was on their customer survey they sent a rather nice apology note and two gift cards to Outback Steakhouse. 273 more words

Eating Out

An Open Letter to Chili's Bar & Grill (and the like)

Many national family restaurant chains have been rebranding their image and judging from the results, you don’t care. But I do. “Fresh now?” Hey Chili’s, why don’t you give it a rest and throw a whole onion in the deep fryer and stop pretending you’re something you’re not? 575 more words


Boomerang Days: Drag King

The University of Texas’s alumni publication, The Alcalde Magazine, has recently featured some incredible and poignant essays exploring how the city has changed since many of our alumni were students here. 1,044 more words


10 F*cking Weird Facts You Didn't Know About Cheating

Size does matter … just not the size of what you think.

A study claims that women are more likely to cheat on their man if he has big balls. 1,103 more words