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All the salad you can eat

The salad bar most likely developed from the Americanized version of the smorgasbord which, by the 1950s, had shed its Swedish overtones and turned into an all-you-can-eat buffet. 510 more words


National Westhills - Best Burger

My husband and I frequent National Westhills. It’s not in our neighbourhood, but we make the trek because of National’s heavy focus on local beers, happy hour oysters and recently, their burger special on Thursdays. 252 more words


Wasteful chains like Starbucks and the part you play.

I found the Colombian Starbucks. It’s called Juan Valdez and, while it’s a lovely spot with nice spaces for working and socializing, I dislike it for the same reason I dislike Starbucks: They’re wasteful. 389 more words

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When A Teen Reported Her Boss For Sexual Harassment, Her Coworkers Bullied Her For Speaking Out

Sexual harassment plagues every industry, and the restaurant industry is no exception. However, this story of stalking and subsequent taunting from a Pennsylvania Chili’s is particularly bad — not only because of how far it went, but also because of how the victim had absolutely no backup from her coworkers. 366 more words

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Guy Fieri Is Bringing His Brand Of Restaurant To South Africa, Complete With A Mechanical Bull For Some Reason

Guy Fieri currently has restaurants all across America and on the high seas, but that’s not stopping him from expanding elsewhere on the globe. His latest grand opening is happening in South Africa at… 242 more words


Shit burger @ ubiquitous UK chain restaurant 

A few weeks ago I happened to dine at a generic chain restaurant. I won’t specify which one but it wasn’t a fast food place. … 119 more words


Christian restaurant-ing

There are a lot of reasons why a restaurant might choose not to sell liquor that have nothing to do with religious beliefs. But restaurants that brand themselves as Christian absolutely never serve alcoholic drinks. 870 more words