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Beneath the starry sky,

Here she lies,

The land chained

By spittle of the raging sea.

Like a slave, crestfallen,

For escape is just a dream, 49 more words



Like a bird chained
I am trapped
Alone and scared
I just cry
The door locked
My chain locked
Trapped until I die
An open window… 72 more words

Mental Health

Among The Woods. 

He found his way among the woods

Nursing a million wounds

Crawling past the moon

With the Stars his only Fortune.
In a cave he found his shelter… 80 more words



I always wonder why are we bounded by so many things, why freedom is just a myth. My heart raced as my mind raged.

I wanted the answers that no one can give, i was searching for a treasure that no one has ever seen. 78 more words


I was reborn, as I loosened my fear

My raging mind

is struggling through

the thoughts kept building waves in my mind

shattering on the rocks of my relationships

burdening my mind with the heaviness of  relationships… 101 more words

Seven Chained Birds by Devin Pavlischak/ November 26th, 2015 ©

The color of the trees had hollowed away.

In the middle of empty lands, you would find a full cage.

Seven indigenous birds, full of blue and gold feathers. 44 more words

Devin Pavlischak

Story Of fire

There are Discoveries who changed human history. ‘fire’ is one of them. So how did we got it ?

Here I am presenting two sides of this story that I am going to tell you. 257 more words