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He was stranded on the island, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, stuck in eternal suffering. His only form of escape, a sinking ship, his only choice. 281 more words


"Statues of Liberty"

being free
to do what you want
isn’t freedom



Hey! So this picture is from the first day I went out with the camera but I kind of forgot to edit it so I never got the chance to upload it. 69 more words


The Walk Down the Aisle

She walked down the aisle, smiling. Not a very wide smile. It was a small smile, demure, shy…just like her sister had instructed. You don’t want people to think you are too happy, she had said. 497 more words

Social Issues


This is a chilling psychological horror that kept me ‘chained’, so to speak, to the screen. Not only was is well executed but a wrench is thrown into the plot line. 108 more words