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How a Rev. Father was Attacked, Chained and Robbed of Valuables in Ogun

Two unknown gunmen over the past weekend, attacked the residence of a Catholic priest, Italo Spagnolo in Ogun State, carting away valuables.

A Catholic priest identified as Italo Spagnolo, in Ogun State, was attacked by two unknown gunmen over the weekend, carting away valuables on Sunday morning at the Federal Housing Estate, Ikoto, in the Ijebu Ode area of the state. 179 more words


chained out side with pooch

O yea do u like the start ? Peter saw this dog chained when it was raining, but other wise they heard (till there was you by the beatles) that’s right.¬† 61 more words

Kempwood Berries


I want to spend my days
Lying in the grass
Until night falls
And I can stare at the stars.

I want to breathe in stardust… 174 more words


When did everyone leave?

I can feel myself losing control. I put myself together and carry my weight day to day and I’m just let down. I continually put my all into you and you just let me down over and over again. 295 more words


‚ÄčLocked doors, chains around, haven’t ever been my cup of tea,

Change the rule book of laws, that was my plea,

It gives a different vibe being restricted by the chains of law, … 359 more words



They’d rather see us locked in chains than let us be free, still never figured out why they hate us but nobody cares even the politicians only seeing skin deep, they preaching for votes but I bet they never seen a struggle…probably never watched they parents work dead end jobs or 12+ hour shifts just to make sure the bills and their kids were good, bet they never opened up they cabinets/refrigerator seeing it barely filled or empty, never had to go to bed hungry just so their little siblings could eat,watched they mama fight the call of being a crack addict, try so hard to make it only to be snatched down by society,watched their kids cry themselves to sleep thinking they’d be killed while they slept,buried a love one shot down by a cop who didn’t care,faced police brutality…they preach about the struggle,the killings,the hate,they talk about change and they got the money to start the change but here we are…still chained by the negativity, living with so much hate and fear…still chained and living in the past….here we are and nothing has changed


10 Cloverfield Lane...

This started so well…..and John Goodman was absolutely fantastic ! Then the last 20 minutes have still left me wondering why and wth?

The beauty of this film is all in the hands of John Goodman…you just cannot tell is he a goodie or a baddie? 125 more words