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10 Cloverfield Lane...

This started so well…..and John Goodman was absolutely fantastic ! Then the last 20 minutes have still left me wondering why and wth?

The beauty of this film is all in the hands of John Goodman…you just cannot tell is he a goodie or a baddie? 125 more words

'Chained' Two versions of a song I wrote in 2005

First video: music recorded in 2015 with my better half’s assistance. A lot cleaner sounding and more upbeat.

Second video: The original 2005 recording, just me in a room on my own.  13 more words


Giveaway: War Bride by Elise Marion

This October, I’m giving away one Smashwords copy of War Bride by Elise Marion. This is a fantastic book that I highly recommend. You’ll have more details about  69 more words


Chained Up

A drawn pattern of overlaying chains…. no breaks in this chain!

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A chain of little words come together releasing so much tension. Nothing was accomplished but clogged emotions mist into the atmosphere. Like a neglected pitbull off the leash… free to roam, be it in an unforgiving place.

Emotional Healing

Staccato Art

Staccato Art

This type of pain does not provide fuel

These barely effective brain bursts

Plummet as quickly as they rise

Tearing at the creative channels… 13 more words