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#5 You Are Not Chained To The Everyday Routines

The everyday routines can get boring and mundane but they can also be reassuring and safe. Sometimes though, we need to remember that we aren’t chained to the wheel and that in amongst our 9-5 jobs, we do still have a lot of freedom in how we run our days. 462 more words


ADVENTURE Feature Film of the Day: CHAINED, by Simon Parker


Title: Chained

Written by: Simon Parker

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Action, Crime, Adventure

Logline: On his way to prison John Oneal’s transport truck crashes off of a bridge. 120 more words


I have become a slave.

I am a slave to systems, to cultural norms, to the expectations and biases of others.

A slave to the life I’ve create for myself because society told me in the first place it was what I needed. 279 more words

Why birds are not free....

Wings span of birds are big enough, To drag them,
All over sky, every corner of world, anytime,
Each morning, birds fly And comes back to the same tree… 101 more words


We are chained

To the rhythm of the money printing press,

We are tethered

To time ticking down the relentless hours,

We are shackled

To society’s steps on a pre-planned path, 25 more words


Have you chained your life?

Every day we wake up and have breakfast, some of us even consider working out before starting the day then we take a bath and leave for work or for studying. 455 more words



No! No!
No statue can replace, your epitome of love .
I’ve caged your shadow,
in the locked chamber of my core. I’ve lost the key, but there you’ll always be. 47 more words