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Familiarity Is A Weakness

Being familiar with something or someone is a weakness. 

It is difficult to let go of something you’re comfortable and familiar with.

You don’t know what will happen once you cross that brave line and cut down those chains that are weighing you down. 53 more words

Are You in Chains?

“I will break the yoke of bondage from your neck and tear off the chains…”                                    Nahum 1:13

Say what?

This verse from the old testament prophet spoke of the ancient oppression of the Assyrians.

377 more words


Small overgrown field
Abandoned blue bicycle
Chained to its chain link

What Is Reality?

Four years ago, I trusted them. They stole me from my reality and threatened to hurt me when I fought my way back. I built myself a fortress to keep them out; to keep myself safe. 100 more words

Oh it’s been a while…

Life has been reluctantly moving at a normal rate as it does since I remember. It isn’t lonely as it used to be (according to my own context) anymore, … 294 more words


Unchained Melody


But for
A trickle of light
Filtered down
Through the depths
And for a time
On cloudless days
A streamer
Of brilliance… 63 more words



Intertwined within and without.
Movement restricted, we scream and shout.
Mental and physical whatever you wish.
Your subservience is a delectable dish.
Flesh will tremble and it will rend. 17 more words