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10 Years and counting.....

It is slightly over 10 years now that I have been a carer and it honestly feels longer. Each day that passes seems to chip away at my resolve. 445 more words


Trying to tie the two worlds together.
Can one do that?
Not so possible, for some one to hold you back.


One, two, three

Break your chains to be free

Four, five, six

Never take a chance to miss

Seven, eight

A brand new slate

Nine, ten… 6 more words


No One is Free...

No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky.

Bob Dylan


Chained Parapet #11

DANGER! KEEP OUT! the sign was the first thing that came into my sight. “Screw this.” I uttered under my breath, “I’m done with these shit.” I picked up the belongings that I had left there, running to the chained parapet that led me in the first place. 382 more words


Chained Parapet #10

The old grandfather clock stood singularly in the dusty, sombre room. “Hello. Human. Glad to meet you again.” it said in a computerised voice. I laid against the concrete wall. 239 more words


Chained to you

I’m not easily pleased. I expect too much from myself. I feel like I tether myself to my emotions. Things I do and the choices I make, I’m always doing what my heart tells me. 1,077 more words

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