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Visions of a Celtic Bastard

Wow…that’s a weird title…

It’s also the name of a brand new – never before configured – chainmaille weave.

And I’m the one who did it  :D… 498 more words

Yet another post about little metal rings in interesting configurations...

The pliers have been HOT, and the creation process boiling over in my head.  The muses must have gotten a hold of some serious caffeine pills. 302 more words

Sheesh...am I writing about Chainmaille AGAIN?

I really can’t help it…I’ve had some interesting things come off the pliers lately, and I’m gonna share…

When I completed the dragon tutorial, a couple of people in my chainiac group on the evil Book of Faces asked if there’d be a kit coming for this one.  220 more words

I did this today!

Sometimes I get an idea then frantically get it done so I don’t lose the vision!  Done in about 4 hours and already listed in my shop…



MOAR Chainmaille!

Just a quickie today…as I hear the pliers calling me even now.

I got to put the finishing touches on a couple of things.

Not content with JUST making cubes with the Shippo Tsunagi weave – I tried my hand at using a single long strand as a choker.   153 more words


I’ve devoted myself since the holidays to making my shop a daily effort. I used to only work it during the holidays but, I feel as though I want to make this a major part of my effort. 45 more words