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The Prisioner

The eyes watching my every move

Discussing everything I do

As though it would solve a mystery

Counting the days till

The locks on my door opens

The final time



Because this is just who I am.

I hurt myself trying not to hurt everyone else, I apologize when I shoul be asking for apologies, I stay quiet, I bury myself in silence, to not make people I care about suffer. 80 more words


Singapore Airlines: London to Singapore Premium Economy

In September rather than taking our planned trip to Minorca, we decided to cancel and head off to Singapore instead. The logic may have been entirely flawed as we had gone through a detailed reasoning of why we were going to Minorca, but what can I say the lure of tropical heat lovely fruit just totally won me over. 696 more words

Starbucks Half Price Festive Drinks Eastbourne

For the last month or so Starbucks have been using the famous Seasonal Red Cups together with winter specialities such as Eggnog Latte and Hot Mulled Fruit. 155 more words


Inside a dark dungeon- a poem

I am tied and
Thrown inside a prison
Lying deep inside
A dark dungeon

There’s no one here
To help me
Outside my prison
Guards are all I can see… 219 more words


Chains of Love

Don’t withhold from me your captivating eyes

For in them I’ve found a sanctuary of I can call mine.

Your gaze, though not for me, keeps me mesmerized; 126 more words