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October 1st...

Freedom Freedom Freedom
Freedom sizzling everywhere
The birds flowing their agbada
The bushpigs tusking around
Even the mosquitoes feel free for once

No more bondage,no mope chains… 109 more words


The Hunt.

The Hunt.

What are the lessons that I must unlearn? Are they that I was not Gay? Well thats stupid… because I am gay? The questions of what these lessons are; is maddening – yet I have a strange sense that I know what they are. 3,291 more words


Top 10 Jewelers in Hip-Hop - UNXPSD

Meet The Top Ten Jewelers in Hip Hop From $1,000,000 chains to $100,000 gold teeth, jewelry has been a significant part of hip hop culture for many decades.

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The Hoop Blog


When I first arrived in Huay Pakoot and was given an introduction to the elephants they have here, one of the first things I was told was that the elephants are chained. 495 more words


Frisbee Disc Golf Organic T-shirt

The sound of heavy metal chains is music to the ears of frisbee disc golfers, putting to score a birdie! Now you can enjoy your favorite pastime in style with this organic… 28 more words