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Day 1 of Route 66 trip on Harley Davidson Motorcycles

First day of my 9 states in 10 days Route 66 challenge to raise money for Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin.  It’s actually my first day on a Harley Davidson and it feels strange to me to be all suited up and in a group of over 100 experienced bikers ready to take on over 4,000km of open road from Chicago to Las Angeles AKA The Mother Road of America. 457 more words


Is Gender Really Over?

Recently, singer and actress Miley Cyrus has created her own charity which supports the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual or Transgender) in the 21st century to show society that no matter what gender you are or wish to be, you can in fact be whatever and whoever you want to be. 547 more words


Update on my Fundraising Efforts

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while – I have been doing law exams for the past month, so that took up quite a bit of time. 125 more words

Just Giving

I seem to be on a blogging Frenzy today and not just about depression…surprise surprise surprise…..

I want to talk about just giving. Dont worry this is not a plug for you to give me money, this is for you to think about how you treat people and maybe help you decide to instead of walking past someone in need maybe stop and give them something, even if you dont want to give them money, give them a sandwich or talk to them. 610 more words


#DontMindUs : ETA - Express Through Art Program

The Mary Edwards Media Group, LLC. and Unpopular Foundation™ has created a program for young creative individuals to showcase your talents.

“The way the Express Through Art program works is , it’s basically a contest.

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5: The Box

Now, I have all of these things to fit nicely in a box, so where’s the box?

I did a lot of thinking of how I wanted my box to look, and before breaking up for Easter (most of the contents for my box were made during the Easter break) I was working closely with Steve and trying out lazor cutting. 666 more words



This summer on the 6th June, I will be taking part in a 100km walk from London to Brighton in support of Blind Veteran UK… 460 more words