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Tomorrow I am giving all of my clothes away for free (apart from those which I can 100% justify a need) because I found my favourite cardigan for free.

I’ve just now made a decision, which is the subject for my first blog post, on a new blog I made earlier this week. I haven’t known what to write, I thought this would be a good place to start. 288 more words


I’ve always wanted to teach English as a foreign language but never managed to get around to getting myself a TEFL qualification. One evening whilst googling volunteer to teach English I stumbled across CESHEO, a charity in Cambodia founded in 2010. 670 more words

Fancy Victoria Sponge Cake

This week I have made a cake for an event which holds a stall called ‘Guess the weight of the cake’. I decided to make a Victoria sponge cake, as this is a simple cake which the majority of people like, therefore it should hopefully entice a lot of people to enter the prize draw to go home with this lovely traditional cake. 544 more words


“35 miles – easy. It’s not far….!”

Since the flooding to the Museum staff have been trying to think of ways to raise much needed funds to re-open. So when a suggestion of a ‘staff challenge’ was muted we all thought, “GREAT!”. 467 more words

Making a difference one shoe at a time

After graduating from University I found myself having a lot of spare time when I was not working. This led to a LOT of Facebook cruising which led to me finding out about Soles4Souls, a charity which aims to fight poverty. 375 more words


The Wave Project...

The Wave Project – Charity PR video

The Wave Project is an non profit charity organisation that helps disabled children and adults experience a bit of self reliance and freedom, it aids individuals to become more confident and express their emotions through surfing. 69 more words

Swimathon Update

The suns been shining today and its been a whopping 26 degrees in York! Spent my morning in the sun and by midday I was feeling slightly lethargic. 102 more words