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Let Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu Show the Indigenous Tribals of Arunachal How to Reconcile

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, winner of the 1983 Nobel Peace Prize, was chair of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. This article was adapted from the speech he gave at the University of Toronto upon the receipt of an honorary doctoral degree. 1,369 more words

OPINION | Politicization of Chakma-Hajong Citizenship issue: a Monumental failure of Govt.

By Supon Chakma & Tejang Chakma published in The North East Today

Guwahati, 25 September 2017: The Buddhist Chakmas and Hindu Hajongs came from Chittagong Hills Tract and Mymensingh district of erstwhile East Pakistan to India in 1964. 996 more words

The Moral Arc Of The Universe Is Long But It Bends Towards Justice

Visiting my old parents living in a nondescript hamlet in Arunachal Pradesh in 2015, I watched news broadcast on Lok Sabha TV channel where I saw our Prime Minister urging his countrymen for greater cooperation to address issues of common concern facing the nation. 654 more words

Chawngte Higher Secondhary School Zirlai Sport lai Chakma thalai thenkhatte nena a intihbuaina kalzelah nimin 5, october, 2017 khan MSU Gen. Hqrs. hruaitute chu Vaivakawn Police Station-ah koh an ni a, thubuai awrhtir an ni. 140 more words

Zoram History

MZP in kum 1995 january thlaah *Chakma Foteigners Quit Order* kan chhuah a, foreigners te hnawhchhuah tumin Chakma foreigners census te neiin nasa takin hma kan la a, E. 348 more words

Zoram History

Chakma-ho British hun laia kan rama mikhual châm rei anga lo awm hawh ve mai mai țhin ten Mizoram leilung chhung ngeia Autonomous District Council, ‘khua leh tui nihna mai baka a tir ațanga ram neitu (indigenous inhabitant) nihna keng tel thei’ an lo nei ta mai hi chu thilmak a tling a. 416 more words

Fifth Column

Chakma District Council hi mi thenkhat chuan dan lova din, a ramneitu Mizote rawn lova din kan ti thin a. A dik ngei ang tih pawh ka ring. 659 more words

Fifth Column