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Standing on my own two feet.

I noticed a couple years back that whenever I stand in place, my feet are never firmly planted to ground. I wear down the soles of my slippers all the time. 312 more words

Everything You Wanted To Know About Archangel Gabriel

Since the main point of this blog is talking about Angels, I’d like to start to feature one Angel per week.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty about our Angels from how to connect with them, the colors associated with them, their crystals and the special element that each one of them has that can help us in our lives. 1,046 more words


#7: exploring chakra meditations

i have a root {muladhara} chakra problem–it’s terribly blocked/out-of-whack-imbalanced. ¬†i know that for some people, chakras and other”non-traditional” ways of explaining how/why things are {ie. traditional Chinese medicine, auras, the enneagram, etc/.} can seem a litte, well¬† 265 more words



Today I’m writing to you about dreams.

What are dreams? What is their purpose? One New Age writer says our dreams are our lives in a parallel reality. 863 more words

Grounding with Crystals & Gemstones

I was asked about a week ago from a fellow blogger ” What crystals or gemstones are good for grounding?” I answered her back by giving her several crystals & gemstones that are very high in grounding & some that are my favorite to use for grounding. 615 more words


Chakras Map

This is the new map I drew for all 11 chakras. Traditionally, there are 7 chakras but 4 new, higher-level chakras have been discovered! (There are also many minor chakras in your body that not many people talk about, like in the palms of your hands. 26 more words

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