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It Comes In Many Forms

Learn More About My Online Intuition Class Intuition comes from the outside. Trusting it comes from within.

I love intuition. I especially love the way it speaks to me. 385 more words


Gates of the Abbey

A limitless expanse of darkness stretches out before me. Gradual tones of blue crease onto the tight edge of blackness as stars tumble forth, their exquisite light ignited in brilliant gold. 1,013 more words

Remote Readings

Healing Energy of Flowers

A friend recently asked me if I was familiar with energy flows and flower essences. I most certainly was not – I don’t even think I really believe in such things. 482 more words



December. Snow. Never ending cold. But beautiful magic of transformation.

Ten days ago I set intentions for myself.
The new moon was in Sagittarius, a sign of the fire element. 289 more words


True Meditation

There is a lot of interest in forms of ‘meditation’ by people using or espousing the ‘Law of Attraction’ where certain kinds of ‘meditation’ are utilised to help us feel and visualise our desires as a precursor to manifesting them. 681 more words


Healing the Adrenals with Shamanic Reiki

Thinking about whether you can reestablish your vitality or on the off chance that you will ever be as you used to be? We are in almost the same situation. 825 more words

Adrenal Insufficiency

Infinite Awareness & Unplugging Your Chakras

Being Infinite is a Choice

In the last article we discussed how what we perceive to be standards for reality continuously change, such as with the result of the elections and how we can intentionally re-direct our energy towards what we would like to develop within ourselves. 1,274 more words

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