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Imagine Survival: Chakra 1

The 3 most worried about topics are Self, Family/Friends, the World.

Within each of these topics are several complex sub-topics that all require your immediate attention and before you know it, you are pulled in a hundred different directions. 494 more words

Planetary Activity Aug 21-26

Welcome to the first edition of Planetary Activity where a Witch can get her weekly dose of planetary energy info. This isn’t your typical astrology ya’ll! 1,483 more words


Dear Millennial Black Women

1.) Do NOT Shun the Importance of Reputation.

Remember that even when your 100 years old, knowledge of who you were in your prime will always be a click away. 264 more words


A Shaman's Tale - Part 2

A shaman’s tools are fascinating and if you’ve never had a shamanic healing then expect the unexpected because these tools, and the shaman’s voice, will take you into an ancient landscape full of symbols and sounds that somehow resonate even with the most sceptical mind. 937 more words

Christians Who Open The 7 Chakras Are Demonized!

The Seven Chakras of Man and Woman

The Dangers of Opening the  7 Chakras

Those who have practiced meditation, yoga and who have submitted themselves to various chakra initiations within Eastern belief systems have unknowingly  opened themselves to scores of demons. 850 more words