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Filling your karma bucket

Think about it. It’s fun, isn’t it? I heard the phrase, “I’m filling my karma bucket.” at an event in Omaha in February 2015 called, Startup Weekend. 555 more words

Takin' my Throat Chakra to court

I feel like sleeping for 2 days straight. I can’t stop yawning and my eyes a runny and my nose is stuffy. It’s been like this for several days. 160 more words

Open Your Heart to Gratitude 30-Day Challenge!

Well, guess who’s back! And I thought going to hold a blog was easy…right, of course- that is until life gets in the way! 799 more words

Connecting with Spirit: Part III

Connecting Within the Self

I don’t mean this in the pejorative sense of ego-centrism, and for that reason I have capitalized the word “Self”, by which I mean something which transcends the ego and even the individual.

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Hopefully this sticks............

PROCRASTINATE! I don’t know if I would call what I do procrastinating as much as its I’m afraid sometimes. I honestly know I put my energy into what I do and I invest time and energy to learn and expand my mind. 449 more words


Chakras (and hello!)

Welcome to Magic Little Monsters. I’m your hostess, Miss E and I will be bringing you information on Paganism, Wicca (or Wica for us traditionalists) and general spirituality. 682 more words



One of the things that I really liked about Thirlmere once I arrived here was that there is a Yoga Space literally around the corner. I have not signed up for any yoga yet but the meditation was appealing. 706 more words