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Chakra Dance by Astral Moonbeam

Completed on February 19th, 2015

Created by Yours Truly <3

A renewed sense of purpose

Sometimes its good to look back and remember why you started down a particular path.

We can all get stuck in the day to day grind, rushing from one place to the next, and never really taking the time to sit, relax, and just “be”. 326 more words

Complementary Therapy

#SpringCleaning of your #Chakras #EasterDeal

Get your ticket now and secure your 1-hour session with Ronja during her 2015 Spring Cleaning Easter Deal to jump-start your chakras. 

It is easy: purchase your ticket, get in touch with me and whoop, we will brighten up your chakras in no time! 40 more words


Book Select : WCG The Chakra Bible

If you loved the WCG series that we began than you may want to take a look at this book. It covers chakra  information that will help you continue your study and tune within. 23 more words


What Keeps Artguys Going?

Dear Friends of the Fire,

What is it that makes you want to play the creativity game? Is it all of the good memories of Mom’s approving smile when you brought your crayon drawings to her? 889 more words


Understanding the Chakra Energy System

I’ve been teaching a local yoga class on the Chakra Energy System lately.  It is a 14 week series in which we focus on one chakra for two sessions and then move to the next (thus making 14 sessions/14 weeks total).  932 more words


Chakra Series

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