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The galaxies – your energy

static electricity

you’re close to me.

Open your eyes to see

In and out we breathe.

All i see are stars laid out like the sea… 71 more words


Root Chakra Activation and Healing

I felt really weird last night prior to going to bed and it caused me to not be able to sleep right away. I awoke in the night a couple of times to intense healing energy and dreams. 412 more words


Healing With Sound

I’ve decided the incorporate a new technique into my wellness work: sound healing. Being a musician as well as a healer makes sound healing a perfect mix of my skills. 72 more words

Unlock the Keys to youth with Deepak Chopra

What does age really mean?

There are three ways to think about your age. One is chronological age, which is when you were born. The second is psychological age, which is how you feel. 243 more words


From form to abstract

Previously we looked at how one pathway of the Chakras talks to the grounding of ideas and thoughts and building them out into tangible things …. 484 more words

Yoga In Dulwich

Self Care and Loving You

Sometimes it’s hard for us to see we’re in a toxic situation until our particular situation comes to a boiling point. The Universe literally pushes us in directions that we should have discovered ourselves, but perhaps we were too afraid to deviate from what we thought was the right path, or too afraid to lose something or someone we love. 777 more words


How to Raise Your Vibration Using Food

By Lindsay

What you consume has an enormous effect on your body and vibration. That being said, each individual holds a unique vibration. You are accustomed to choosing foods for their taste, nutritional value, aesthetic appeal, and amount of calories. 1,096 more words