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My 3:40 a.m. Wake Up Call

Yesterday I woke up, checked my clock to see whether I had time to snooze only to see 3:40 glaring back at me. I was so panicked to see those numbers, I completely missed the AM and bolted out of bed to my work phone that I keep in the other room. 368 more words


Finding Balance: Family Roots

I don’t know if it’s the weather or being in the season of reflection and looking within.  It could also be that this time of year is a time spent with family or the fact that being so far from home has disconnected me from feeling that which ties us all together.  433 more words

Renewed and Refreshed

During a therapy session the therapist cleaned by chakras. Many emotional wounds stem from feeling invisible in my family while growing up. I thought this issue was dealt with years ago. 175 more words

Art Therapy

Working and squishing and drinking, oh my!

I’ve been seeing family, not in any great numbers, but steadily. I get drop-ins more than anything else, stopping by for a poultice for a cut, an infusion for aching muscles, or just to say hello and drop off a welcome gift. 1,644 more words


Self-Love is Not an Option!

Self-love is something that we often forget about.  Our body will remind us.  But, it always reminds us after we have pushed the limits too far.   56 more words



I’m working on opening my third eye (or whatever you want to call it), so I used this tarot spread to learn more about what I can do to balance this chakra. 468 more words


The Thymus Chakra

Chakras are the seven basic “energy centers” in specific areas of the spine that correspond with the endocrine glands in the same general vicinity. This is, anatomically speaking, true. 740 more words