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Writing Guide: Write-by-Chakra

I promise I will have pictures up soon.

Maybe. Probably not. In the meantime, do me a favor and Google “Chakras” and take a look at the images if you need to “see” it. 756 more words


Daily Prompt: Transformation

via Daily Prompt: Transformation Transformation . . . the larva becomes a caterpillar and finally emerges as a butterfly Рthe metamorphosis of nature.

The Tower card in the Tarot deck, one of the major arcana speaks of a rapid, life-changing moment. 169 more words

Today's Reflection- Anxiety

This stomach anxiety has not let up in the last three days. I feel as though my body is having a premonition of some sort. One that I can feel so strongly. 243 more words

How to Balance the Solar Plexus

This past month has been zooming by we are already heading into the a new moon cycle! The second one of the month, which is as rare as a blue moon, the universe is defiantly giving us signs! 172 more words


Introduction to the Chakras Series

Hi, All!
I have been away for a bit, regrouping, rejuvenating, and letting my creative spark flare back up into a flame, but I am back now, with a series on the chakra system. 363 more words

YOLY Challenge #21: Become True-Blue

Unwavering in its pronouncements, the songbird cries out with clarity and honesty. Like the songbird in the sky, let your Vissuddha chakra resonate with positive vibrations. 379 more words

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