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Childhood traumas to heal with Grounding Exercises and the Wisdom of Chakras

Charlotte is 4-6 month old and her mom suffers from alcohol addiction. The mom won’t be able to give her adequate nurturing and support in the middle of her own misadventure, and Charlotte will feel abandoned. 509 more words


No Secrets of Secret Mysticism

Four Pearls:

  • Compassion
  • Transcendance
  • Wisdom
  • Mystical Fire (will)

Three Keys:

  • Stillness
  • Intentional Movement
  • Breathing

Eleven Energy Centers:

  • Three Dan Tiens 
  • Seven Chakras
  • Four Openings Hand and Foot Chakras 
  • 82 more words

Spring clean your energetic system

It’s important to maintain a heathy lifestyle to look after your physical body. What we often forget about is our energy system. The etheric body. … 826 more words


Taking the Medicine

So, you get the tarot reading, the counseling or the healing…

Now what?


Take the actions as directed as if they are the medicine to cure you… 533 more words


What's a Chakra?

Welcome back Buttercups! In your search for mindfulness you’ve probably come across something called chakras. You could have instantly Googled it and found out that chakras are seven spots of energy through out the body, each of them controlling certain aspects of the body. 658 more words

Self Love

10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration Immediately

Your Alkaline LifeStyle & Belief
Transformation Coach
Donna Porteous

10 Ways to Raise your Vibration Immediately…

1. Drink 4 L of alkaline water daily

2. Add a 100% green vegetable powder to your 4 L of daily waters. 90 more words


How Do I Get to Union With My Twin Flame?

The pain of separation from your twin flame is unlike any
past heartbreak. This pain hits on such a deep level because it activates what… 479 more words