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Chakra this and chakra that.

Any clue what a chakra is ?  And no, it isn’t the name of a Columbian singer.  I had always heard of yoga teachers talking about this chakra and that chakra, but I never really had any idea of what they were getting at.  657 more words


Vodka Neat? No thanks, I'll have a Dirty Clutter-Tini

Cue the applause as this writing goes from my mind to the ethersphere of the interwebs in a matter of minutes! Why, you ask? Read on and you’ll have all your questions answered. 1,115 more words


An Unacceptable Match

Loud words are heard; a vivid argument has broken out.  A young man, whose future has been precisely mapped out, argues with his mother.  His will against hers, a struggle that he will eventually lose.  757 more words

Remote Readings


Chakra:    Throat, Heart and the Third Eye.

Keywords:    Truth, Integrity, Communication, Strength, Courage, Feminine, Intuition, Boundaries, Discipline, Self-worth, Self-expression, Hope

This is the stone of the Amazons – both the past and the present ones.  269 more words


Wonder-Full Wednesday

Life gives us second chances, I feel as though I’ve been given a second breath of life, a chance to start anew. I’ve taken a great leap forward into healing my past trauma this week, it was painful, very painful, but now that that part is over I feel much lighter. 147 more words


Meditation of the Roses

Get into a comfortable position, sitting or laying down.  Drop a grounding cord to connect you with the energy of the earth and to release anything that is not for your highest good.  2,124 more words


Chakra Seven

Consciousness Thought Information Knowing Understanding

Transcendence Immanence Meditation

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara

Meaning: Thousandfold

Location: Top of head

Element: Thought

Manifestation: Information

Glands: Pituitary

Color: Violet to white… 125 more words