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Kundalini Yoga Results

I felt drawn to do yoga last night. I selected a Kundalini yoga class which focused on the sacral plexus (2nd chakra). I didn’t feel anything significant occur when I did it and I found it quite difficult because it invovled a back bend and the breath of fire which I am not accustomed to doing. 179 more words


No More Math Class!

Our upstairs a/c went out yesterday. Just in time for bed, too. I ended up sleeping in 82*. I don’t know if it affected my dreams but I had some vivid ones. 401 more words


Triangles for decisions

A fairly quick way of assessing a situation or checking out choices is to use this intuitive method. It’s ideal for something new where you might not have prior experience, or when someone else is trying to get you to do something. 936 more words


Opening your Root Chakra Feels Great!

One of the best feelings I’ve ever had was when I opened my root chakra. It was the first time I had ever attempted to open a chakra by myself (without Jet). 210 more words


Violet Flame-Chakra Meditation

Violet Flame-Chakra Meditation
To remove negativity from your chakra system.

Find a comfortable position without laying down.

Once in that position, close your eyes and begin focusing on your breathing. 1,097 more words


July 31 Vedic Astrology Full Moon in Capricorn General Horoscope & Chakra Tarot Reading

Below are the videos for the July 31 Vedic Astrology Full Moon in Capricorn General Horoscope & Chakra Tarot Reading. Happy Blue Moon!

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Crystal Healing

When I was sick over winter break my dearest friend sent me a box full of crystals with descriptions of their healing powers. Definitely the best gift I have ever received. 144 more words