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Episode 156: Polite Awakenings

Zack smelled oatmeal that came with a healthy portion of cinnamon, milk, and honey, a reminder that every day could be sweet. He also smelled the black coffee, a blackness like the cold, unfeeling emptiness of space, or like the soot or mud that covered dumpsters in back alleys. 643 more words


Episode 131: L'esprit de le Salon

Surshen’s story yielded confusing bounty. The Starprey was different than any other, so different in fact that it was decided, after much deliberation within the tribe, to not be Starprey at all. 1,059 more words


Episode 125: The Matter of Facts

Nectra jumped from branch to branch, using her wings and her staff to balance as she spiraled over the obstacles of the jungle floor. Zack, following along, was getting mud in his shoes and manually pushing the thick vines and reeds of the terrain out of his way where he could while slowly climbing over or moving around the trees, fallen logs, and boulders where he couldn’t. 1,728 more words

Zack Gamma

Episode 122: Getting the Facts

“He’s nearby,” said Nectra, hopping back from Zack and twirling her staff. She set it into the soil and leaned into it, almost clutching it, with the shimmering blade of Virellium energy curving over her head. 971 more words


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Houston Harris (July 10, 1924 – January 20, 1998) was an United States Professional wrestling, better known by his ring name Bobo Brazil . Credited with breaking down barriers of racial segregation in professional wrestling, Harris is considered one of the first successful African American professional wrestlers.cite web WrFWKBBQzAAC&pg PA126&lpg PA126&dq %22Jackie+Robinson+of+professional+wrestling%22&source bl&ots GN-qG-yxqi&sig 6yOw2_skADDCT-xJkO6spUCHews&hl en&ei xwmySZmUAtWDtwe_19DEBw&sa X&oi book_result&resnum 8&ct result Google Books Jackie Robinson reference … 253 more words