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Chalcedony with Jasper

A couple of hunks of chalcedony with streaks of jasper. Photos do not do justice to the translucent quality of the chalcedony. These fine-grained rocks are dense and quite heavy for their size. 35 more words

Rocks & Fossils

Statement in Brown

Statement in Brown is a 26″ necklace made of chunky smoky quartz, an array of seven brown chalcedony pieces, copper beads, and clear crystals. This necklace is secured with a copper toggle clasp in the Art Deco style.


Blueberry Delight

Blueberry Delight is a 22″ necklace made of blue chalcedony, copper beads, vintage facetted copper-colored crystals, and a large facetted agate┬ábead. A copper toggle clasp in the Art Deco-style secures it.



Strength is an 18″ necklace with Mayflower jasper disks, rectangles of tiger’s eye, onyx, glass, hematite, and centered with a smooth circle of chalcedony. This necklace is secured with a silver-plated toggle clasp.


Feels Like Springtime

Feels Like Springtime is a 19″ necklace made of turquoise, blue, green, and clear resin and glass, clear crystals, and a turquoise-colored stone of chalcedony, secured with a silver-plated toggle clasp.


Sunshine On My Mind

Sunshine On My Mind is a 20″ necklace made of yellow jade cubes and glass, and highlighted with two unusual large pieces of yellow jasper and one large bead of speckled blue chalcedony. 7 more words


Green Tree Agate

A Tree Agate Stone is a wonderful crystal to carry as a personal talisman. It is a form of Chalcedony with green inclusions and markings. Green Tree Agate in particular was given its name because of its leafy green pattern. 205 more words