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The Flavor of Cultures

Originally, years and years ago, all I wanted to do was write books. My design changed one day in the mid-1990s when I realized the extent of stereotyping that exists in the West regarding the Middle East in general and the women of that region in particular. 537 more words


New Arrivals and EAL iPad Program – Lesson 3: Maths and MineCraft (now in English, Chaldean and Arabic!)

In this lesson I joined the students and Stafro (Grade 5 student from Iraq) took charge!

He introduced MineCraft to the class and how to use it… 41 more words


Jeremiah 38

A Review of Jeremiah 38
by Keith E Gardner
Always using the King James Bible

Jeremiah 38:1-6
In Jeremiah 38:1 we are seeing all the players have come together to hear the word Jeremiah will bring from the LORD. 472 more words


Iraqi priest returns to Baghdad as Christians debate how to defeat ISIS

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraqi priest Father Basel Yaldo sought refuge in the U.S. after being kidnapped and beaten by extremists in his native country. Now he’s returning to the country of his birth as a bishop in order to “give people hope and to keep their faith alive.” 316 more words


Chaldean bishops unite to support persecuted Christians in Iraq

IRAQ — Chaldean Catholic bishops have united to help their persecuted flock in the Middle East, promising to continue taking care of families persecuted by militants. 152 more words


ISIS blows up Catholic Church in Mosul

MOSUL, Iraq — Islamic State militants blew up Mosul’s Church of the Immaculate Virgin in January. The building was one of the oldest and largest Chaldean churches in Mosul. 139 more words


Catholic Chaldeans’ orders for priest to return to Iraq

I suppose this post won’t rank high on the list of important topics of the day. What with Brian Williams being shuffled off NBC.Why Williams ranks any importance beats me – but for me, this religion story should be a header. 498 more words