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Some More Avebury Photos

I took quite a few photos during my visit, and never inflicted all that many on you. So, while my roll of film is (finally) getting developed (I misplaced it), here are some more of the digital shots i took. 42 more words


Feeling Blue

After a semester of luscious lounge poses This Thor decided to have a go at sitting straight up. Resting on her right wrist as a support system.

Chicago Figure Model

More art From Shaun Hays, Chalk Champ

I hope you enjoy this update of older pics from the last couple years etc. Since http://www.shaunhays.com was taken down, I haven’t put up much of the history, so Ill try to add some more for reference: heres a few until I can find some more gems! 23 more words


Chalk up your hostel kitchen area

It’s almost already ‘so 2015’, but I am still a big fan of chalk. Especially if used in the kitchen/communal area. I came across a couple of really nice boho ways of using chalk to uplift your hostel kitchen area on Pinterest and would love to share them with you! 124 more words


Mother and Child

I embroidered this version of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s Mother and Child in 1998. I don’t know how large the original red chalk drawing is but my version is 4.5 x 5.5 inches. 57 more words


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