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Self Portrait Project

This is my self portrait project

Final Drawing:

Original Picture:

Artist statement

I chose this picture because it shows a dark side and a light side to myself. 213 more words

4H Pensil

Work wall

There are several black walls in our department at work, with nothing on them. When I started with the team they mentioned the walls saying “maybe you should draw on them”, having seen this site and  knowing my background with chalk. 87 more words


Some of my Artwork: Friends and Feelings

Just going through the random images on my ipad and doing some house cleaning and freeing up memory, figured I might as well post them here. 66 more words


The Neighbour

On this sketch I used coloured and white chalk on brown paper


this poem is a happy hazard

it’s wearing both a caution sign, and a Ha
-kuna Matata t-shirt. it has flirted
with the idea of getting a tattoo,
but it can’t decide between the angel… 344 more words

Students & faculty protest to bring awareness to racial tensions at Western Carolina University

A group of protesters gathered at Western Carolina University staged a silent protest to bring awareness to racial tensions on campus.

A group of about 30 to 40 people gathered around the fountain with hand-made signs on Monday evening, April 4, writing chalk down on the ground in support of Black Lives Matter. 632 more words


Møns Klint

Now that I am back from my travels with a little more time on my hands, I’ll have a handful of posts coming your way about some of the places I visited and experienced while on my month-long excursion through Denmark, Germany, and Thailand. 1,268 more words