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Hey, Internet!

You know what’s super fun? I’m actually supposed to have a blog about making art and trying to get into Yale. That’s going not entirely well because I’m a lazy piece of shit and making art is hard, so while I do that I’m also going to have this baking blog to make me feel better about myself, because this I can definitely write drunk. 2,069 more words


Shabbat Parah- Matcha Challah

There are four special Sabbaths that occur at the start of the spring.

There are two before Purim and two before Passover. The Sabbaths are called: Shabbat Shekalim, Shabbat Zakhor, Shabbat Parah and Shabbat HaChodesh. 636 more words

Truth And Scripture Study

Challah with Cinnamon Filling

I first posted this recipe about a year ago but felt it was time to look at it again! 652 more words

Food Blogger

The dog and the challah bread that wasn't

Some things are just too good to last long. In kitchen it translates into an even simpler formula – the better something is the less long it lasts. 991 more words


Challah Bread French Toast Recipe

Saturdays. They’re my favorite. Especially the morning time. Sunlight floods our bedroom, and blankets everything in sight.

Then coffee. Coffee and tea begin the start to a lovely morning. 194 more words


For the Love of Carbs

Whoever said, “Man cannot live by bread alone” clearly didn’t live in my house. To that end, I’ve embarked on a series of 3 consecutive weekly… 731 more words