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Challah Extravaganza

Yesterday and today, I made challah.  It’s an overnight recipe.  I had too many egg yolks in the fridge, and this is one way that I cope. 168 more words



Not being Jewish, I don’t have an iota of authority making challah, aka chollah, challa. But it’s a bread I love, and I’ve made a few times before, so I wanted to revisit it. 1,143 more words


How To Grieve With Challah Bread

My grandfather is dead: I do not know how to grieve. So I make bread.

In the Bible they call bread the staff of life (my grandfather might have liked this: he liked religion), but really it’s the staff of grief. 1,858 more words

Bad Day

Shlissel Challah - The key to key challah

“And the Lord said onto Moses. Hearken, O Moses for ye shall take for yourself bread which hath been leavened, and a key shall be placed upon it…”

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Nothing compares to that moment on a Friday night when you are sitting with family and friends and you take that first bite of your Challah. 731 more words


{Baking Challenge} Mini Challah Rolls

Taking a risk is one of the things that I am afraid to do because there is no assurance that I will be victorious. Somehow, baking taught me so many things – being patient, thinking out of the box, going out of my comfort zones and not being afraid to try again. 909 more words


Rainy day holla!

I’m captive today. Surrendered my car to a mechanic this morning with hopes of picking it up sometime tomorrow afternoon. Then, shortly after getting back home, the rain started. 178 more words

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