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More Than A Smudge Of Flour

Her robe was fuzzy and peach in color. It reached all the way down to her ankles, and the long sleeves sat just above her wrists. 788 more words

Exploring Family

Challah Back Ya'll

You knew we couldn’t help it with the title.

Anyway, in honor of Passover coming up, it’s high time we gave you a bread recipe. Making bread may seem daunting, but honestly, it’s more about testing your patience than anything. 399 more words


Beautiful Challah

There are two kind of bread that are our favorites: the first one is the Swiss Zopf (see link for the recipe) and the second is the challah bread of this post. 714 more words


Overnight Cinnamon Baked French Toast

While we make this every Christmas, we’ve been known to make it through the winter for weekend mornings. Half a loaf of Challah makes one batch and I keep the other half in the freezer for another time. 185 more words

Rise & Shine

"Testing the waters"

So yesterday, my whale and me had our first bake sale. We did okay for our first time and made a bit of profit. I was a bit shy at first, talking to customers and feeling a bit scared of the critiques that the customers may have but it was all in my head! 200 more words


Chocolate Cinnamon Challah

I get all jittery and excited when attempting something new, although instinct forces me to revert to the safety net, a quantum of familiarity. Challah was one of those ideas which I wrestled with in my head. 746 more words


Don't Buy the Loaf

You’ve had a long week, it’s Friday and Shabbat is right around the corner. You run to the store to get all the ingredients for your wonderfully relaxing Shabbat dinner. 583 more words