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Challah: Holy Yum!

By Dani Katz

Challah, a braided egg bread, is traditionally known worldwide as a Jewish bread that is enjoyed on Shabbat and other Jewish holidays. Nevertheless, challah is so delicious it can be enjoyed by all, no matter where you are from or what religion you practice. 294 more words

Rainbow Insanity

I was driving a carpool full of kids to school this morning when we saw a magnificent rainbow. I’m not using the term lightly. This was a picture perfect, brightly hued, straight-outta-wonderland rainbow. 544 more words

Side Note: Challah


Okay, so a post on WWOOFing is coming soon. It’s in the works, I promise. But first, I wanted to talk about something very important to me: … 652 more words


Making Gluten Free Challah!


The bread that plays a roll in all Jewish holy days.

Also…something 75% of my family can’t have, unless it’s gluten free. That’s a whole other ball game, when baking. 373 more words


Spur Of The Moment Judaism

Not always great, but definitely vivid, some of my strongest childhood memories were holidays. A practicing Jew, that also meant there was a lot of food drifting in and out of the kitchen. 828 more words


First Shabbat, 5778

So, this past weekend saw my first Rosh Hashanah blend into my first Shabbat.

I spent my Friday preparing an extra special meal, and yet more firsts for me – a whole week of them. 256 more words

Newly Jewish

My 1st Rosh Hashanah

I just wanted to post a few photos of my first Rosh Hashanah. I celebrated with my housemate, but he isn’t Jewish.

I did my best to follow the customs and traditions, but am sure I made some mistakes. 174 more words

Newly Jewish