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21 days challenges

Today I decided I changed my life! I think when I’m happy inside my milieu can also detect it. So, I’m smiling and I’m nice to people. 157 more words

Reblog: The Heart of Hospitality

by Christina Fox

A friend recently thanked me for the hospitality I had extended to him and his family over the years. Feeling uncomfortable with the compliment, I responded, “Actually, it’s my husband you need to thank. 283 more words

Re: Blog

Reblog: Why Single Is Not the Same as Lonely

by theGospelCoalition

It was the kind of e-mail that breaks your heart.

A friend of mine, who lives too far away, contacted me to say he was struggling to understand how the cost of singleness as a Christian could possibly be worth it. 266 more words

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Women and Leadership

Dear Friends and Readers,

Many young women like me find it difficult to find focus and set goals when it comes to our professional lives. Despite being competent and competitive, we somehow still find it difficult to take on leadership roles. 1,572 more words

Merry go round 

Life spins us like a merry go round,

And we get tossed round and round,

Spinning in circles,

When will we ever be free,

My life is turning in front of me. 505 more words

Being Sick

Round Robin: Round 7

This was a fun 9 months of working on fellow quilters quilts. I am however ready to be done. I was glad of the opportunity to get to know several of my ladies in a deeper way through out the time. 60 more words

By Beth