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Road to success

The road to success is a very very lonely road. Maybe a few walk with you, but nobody walks for you.
You have to bring your mind to a higher level. 34 more words


Sunrise and Hope

Passing along a positive thought for the day….

Still Unique Photography

Just The Beginning...

Humbly I declare that my trials and tests over the past year were not in vain. Sometimes we have to (be willing to ) lose many things to appreciate everything God said that He would bless you with (aka the desires of your heart).  267 more words

Normalcy, to a degree..

Finally the cold snap was broken..It rained hard here last night, the temps were actually warm enough in my area as to not get the snow that several outer lining towns saw. 585 more words


Day 11: Calm The Storm

Genesis 24:52-26:15
Matthew 8:18-34
Psalm 10:1-15
Proverbs 3:7-8

In today’s new testament passage Jesus and hos disciples are on a boat when a storm blows in. 143 more words


Pipe Dream..

As a child, our neighborhood was surrounded by trees, sand pits, rolling hills and all the great outdoor type environmental aspects. We would gather for playtime here and there and the majority of the time we gathered at a favorite tree area up on the back hill overlooking  the sandpit and neighborhood houses.We would spend hours exploring and climbing the tallest trees we could find. 305 more words


Meditate, breathe, and paddle out with ease.

I love longboards. As I get better in the water, I realize that I enjoy the connection with the waves much better if I’m on a bigger board. 603 more words

Paddle Out