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This morning I ended up having a fight with my mother. I reached home late night at about 1:30 am and started everything.I sat down with my laptop and started playing games I don’t know how the time passed and when I saw on the clock it was 6:00 am. 870 more words


Just 1 for 2017

Ahh! The fresh year has begun! Woke up this morning to a fresh pile of laid out snow here in Seattle, Washington. The crisp fresh air and the crunch of snow beneath my feet. 182 more words

Task 01 - write this blog !

Welcome to my 50 challenges for my 50th Birthday, so yesterday I received for my 49th birthday a tin containing 50 challenges – all to be completed before 18th December 2017, my first challenge is a simple one (thank god) – to set up this blog page – so I’m off to a flying start and the first task can be ticked off ;-) – role on the other 49.

Wish me luck !


Letter H



Happy, because that’s all I have been lately. The semester is over…I have a lot of free time, means I can be lazy all I want cause next year I am most likely going to vanish from social media. 15 more words

A new way to deal with anger...

Today, well  all week actually I am in a bit of a spat with someone – they did something that really upset me, made me angry, that has consequences for me –I could go on, but I will spare you and I am still pretty upset about the whole situation… 443 more words


The very same software

Something rare is happening, and it might not last long.

Today, right now, anyone with a $300 laptop can use the very same tools as the people at the top of just about any industry. 121 more words