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So long, loneliness!

It is hard to believe you are in this again!

The feeling of connectedness and of someone’s being there for you is thrilling. Mostly you are thinking about that one person till it’s tiring or till you get away with something else.(Okay, you never stop thinking about this new amazing individual in your life!) 184 more words


Abstract: WPC

Not everyday we see them this way… these plastic ‘thingies’ those come in our pizza boxes.. does it look different, eh?


Re You Tube: Brene Brown: The Anatomy of Trust

What does it mean to trust someone? What does it mean to trust yourself? Brené Brown breaks down her world renowned research into a jar of marbles…yes, a jar of marbles. 44 more words



And sometimes our good lies in the chaos. We fail to realise what good it may do us and whine about the struggles and obstacles. But in the end it all end up making us better. 49 more words

Hirra Sultan

Are you here to waste, his time...

It’s a simple question, with such a power behind it.

We can either, exist or live. This may seem really basic, but sometimes we need to have the question asked. 208 more words


The Challanges of Alternative Spiritual Practices

Most of my life I have been drawn to “alternative” spiritualties. Being raised a Catholic, there were always parts of the scriptures that never seemed to ring true for me, and because of that I have spent a lifetime looking for ideas that more match my songs. 831 more words


Sunset is Coming.

As I push the stroller up the hill for what feels like the 500th time (and probably is), I am reminded of my mistakes. The physical burden of pushing a child in a stroller up a hill is heavy. 688 more words