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Red Hawt Chili Cookers

My co workers and I entered the building wide 4th Annual Chili Cook Off that was held this past Thursday.  If I remember right my department had had the most entries by a single department with six. 608 more words

Completely Random

12 Books of Christmas Break: Purity

For my final book this break (yeah, I can’t believe I made it either, especially after I took like 5 days to read that one neurosurgeons book), I chose one that I started LAST Christmas break and never got past the first chapter. 261 more words

Challenge Accepted

12 Books of Christmas Break: Ungifted

Title: Ungifted
Author: Gordon Korman
Genre: Fiction – Young Adult
Erin’s teaser synopsis: Obviously, this book is a about a student who is categorically ungifted. 215 more words


12 Books of Christmas Break: The Long Night of Leo and Bree

Once again, I read a short book – just past novella size. But apparently, the past few days have simply been an exercise in proving that size doesn’t matter (make your jokes now, please). 224 more words


12 Books of Christmas Break: The Luckiest One of All

“There are so many things I’d much rather be…”

Title: The Luckiest One of All
Author: Bill Peet
Genre: Fiction – Children’s
Erin’s teaser synopsis: 

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12 Books of Christmas Break: The Tale of the Dueling Neurosurgeons

Humans do rely on vision to an extraordinary degree, and our visual circuits occupy far more brain territory than other sensory circuits. It’s no surprise that looks are so tied up in our sense of self.

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How the No-Shopping Summer Worked: Nora's Story, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Focus on Spending Less Money

HI YOU GUYS! Here I go again, apologizing for my long absence. Putting it out there: a lot has happened (for both my colleague and me) and we agreed we would be okay taking our posts-per-week count down from the pretty rapid-fire blogging we were doing back in the winter. 744 more words

Shopping Strategies