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#1MonthNoMirrors - Listening To Body

This week, I’ve found it more difficult to not sneak a peek at the full body mirror. I think in some ways I’m a tad paranoid that not watching is going to have the opposite impact of my goal. 564 more words


#1MonthNoMirrors - A New Image

So, I’m now about halfway through this experiment and it has gotten more interesting. The first week it seemed way easier than I had originally anticipated to give up doing full body stare downs in the mirror. 652 more words



Yesterday, I thought about putting on an outfit that normally I’d never wear. In the past few months I found myself slimming down, most notably in my back. 662 more words


Red Hawt Chili Cookers

My co workers and I entered the building wide 4th Annual Chili Cook Off that was held this past Thursday.  If I remember right my department had had the most entries by a single department with six. 608 more words

Completely Random

12 Books of Christmas Break: Purity

For my final book this break (yeah, I can’t believe I made it either, especially after I took like 5 days to read that one neurosurgeons book), I chose one that I started LAST Christmas break and never got past the first chapter. 261 more words

Challenge Accepted

12 Books of Christmas Break: Ungifted

Title: Ungifted
Author: Gordon Korman
Genre: Fiction – Young Adult
Erin’s teaser synopsis: Obviously, this book is a about a student who is categorically ungifted. 215 more words


12 Books of Christmas Break: The Long Night of Leo and Bree

Once again, I read a short book – just past novella size. But apparently, the past few days have simply been an exercise in proving that size doesn’t matter (make your jokes now, please). 224 more words