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#1MonthNoMirrors - Extended Challenge Update

After seeing some successes following my no mirrors challenge, I decided it was worth trying to extend it and see what would happen. The goal was to continue doing what I had been doing through the end of the year. 973 more words


Know Thyself Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: What’s the BEST writing advice you ever received?
Considering my writer’s mind works in a multidimensional complex and on two separate writing planes, it’s really sorta difficult to determine which piece of writing advice is the absolute BEST. 581 more words


#1MonthNoMirrors - Challenge Complete

My journey to feel better about myself through the action of not using mirrors ended yesterday. It was quite the experience and I am really glad I was able to take a month out of my life to create and participate in trying something new to benefit myself. 732 more words

Challenge Accepted

#1MonthNoMirrors - Listening To Body

This week, I’ve found it more difficult to not sneak a peek at the full body mirror. I think in some ways I’m a tad paranoid that not watching is going to have the opposite impact of my goal. 564 more words


#1MonthNoMirrors - A New Image

So, I’m now about halfway through this experiment and it has gotten more interesting. The first week it seemed way easier than I had originally anticipated to give up doing full body stare downs in the mirror. 652 more words