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The Competition

I never wanted to be better than my friends,

I just wanted to prove wrong the people in my head…”

Kimya Dawson, “The Competition”

The kids on the retreat had just finished a particularly vigorous game of Alaskan Baseball*, to which I had declared that “everything is made up and the points don’t matter” (thanks Who’s Line Is It Anyway?) and we were taking a two minute break when one of the parents/chaperones hailed me and asked “so who wins this game?”

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Miscommunication: It Happens to the Best of Us

A very memorable miscommunication happened to me in third grade. My friend and I were supposed to be collaborating on a writing project. She had not been listening to my suggestions for a while, so I was already a little frustrated. 84 more words

Adventure Psychology

In adventure phsycology we learn about different leadership and teamwork strategy. We get to read lots of long papers and learn about the phsycology behind all of our actions. 12 more words

Some Time in the Trees

For a bunch of years I worked on challenge courses. I was an instructor, I managed a program and I helped to build and design courses. 457 more words


Days 10-12: The World is So Much Bigger

Day 10

Wednesday was like a silver lining in a stormy sky. Instead of working a full eight hours, I punched the clock at 2PM. What was I going to do with the rest of my day? 876 more words

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