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Challenge #20 – Machinery

For my Art Work photo, I decided to share with you my kids painting.  One of the projects he had to complete last year was obviously a piece of art by a famous artist.   525 more words


Still 28k into my novel.

Okay, so I had so much shit floating around in my brain that I realised it would be highly unfeasible for me to hold all this information in my head without my brain exploding – splat, kersplat – onto the walls and dripping down in a pink watery line onto the carpet. 223 more words


Challenge Tuesday - Two halves don't make a whole!

This is the second week of failure to report.  After my last post I started reading a second book last week; unfortunately I am about 50% into both which is no good to man nor beast when it comes to writing a post! 145 more words


365 Days Writing Prompt Challenge: Day 272

272. Scrapbook:

Was it going to help?

Probably not, to be honest, but Wendy’s fingers were getting itchy and impatient just sitting around doing nothing. She needed to keep busy and she felt she needed to do something. 82 more words



I heard about this in one of my beloved groups on FB and I have to do it on my blog. :3

I will attend – not to win the prices, just for me – to this #DiverseRomanceBingo. 237 more words


Position Punishment

Warning, this is sort of a confused rant so my not entirely make sense or be very interesting but here goes…

So I was supposed to learn my positions and I didn’t but guess what, there was no punishment. 281 more words


Only if you have a dog/cat/other, will understand how hard it is to not give in.