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something that i want to develop more is my intuition.

recognizing my intuition and listening to it, following it.

how does intuition show up in your life? 176 more words


Prompt #17 - Obeisant

“May I ask for this dance?”

Aymeric straightened up out of the bow, extending one hand to her, his light blue eyes looking at her. The finery that adored the Lord Commander was a far cry from the armour he was often in, but then again, the warrior of light was not often found in a dress. 409 more words


The Greatest Gift - Flash Fiction Challenge

Title: The Greatest Gift
Source:  Flash Fiction Challenge
Prompt: Write a story that includes the greatest gift.
Word count:  99 words

As the day approaches, my anticipation increases. 105 more words


Book Covers - Day 3

Day three. I have accepted a challenge to post the cover of seven books I have loved.One day, no explanations, no review, just the cover.


On Celebrating Women...

One of my friends told me one day, “Why can’t we just be happy for each other’s accomplishments?”

It was a hypothetical question. The “we” she was referring to is people in general, but more specifically women. 585 more words


Challenges, choices and keeping faith

Although it affects pretty much every aspect of my life, I generally try not to let my life revolve around Parkinson’s. However, this year Parkinson’s has brought me a new… 624 more words


The Stretch

When last did you do it? Stretching is not always comfortable. It creates a tension that includes uncomfortable pain. It’s preferable to skip it and go straight on to the workout, or life in general. 127 more words