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to omega
life’s often a flurry
swept up in worry, forgetting
to breathe


A Cinquain for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge-Synonyms Only for the words: Hurry: flurry & Last: omega, breathe. Digital Art by Kat Myrman – 2018.


Needing a Mix Up

I ended up falling asleep early last night while reading for my online course. I guess this month has just been wearing me out.

It’s weird because it’s summer, and yet my life is still very scheduled and repetitive, unlike other years: I get up around 9:30, eat breakfast, do school work for about an hour, get ready for the day, check to make sure I’m ready for teaching at Paideia, eat a quick lunch, drive to Paideia and do some design thinking, drive to the gym, coach gymnastics for a few hours (or do acro practice like today), then come home and help make dinner, do a little more work, maybe watch something with the fam, then go to bed and repeat. 174 more words

"real World"

May Journal Prompts (Day 23)

May 1rst, 2018 

Hey there, everybody!
How’s this month been treating you? Around the time this post will be… well, posted, I will be very, very much knee-deep into stress-zone, because of the children’s graduation. 558 more words


Prompt #21: A Silent Movie

This is one of my favorite prompts and I’m so excited for it!

Silent movies are a thing of the past… literally. Before a single iconic quote was uttered on screen, before sound editing / mixing were given their own awards, before talkies shocked audiences as state-of-the-art cinema, a man and his piano were the only thing you’d hear to accompany a film. 1,015 more words

Rae's Movie Challenge 2018

12 | Southampton


Bank Holiday Weekend (weekend 12) saw me getting up nice and early on Saturday morning, and joining my dad and brother on a train from Clapham Junction to Southampton, where we arrived just before 9am for our two day power boating course at… 358 more words


42 Day 23

blue sky, distant white clouds,

trees undulate in the breeze,
leafy underbellies, sparkling,

on afternoons like this,
cool and crisp,
i forget the rain

~kat… 7 more words


Next Learning


„Imagine a school truly built around students and learning. Really imagine it,“ je motto Next Learning. Proč se musí vzdělávání (z)měnit a jakým způsobem to jde udělat, edu tools a výzvy. 8 more words