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Alone in the North

If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place – Nora Roberts.  685 more words


Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters You Just Didn’t Click With

September 1: Top Ten Characters You Just Didn’t Click With
We’ve all read books that infuriated us for one reason or another, but perhaps the most disappointing situation is when you don’t click with the characters personalities, as that can have a negative effect on your perception of a book. 523 more words

General Musings

The Beer Challenge - Final Week

4th week completed, 5 weekends sober! I did it, no beer (alcohol) for 31 days. No pizza, burgers, french fries, pizza, ice cream, cookies, chocolate or pizza for 31 days!! 807 more words


Freestyle Writing Challenge (just because)

Candice Coates did another FWC, that’s Freestyle Writing Challenge for all you who are wondering about my love of acronyms (we’ll chalk it up to working alongside the government). 587 more words


Setiap orang yang mengikuti prasangka dan hawa nafsu lalu meninggalkan meniti jalan petunjuk dan agama yang benar, maka hakikatnya dia menjadi pengikut iblis.

Dia telah mengambil bagian firman Allah ta’ala: “Sesungguhnya aku pasti akan memenuhi neraka Jahannam dengan jenis kamu dan dengan orang-orang yang mengikuti kamu di antara mereka kesemuanya.” (Shaad : 85)

Ibnu Taimiyah, via @aboali1406/twitulama

Wishing for positiveness

This week has started off the way I didn’t really want it to start.

I got my last wage from the place I had just left. 362 more words

Mental Health

Creativity Challenge: "How to grow a quilt" - Day 1

Tuesday 25/08/2015

Funeral day. With that over and done with, I was hopeful to come home and do some writing. Lorna Hendry has set a ‘ 486 more words