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What is your goal in life? To be happy? Successful? Rich? Helpful?

And do those goals all apply in a career context?

I love this Venn diagram from twitter, but it was supposedly Confucius who said in a pre twitter age “find a job that you like and you will never work a day in your life…” … 652 more words


A beauty queen/Pagent contestant for the day

Read these questions and reflect before answering them out loud as you would if you were to answer them in a live telecast of a pagent. 631 more words


Announcing: 12 Germans in 2016

During this year’s German Literature Month, I realized just how many unread German books I have. A month would never be enough to catch up. 308 more words


Brain Game

I found this eye/brain test in a recent email.

I thought it was amusing.

I hope you like it.

See if you can read the information in the red and green paragraphs below. 250 more words

Weekly Update

It’s very unusual for me to leave my blog for so long without posting something at least once every few weeks… It’s even weirder that I have left it long enough for WordPress to in fact, update itself! 599 more words


The Life-Cycle of a Writer's Work

There’s a piece of advice always given to writers who are trying to be serious about their work: at some point, you have to absolutely hate your book. 706 more words