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Totally Tutelary*

It’s a well-known folklore fact
That once the genie’s let out of the bottle,
He rarely, if ever, goes back.
The slightest whiff of retrogression… 73 more words

Not Feeling God's Presence?

There is such an emphasis today put on ‘feeling the presence of God’. So much in fact, that many people struggle to persist in their faith when these feelings fade.   622 more words


Real time

That’s how we live. In real time. Not in fast forward, rushing towards our goals, or in rewind, replaying missed opportunities. We go step by step. 404 more words

Virtual Volcano Vacation challenge #71 - Postcard #1

She’s a beauty, isn’t she!  This young (geologically-speaking) volcano was raised well, and you can actually see her father’s features in her..such as that protrusion on her otherwise perfectly-sculpted stratovolcano flank on the left. 6 more words

PhotoFun Challenge Day 17: Bokeh

To be honest, I had no clue what Bokeh meant, let alone how to capture it. It wasn’t until my sister and friend explained what it was that I had an inkling of what to do and moment of eureka came when I was photographing for the Action challenge, when I inadvertently captured Bokeh effect from the street lights. 115 more words


Saving money for a rainy day.

It seems like there is always something to save money for. Vacations, holiday gifts, cars, down payments on a new house or just a rainy day. 354 more words


500 Words: Day 8

This post is unedited, and slightly repetitive (I’ve posted on this subject at least once before). But it’s been on my mind, and I still feel the need to explore this theme. 714 more words