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Weekly Photo Challenge - Relax

Those beautiful moments of relaxation help us unwind! They recharge and rejuvenate us to get back to the routine with a renewed vigour. Enjoy your relaxed moments folks :)


December 1: Flash Fiction Challenge

The white dusting is so thin, the snow clings to sandstone like flour on a baker’s hand. It’s snow, but more like snow-light. I’m used to seeing mountain peaks dumped beneath a burden of wet meringue. 1,462 more words

Flash Fiction Challenge

Day 20 - 30 Day Writing Challenge 💃

My 3 celebrity crushes.

1. Roger Federer – He tops the list. I took an interest in tennis because of him, and there’s no way anyone’s replacing him. 109 more words


Booming is the city as it pushes it’s limits upward to make room for the masses that will soon occupy the new space. New condos, offices, shops and retail space. 30 more words


30 days of Writing Challenge: I Regret Things (7/30)

Regret is my enemy. It will haunt me down until I apologize to myself, to people, to time, to chances I miss, and to God. Here’s ten things that will make me regret 117 more words


Taking the 30-Day Pescatarian Challenge

“Pescetarianism, or pesco-vegetarianism, means being vegetarian while still including seafood in your diet.”

So, I decided to take the challenge to pursue a pescatarian diet for the next 30 days to see if I may have what it takes to maintain a possible vegetarian lifestyle.

136 more words

December Challenge

Ever since it’s gotten cold, I’ve been SUPER lacking on my walks. So I decided that for the month of December, I had to get back on track with walking on my breaks, at least. 182 more words