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21 Day Challenge: [3 Ways/Things]

Preface: I got the idea for this “challenge”, from Marie Forleo from one of her interviews. 

The reason why it’s a 21 day challenge is because it’s generally thought that it takes 21 days at  202 more words


The Classic's Club Spin: Results!

The Classic’s Club picked number 4 so I have to read The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall by December 31st. I’m really excited by this choice as I listed it because it’s one of the books I’m eager to get to – and it’ll be my first book for the challenge so I’m glad I got this and not one that was on the list as I’m scared of it.

P like pube... A to Z Challenge

I am not disdainful. It is a feeling I very rarely feel. I think three of the only things that make me gag, are

  • Blood vessels and everything that has to do with the vascular system (I’m ok with blood, as long as it is not my own!)
  • 444 more words

December Book Challenge

Greetings and salutations, your ghost with the most here.

I’m a part of a lovely group on Goodreads (The Perks of Bring a Book Addict… 487 more words


Inktober 2017 - #48 Kreacher

Unlike the jovial, altruistic Dobby, Kreacher is a miserbale house elf.  He also possesses a nasty demeanor but, despite that, I find myself feeling pity for him.  20 more words

Contact Form Responsive Landing Page

<!–Hello World! It is a beautiful day to  code! –> <p>
Today I am creating another responsive contact landing page. I might use it for my actual portfolio for employers in the future. 218 more words


Harry's Aldi Challenge

This week Elliot and I attempted our own self-named ‘Aldi Challenge.’

Shopping on a student budget can be difficult. More often than not, you can be tempted into choosing an unhealthy option just because it’s cheaper. 320 more words