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Getting the Lard Off Progress (?) Report - 1/18/2017

I’m trying to remain positive, but I’m still having trouble not eating after dinner.

My newest track on this is going back to the orange dream bar I ate each night as my dessert – something I can look forward to every day. 280 more words


Still Buried, but Peeking Out...

This isn’t my art room, but it gives you an idea of what I’m trying to organize in preparation for actually working in there to give voice to some ideas banging around in my brain lately. 189 more words


Walking the Walk

When I travel I like to get my feet on the ground and walk.  I pick up so much more walking than driving – to go with the sights come the sounds and the smells and the hum of the atmosphere.   78 more words


Rainy Days

We’re really dry here in Arkansas, so I’m delighted that we’re having several days in a row of nice rain.

I also freely admit I’m grateful we didn’t have ice this time and we’ve only had one snow so far this winter (knock on wood). 388 more words



I hope this doesn’t offend anyone’s sensibilities.  Please click on image for a better view.

Paula’s black and white Sunday: On Top


Fifteen, fifteen...hmm..treadmills ????

Soooooooo couldn’t find a rhyme for fifteen either..

Some poet I would be.

Back into the exercise again.

I think I will do 30 days of exercise rather than solely running. 120 more words


Poor Disenfranchised Fish!

As I do twice weekly, I was washing out Sweet Sally’s fish bowl today when all of a sudden I heard a small, “crack!”

The goblet I had been using as her fish bowl for more than a year suddenly gave up the ghost and died. 189 more words