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Making Choices

Today I got much more than a wonderful haircut from my hairdresser.

We’ve both changed our lifestyles to get healthier. He’s a diabetic and I’m just old, overweight, and too sedentary. 91 more words

Quality Of Life

Our Garage Door is Haunted

My husband and son worked together to create an alarm system for our garage door. When the door is going up, the alarm says, “The garage door is opening.” When it’s going down, the alarm says, “The garage door is closed.” 268 more words


My project for the next year

I really wanted to do a craft project of some sort, so I decided that I would do something to coincide with my birthday. I really wasn’t sure what to do, I did briefly consider doing 27 different types of crafting, which would be awesome, but with limited space already which will be further limited come September when we relocate I didn’t want to worry about where to put everything, so that’s on the back burner until we buy a place of our own! 103 more words




I told you yesterday that we’re due for rain every day for this week. Meanwhile, our UPS man is having a LOT of trouble getting up the driveway to bring us deliveries. 185 more words


Done In

I got the main square foot garden under reasonable control and then harvested spinach and lettuce from the side lettuce garden. My husband then cut down stuff on one side of our driveway, since the greenery is trying to meet in the middle, rather than allowing us to drive up and down. 138 more words


Chop Saw Table

We used the chop saw a LOT on our raised bed square foot garden project. After my husband finished the last metal support for the boxes for the garden, he said he was going to make a new chop saw table so that it would allow him to square things up, cut angle iron at an angle reliably, etc. 210 more words


The Great Fish and Chip Supper - Spinal Injuries Association

I have some amazing friends who have done some really inspirational things for charity, in fact a little shout out to Duncan Samwell who is competing in the #lanzaroteironman tomorrow. 487 more words

Some Light Relief