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To My Favorite Teacher/Professor

Open Letter 14
Dear Favorite Professor

Dear Data Science Teacher,

Wow! I never thought I’d take, let alone enjoy, a class called “Topic/Data Science”, but here I am, loving it! 212 more words


The First Step with Fears

As we get started on this new month with the very challenging topic of fears, it would be easy to just brush it off and say that it doesn’t matter to us, that we do OK with our fears so why bother doing anything about them or discussing them?  318 more words


Plumbing Adventure

Last night one of our toilets wouldn’t flush and wouldn’t clear no matter what we did. Then, while I was fixing dinner, a second toilet had the same problem. 423 more words


No Sign of Struggle

“Growing small requires enormity of will: just sitting still in the doctor’s waiting room watching the future shuffle in and out, watching it stoop; stare at you while you try not to look. 110 more words


To Hockey Season

Open Letter 12
Letter of My Choice

Dear Hockey Season,

Oh. My. Word. It’s ALMOST here!! I cannot wait for the smell of ice, the sound of skates as they glide, cut, and spray to a stop. 113 more words



Holy tiredness batman. This point in my pregnancy is a level of exhaustion I have never felt before. I feel as though I thought I had been exhausted before but that was definitely not the case. 216 more words


To the Head of My Faith

Open Letter 11
Dear God

Dear God,

Wow…I’ve never had to write to you before, I mostly just talk to you… First I want to thank you. 218 more words