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When Life Gives You...

…they are bright and beautiful blessings. This is another scene from my outdoor office. The lemons remind me that setbacks can be tart and bitter, but when combined with self-reflection and gratitude can become an exquisite nectar of growth, wisdom, and experience.

With Love,


Hope for the Future

I, aka “The Serial Seed Killer”, have had some successes with seeds lately!

  • I started some spaghetti squash seeds I scooped out of one I bought at the store, dried, and then planted.
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Memories of the Dump

This morning was the semi-annual free dumping day in Greenwood. I know it’s weird, but it’s a highlight of our lives. It also brings back fond memories… 465 more words


Eyeshadow Bingo #2

Back when I first joined WordPress, one of my favourite bloggers, Rossy from Ayr Galaxy posted something called Eyeshadow Bingo. She got the idea from another blog, you got it from Youtube. 242 more words


Growing a BIT Bolder...

The past two weeks have been full of challenge:

  1. It was the first time I’ve EVER had to have something done in the dental office, other than exams and cleaning.
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Feeling Grateful

I’m grateful that my wisdom tooth chose this late in my life to act up so my dentist could do what was necessary to get it out without scarring my psyche for life. 258 more words