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My husband and I have sold used books and DVDs on Amazon for several years now. We make enough sometimes to make us feel we’re recouping some of what we’ve spent on books, allowing us to feel less guilty for buying more. 353 more words


Getting the Lard Off Progress - End of Week 3

  •  After Week 3 on Nutrisystem:  7.6 lbs
  • Total Weight Loss since my Lardiest: 20 lbs.
  • After Week 3 of Nutrisystem:  9.8 inches
  • Total since my worst wideness:  26.2 inches…
  • 396 more words

Folding Myself Into a Paper Airplane is Good

My neck and shoulders have been hurting/burning off and on for about 3 weeks now. I had a wonderful massage where my therapist suggested that I… 200 more words


Did You Miss Me Yesterday?

We had storms really early yesterday morning. Lightning apparently hit the radio tower on a ridge line across the valley from us that brings our Internet, email, and TV, knocking it out completely for much of the day.  402 more words


Combination Helps

I was really tied in a knot when I got my last massage therapy session Thursday. To say I needed help was an understatement. Somehow I made the muscles that run from my neck to my shoulders and across my back hurt so badly they burn. 243 more words


Nutrisystem Week 2 - Progress Report

Since starting the ‘Nutrisystem for Fat Ladies’ program two weeks ago, there is less of me!

  • Weight lost:  6.6 lbs*
  • Inches Lost:  5.5 inches*

*(Couple this with what I lost before Nutrisystem – and my total loss since “MY WORST” is 19 lbs and 15.5 inches.) 512 more words


2018 Beat The Backlist Challenge | April Update

I have some really big goals for myself with this new year, both personally and with regards to books. This will be the first year that I will be in one place (hopefully) not juggling school or the constant traveling I have experience that past few years. 566 more words