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The Inverter Saga

Chapter 7

I think they are the wrong gauge.

It was a delicious lunch: Maytag Chips. Home made potatoes chips topped with queso blanco and crumbled blue cheese. 20 more words


2016 Bookish Bucket List | November Update

I have been so busy lately and reading has been put on the wayside along with my blog. I hate that I have been so busy and havent spent much time in the book world. 265 more words


Beat the Backlist Challenge

Hey peeps! So I’m here today with a challenge that my friend Austine from Novel Knight is hosting next year: the Beat the Backlist reading challenge! 526 more words


The Inverter Saga

Chapter 5


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Haikuesday 11.22.16

Jiu jitsu is hard.

Everything is hard right now,

so I’ll step it up.


Pill Pusher

I’ve always been a pill pusher. That is, I push pills away.  Unless my pain is completely unbearable, I will not even take an aspirin. It’s not because I’m macho or have anything to prove, and I certainly don’t look down on people who need to medicate but, like an obedient child of the 80s, I just don’t do drugs. 2,348 more words

ADD Awareness

Prepping for Winter Continued

This afternoon my husband and I prepared the fall garden for winter. We fixed a hose that needed to be relocated in the fall garden section, draining the hose and reattaching it where it needs to go. 331 more words