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42 Day 27

nothing to see on this overcast morn

the sunlight’s soft, muted, no shadows to swoon
no scampering squirrels, no birds on the wing

let’s happily linger between silken sheets… 19 more words


Shame - 42 Day 26

what kind of monster

rips babies from their mothers,
asylum seekers; punishment for hope

liberty’s promise rots, dead,
behind walls, hate, it’s not safe
the monsters here are real… 217 more words


42 Day 25


just, crickets

vacuous silence
questions, unanswered
detachment droning


For Jane Dougherty’s Daily Poem Challenge, “42”. Only after writing this, did I realize I mirrored the day’s theme…silence. 8 more words


42 Day 24

gone, the hours

dawn to dusk,
nose to stone, grinding

twirling ‘round, tick tock,
busy hands, pockets full,
night falls, down like ashes, ashes

~kat… 14 more words


Fragile Heartbeat - A Haiku

clearly not fragile
four score or more, unprompted,
a heartbeat lub-dubs


For Ronovan Writes Haiku Poetry Challenge, Prompt words: fragile & heartbeat.



to omega
life’s often a flurry
swept up in worry, forgetting
to breathe


A Cinquain for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge-Synonyms Only for the words: Hurry: flurry & Last: omega, breathe. Digital Art by Kat Myrman – 2018.


42 Day 23

blue sky, distant white clouds,

trees undulate in the breeze,
leafy underbellies, sparkling,

on afternoons like this,
cool and crisp,
i forget the rain

~kat… 7 more words