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Have you thought of absolutely nothing
Just sat as the warm breeze nestled you
Watched as the sun dipped below the earth
Stealing away its light… 23 more words



“A powerful monochromatic image is composed of a gradient of a single color, and has an emphasis on texture and composition.”

Well, I’ve tried my best to live upto that. 47 more words


Veracity Challenge

He stole through the shadows as night fell. Quietly, on tip toes, he moved in the darkness, making his way to the cupboard inside which was the safe that held his ticket to freedom. 220 more words

Creative Writing

Bell jingled
Heart raced
Face lit up
“He’s here!” she squealed & ran outside
“1 chocolate softy, please?”
Fell in love with ice cream again…

30 more words
Creative Writing

What is Love?

Dancing in the rain
Sharing some chocolate cake

Intense discussions at midnight
Holding someone so tight

Forehead kisses, dreamy eyes
Or even teary goodbyes

Reading your favourite book… 143 more words

Challenges & Prompts


Ephemeral means ‘lasting for a very short time’. Like the sky at sunset. You look away for just a moment, only to look back and find that the clouds have shifted, and that the sun’s rays shine differently, leading to new shades of sunset in the sky. 52 more words


At Sun-down

Something cool happened in the sky this evening. It looked as though the sun was plummeting towards the horizon at full speed, leaving a trail of white smoke behind. 19 more words