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What is Love?

Dancing in the rain
Sharing some chocolate cake

Intense discussions at midnight
Holding someone so tight

Forehead kisses, dreamy eyes
Or even teary goodbyes

Reading your favourite book… 143 more words

Challenges & Prompts


Ephemeral means ‘lasting for a very short time’. Like the sky at sunset. You look away for just a moment, only to look back and find that the clouds have shifted, and that the sun’s rays shine differently, leading to new shades of sunset in the sky. 52 more words

Challenges & Prompts

At Sun-down

Something cool happened in the sky this evening. It looked as though the sun was plummeting towards the horizon at full speed, leaving a trail of white smoke behind. 19 more words

Challenges & Prompts

I Dream

I dream of long French windows
And a thick, carpeted floor
I dream of rows and rows of books
Lined from the windows to the door… 164 more words

Creative Writing

Double-knitted Symmetry

Tip-tapping bamboo sticks repeat motif,
Defining complex interweaves of threads
Knit red, two white, then three, again repeat
In hope it soon will warmly top her bed. 141 more words



You can find symmetry in a whole lot of places. I found it in T2 – the swanky new terminalĀ of the international airport at Bombay. 17 more words

Challenges & Prompts

Many Moons Ago

‘Twas years ago (or was just a day),
We’re racing ‘down the shore’ to rescue her,
from demons overtaking weakened state,
We spread our supplications, pray they’re heard. 94 more words