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The Elephant In The Room

India is a country in denial. We talk against the injustices of apartheid and slavery and of racism like it is an alien concept. But the irony of it all is that our never-ending conquest for fairer skin, the race for a fairer bride, the demand for fairer heroines are extremely mainstream in ‘brown’ India. 559 more words


Popping up like weeds: thinking about growth in the city

Schools are back after the long summer break. So long that I’ve become accustomed to holiday traffic patterns and, yesterday, foolishly ventured out in my car before nine o’clock. 444 more words


3 Day Quote Challenge Day 6!

It’s almost over! HU-RRA-AY…OTL

Ok, so this is getting harder for me to follow through on, haha. I was just writing up some stuff and randomly remembered that I hadn’t posted my stuff for today! 373 more words


Be Prepared For Your Obstacles And Challenges

In the heat and excitement of setting a ‘big, hairy, audacious goal’ or dreaming the dream life, remember one thing – there will indefinitely be obstacles and challenges along the way so it is highly recommended that you prepare how you will face them when that happens. 117 more words

Share Your World - Week 6

Wow, a long list of questions this week from Cee for Share Your World… Let’s see how I go :-)

Share Your World – Week 6… 425 more words


Something is Missing?

“Unhappiness is caused by believing that something 
is missing that we need to be happy.”
Gina Lake

The snow has stopped and not one iota left on the ground.

254 more words