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The End of an Age

Today was my final day as an employee of Tim Hortons. Although there were many frustrations within the job over the years, this job was like a secondary family and I enjoyed doing what I did. 428 more words


how to manual, pisces style.

If you know me well, then you know I love love love the following things:

*the paranormal (spoooky ghosts)

*wacky psychology quizzes

*astrology to explain myself… 1,723 more words

30 Day Writing Challenge

Quote of the Day

This is why I see my epilepsy as a blessing. Sounds crazy, I know, right?! Who would want to actually have seizures? I’m not advocating that but I cannot change the hand I have been dealt. 106 more words

Farm Life? 

Emily and I and about to start a new adventure in our lives. We are taking this opportunity to start afresh. After our adventures in being married for a year we thought we needed to try to take it from the start again. 242 more words


A Quick Life Lesson

I think I’ve learnt a very important life lesson today, ‘appreciate the small things in life’, it’s not like I didn’t appreciate them before but I admit that I paid less attention to the good little things and more on the bad. 109 more words


AAMC - Day 30: Violin Romance

August Alphabet Music Challenge

I don’t really listen to music for relaxation purposes. I listen to music to get me hyped up. If I want to relax, I usually take a nap. 52 more words


Writing Prompt #2: Bottling A Feeling...

Have you ever had a moment that was so joyful that you found yourself whispering, “I wish I could bottle this feeling…”?

Perhaps you remember feeling angry, guilty, nostalgic or ashamed; and bottling those emotions within the contour of your body. 172 more words