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Acceptance is hard to bear...

I lay amongst the stale air in all too familiar surroundings – another alternative therapy has failed and I find myself in yet another flair. Even though this time I played safe by not allowing myself to build up my hopes, it’s still hard to bear – each one is getting worse and it doesn’t take much to be left in agony, not much at all! 481 more words


Up Against It

Face near impossible odds…

Smile through fear…

Let go of denial…

Stay and fight…

Take a leap of faith…

Change direction…

Accept the truth…

Feel the pain… 30 more words


The Lure of Trees

I’ve been away recently, away from communication though some large part of my absence entailed exploring the coast of New England, north and east, nudging the US/Canadian border in wildest Maine, and lately travelling in a parallel universe tip-toeing afloat on the Grand Union Canal in Northamptonshire with friends. 102 more words


The Life Balance Ideal

The picture above represents what experts say should come first in life in order to have balance. At the very top of the pyramid is FAMILY, followed by CAREER, then HEALTH, and, at the bottom, FRIENDS. 250 more words


Life | Manvel, Texas Photographer

Life is full of obstacles that stop us from moving forward. It is full of doors we need to open, fences we need to climb, and bridges we need to cross but most of all it is full of challenges. 23 more words

Sonya Lira Photography

Nourishing The Soul

“You are a powerful, unlimited and eternal soul who is here to enjoy the experience of creativity and contribute to humanity’s evolution.” ~Author Unknown

Any type of nourishment is often looked at as having a healthy diet-portions of fruits, veggies, lean meat, plenty of water, and all that good stuff. 870 more words


Inspired by | Inlays

It’s time for another Inspired by!

My sweet and dear friend Riikka and I challenge each other each month to create something with a theme or thing in mind. 607 more words