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Weeky Pet Share

She tried fetching something from the rain gutter. But I couldn’t see anything in there! Okay, she made me curious, as well! 😜


Still Out Here!!

We are in the midst of a Spring snow storm. Being on satellite internet, my reception is spotty at best. So, if anyone has wondered why I’m not online, well, that’s why. 83 more words

April PAD Challenge -- Day Twenty-One

Prompt: Write a “what you are” poem, or… Write a “what you are not” poem.

The Bitter Truth
(Senryu/Haiku series)

I am…

a rollercoaster
careening out of control… 61 more words


When You Face a Challenge...

Probably, one of the hardest things for a blogger to do is to keep blogging when life is most challenging. I am slowly coming out of the brush piled on top of me. 283 more words

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Ok, so I’ve been really bad about posting. Don’t worry, I’m still alive! :) For those wondering, life is dandy.

Recently, I’ve been thinking about happiness. 390 more words


Today I’ve come to a roadblock. My creativity seems to have just shut down. The ideas feel like they are just on the other side of that barrier that’s blocking me from getting to them. 450 more words


Who's Pushing Your Buttons? Dealing With Mean People In Your Life.

Are you dealing with mean people in your life? Unfortunately, we all have to deal with mean people at one time or another. Romans 1:28–30… 238 more words