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7 Ways to Handle Exceptional Anger-Yours and Your Child's

In every parent/child relationship there will be moments of anger, frustration and loss of control. I know this all too well. Put a little bit of pressure with school being back on, add in poor coping mechanisms with stress, and stir in some unexpected life circumstances, and anger can quickly escalate, both yours and your child’s. 652 more words

Recharging Parenting Batteries Builds Patience And Love For Your Child

So today when I was sitting down after the bus left before I started getting ready for my work day, I realized why lately I have been feeling overwhelmed by motherhood and spending time with Michael. 723 more words

7 Ways to Be Gentle With Yourself And Your Child When Handling Their Diagnosis

I feel so angry right now, angry and full of self-pity. It is not a fun stage, not in the least. I am feeling angry that once again our life has been thrown up in the air and our whole family has to deal with another big diagnosis- Type 1 diabetes. 1,100 more words

Testing, Testing and More Testing- 5 Ways To Learn To Read Your Exceptional Child's Anxiety

So all things considered, back  to school has gone well. Michael continues to amaze me with how well he is adjusting to his diabetes diagnosis. He takes the injections like a champ, is handling changes to food regimes well .The only thing is that he continues to test me Mom to the utmost. 776 more words

How Avoiding Conflict Does Not Help You Or Your Exceptional Child

So I have had to face something recently that I am not really proud of. I say those words, but then I add to myself what I learned in therapy many years ago, “It’s ok. 765 more words

How Exceptional Familes Can Better Handle Explosive Aggression and Receptive/Language Issues is Autism

Anger. Aggression. Sadness. These are things that are in short supply in our house these days, thank goodness. It was a rough six months though when we juggled all of those things as a family. 534 more words

Simple Family Bonding And How To Go With The Flow

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation and spontaneity, right? Well, in an exceptional family this is both true and false. Yes, life cannot be fully scripted. 619 more words