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Understanding What Your Exceptional Child Can and Cannot Control-New Tips For Easier Exceptional Parenting

Eureka! I have reached a new way of understanding Michael and it feels so good. This way has been by closely observing many of his behaviors and seeing which ones were a product of his having difficulty controlling his emotions. 815 more words

5 Ways To Know You've Found The Right Therapy Team For Your Exceptional Family


From the very second Michael was diagnosed, I knew our lives had changed forever. At first, of course, like all new exceptional parents, I did not trust my own parenting instincts. 874 more words

Seeing Your Exceptional Child Soar-How Your Belief In Them Causes A Ripple Effect

It was the morning of Michael’s first non adapted art class on Saturday. He had wanted to take this class since last year, but I had been afraid. 960 more words

Celebrating The Victories In Hard Times-5 Tips To Be A Happier Exceptional Family

Things have been getting easier on many fronts in our family over the last two months, but that does not mean that there are not many hard moments that Michael has to navigate as an individual, and Dad and I have to navigate as his parents as well as all of us as a family. 502 more words

Changing Your Mindset In Order To Understand Your Exceptional Child

On days like today when I can literally see Michael’s brain in action with all his challenges and strengths, I thank God that I have amassed the knowledge I have in learning what I do know about his differences, and that I am still keeping an open mind learning about his other challenges. 455 more words

How Being Patient With Your Child Starts With Being Patient With Yourself

It was a mixed bag of a weekend. Lots of anxiety, hyperactivity with a few doses of aggression and finishing off with amazing feats. Michael cooking more amazing dishes. 746 more words

Being in the Hot Seat As Exceptional Families

Have you ever had a parenting moment when you felt so many emotions at once- frustration, tiredness, sadness and embarrassment? Well, I did tonight. It was one of those nights that I was worried about altering Michael’s schedule slightly, but still did. 733 more words