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Picking Your Battles With Your Exceptional Child-What NOT To Do

It was an up and down weekend as far as Michael’s behaviors went. There were good moments, and some tough ones. Through it all, I noticed two things- the moments we picked our battles with Michael, and the times we did not do such a good job in doing this. 679 more words

Fine Tuning Behavior Strategies For Your Exceptional Child-What Works And What Doesn't

Self-control is challenging for a lot of people, exceptional and not. But there is something so difficult for exceptional kids to wrap their heads around, and that is the ability to control their emotions- fear, anger, anxiety without having any type of negative outbursts or behaviors. 507 more words

How Your Exceptional Child Sees The World And How You Can Help Bridge The Gap

So many times I have asked myself after a fight with Michael, where did I go wrong understanding him? Yes, though there have been times when I was completely in the right and he was being stubborn and not wanting to listen, there were other times when I had not been clear, he had not been clear, and we had a misunderstanding of where the other one was coming from. 667 more words

Encouraging The Positive In Your Exceptional Child By Pointing Out The Good Moments

When things are rough at home, it is sometimes hard for me to remember to praise the good moments I have with Michael. Those good moments though do happen, and often enough, if I look for them. 788 more words

Happy New Year and Things I Learned NOT To Do In 2018

Happy New Year Exceptional Families! I hope your holidays were happy, healthy, safe and joyful, at least to some degree. In Exceptional Families we often have so many ups and downs, it is hard to know where one ends and one begins. 1,145 more words

Organizing Surprise Home Days And What Exceptional Kids Teach Us About Stress

So today was a surprise Snow Day for Michael and me . He was happy, of course, happy and nervous. Happy to be home, and nervous as he did not want to be stuck at home all day. 659 more words

Learning From The Pain And Failures-What Exceptional Children Can Teach Us

I am reading a very good book now called “When Things Fall Apart-Heart Advice For Difficult Times” by Pema Chodron. I have always admired much of Buddhism’s teachings, particularly when they talk about growing from suffering and seeing the beauty in it. 879 more words