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Writing It All Down, Schedules And How They Can Help Exceptional Families

So I am coming full circle with something I thought we may have been done with-schedules and writing things down for Michael. I have always been someone who lives by my schedule. 562 more words

Finding Your Confidence, Finding Your Exceptional Tribe- How To Help Your Family Overcome Challenges

So yesterday felt like the first day of the rest of my life, as the saying goes, or at least, the rest of my exceptional parenting life. 691 more words

Mantras and Regrouping-How To Turn Challenges Into Strengths In Exceptional Families

I finally let out a very deep breath a few days ago. It started with heaving sobs and crying. Then all the anger, all the grief , and all the stress of Michael’s escalating aggression in the last six months hit me full force. 605 more words

6 Key Words That Will Help You Understand Your Child's Behavior

I occasionally do a little freelance journalism.  Yes, that means one of my many hats is that of a reporter…perish the thought!

But there are some useful skills to be learned from this practice, not least of which is the classic “outline” for a story or situation: … 714 more words

Autism Spectrum

Honeymoon's Over- Autism Behavior Triggers And How Exceptional Parents Can Learn from Them

So this afternoon the honeymoon period was over, the honeymoon period of NO behaviors for a good three weeks. I wasn’t clear and concise with something. 779 more words

The Issues Behind Challenging Behavior for Exceptional Children

There should always be consequences for behavior, good and bad. Kids, as well as adults, need to know that they always have choices when it comes to how they act, as well as what they say and do. 705 more words

What I Learned From Having An Exceptional Mommy Meltdown

About a week ago in the late afternoon, Michael and I  got into a very heated argument about Michael not accepting something I told him couldn’t happen that afternoon. 700 more words