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This one has a Motor!

When my daughter was 4 years old, we visited a friend with a large cat. The cat was heavy, but my daughter struggled mightily to pick her up. 550 more words

Challenging Behaviors

Swim Lessons

You know your child is getting older when he begs you not to go to swim lessons (or some other organized sport/lesson/activity). This experience was yet another first for us and another time when we didn’t know what the right answer was. 688 more words


Marble Jar

Ever have a moment when you basically get called out by your child? I have. At a recent visit at the psychologist, when asked if he has any chores at home, Ev said, “ 579 more words

Challenging Behaviors

Five Ways I Knew My Son Needed Help

Over the past several months Ev has exhibited some less than desirable behaviors. I am sure (because some said so out loud) that family members and other observers judged the situation, determining he just needed a good spanking or other ways to teach children “respect.” If I am being completely honest I also questioned (as we all do) whether it was my parenting that was causing some of the issues. 760 more words


A New Take on Opposition


A Blog dedicated to changing the conversation on opposition in adolescence.

Oppositionality in adolescence has become synonymous with oppositional defiant disorder. 908 more words

Baseball Players Don't Wear Diapers

My mother always told me that potty training me was as simple as building up hype to wearing big girl panties, receiving said big girl panties for my second birthday, being super excited about receiving the panties and never looking back to diapers. 531 more words

New Parents

Screen Time Boundaries

We recently implemented a new rule in our house. No iPad on school days/nights. Prior to that, we had been allowing Ev to have his iPad before and after school. 595 more words