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7 Ways To Regroup When You Lose Your Stuff As An Exceptional Parent

This morning was one of those mornings I wished I could press rewind to the moment Michael woke up. I wished I would have said and done things differently from the start when Michael woke up late, started dilly dallying, getting caught up in small details which we did not have time for. 808 more words

Signs That Your Exceptional Child Gets Their Anxiety And How To Help Them Find New Strategies

Eureka! I found myself saying this the other day in my head when Michael had an “Aha” moment. This moment was so important as it has shaped the last three days of our family life. 838 more words

Trusting Your Exceptional Parenting Instincts- 5 Ways To Tap Into Your Exceptional Parenting Power

So to say that lately I have doubting myself as an Exceptional Mom is the understatement of the year.  Michael’s aggression and anxiety have both been building up since the Spring, and he wasn’t feeling good about himself. 872 more words

How To See Your Exceptional Child's Strengths During Hard Times

Summer is a very difficult time for exceptional families. Ours is no different. The adjusting from school to being home is a change. Then home to camp is another change. 844 more words

How to Help Your Exceptional Child Handle Obsessions and Extreme Stress

I felt as if I was falling into a dark abyss and could not feel the ground below me. I had had this same feeling before. 792 more words

Disaster At The Dentist-What My Exceptional Child Taught Me About Resilience

It was every Exceptional Parent’s nightmare, and one many of us have over and over. The visit to the doctor for a checkup that goes wrong, so horribly wrong. 984 more words

Understanding What Your Exceptional Child Can and Cannot Control-New Tips For Easier Exceptional Parenting

Eureka! I have reached a new way of understanding Michael and it feels so good. This way has been by closely observing many of his behaviors and seeing which ones were a product of his having difficulty controlling his emotions. 815 more words