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5 Tips To Help Your Exceptional Child Handle Their Emotional State

Michael has made a lot of progress in learning how to self-regulate when it comes to anger and stress. As I’ve said before, both therapy and medication as well as hard work on his part, have helped him see what changes he has made to made. 670 more words

How To Use Rewards To Bring Out The Best In Your Exceptional Child

Ok so let me start this post by saying that I was originally against the idea of using rewards to get Michael to learn to use good behavior. 538 more words

Hyperactivity In Your Exceptional Child- How To Find The Balance

So this post is about balance, balance for the child and the parent. Physical, psychological and spiritual balance, because only when we as adults and our children have that balance, do we come close to experiencing some kind of peace. 694 more words

Staying Calm and Moving On- What Every Exceptional Parent Needs To Remember

Ok. I lost it. I know. My kid has a hard time self-regulating and I need to remember that and always keep it together myself. But sometimes, I can’t. 740 more words

How Our Children Strengthen Us And What We Need To Remember On Our Parenting Journeys

“You are amazing with him. You are redirecting him when he is inappropriate. I work with special needs kids.  I completely understand.”

This was the opening line of a Mom sitting near Michael and I in the waiting room to see his pediatrician for a follow up visit on our tumultuous year handling aggression and hyperactivity as well as his diabetes. 1,098 more words

Working With Your Exceptional Child's Strengths Instead Of Their Weaknesses

So I think I’ve said before what a rough time it’s been for Michael and us since he has gotten off his medication prescribed for aggression. 747 more words

Fantasy of Inclusion

Take a moment to read this blog posting “Three Strikes… and He’s Out?

Wow – this is reality for many of our family and community members – this is why we become isolated.  245 more words

Intellectual Disabilities