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Teaching Your Exceptional Child To Be Their Own Detective For Mood Regulation

Michael has been having a harder and harder time self-regulating lately. I’m not sure if this is due to more demands being placed on him at school, the medication he is on, puberty and new anxieties or all of the above. 750 more words

How To Get Over Doubting Your Parenting Abilities With Your Exceptional Child

As regular readers of this blog know, Michael has hit that preteen testing age which he is experiencing along with autism’s regular anxieties and rigidity. Throw in some unexpected curve balls like diabetes and well, it’s quite the ride for him and us. 886 more words

How To Balance Discipline With Nurturing-The Exceptional Parent's Constant Struggle

I knew from the second Michael got up this morning and the rude comments he made that we were off to a rough start. I also knew that when he gets up early and has TOO much free time before the bus comes, that things don’t usually end well for us. 923 more words

5 Ways For Exceptional Parents to Stay Positive When Their Child Is Struggling

There are good days. There are bad days. Then there are the days that are a mix of both. Michael gives me many of these. He will amaze me with his bravery. 829 more words

Navigating New Medical Terrain As An Exceptional Family And Handling the Word "NO"

We did it! We had our first diabetes checkup and Michael passed (and us by extension) passed with flying colors! The doctor was very happy with his blood sugar levels and his overall health and complimented all of us for good teamwork. 695 more words

Figuring Out the Root of Challenging Behaviors and How To Help Your Child Navigate Through Them

So today was a Friday that was tiring for Michael. He started the day dragging his feet out of bed like a teenager (too many late nights due to low blood sugar), and then dragged his feet in after school complaining that the teacher got mad that he was putting his head on his desk. 808 more words

The Spirit Of Exceptional Children Is Stronger Than Their Challenges

Michael amazed me once more at the end of the week. We had an up and down week with his blood sugars and build up of nighttime anxiety and fears returning. 830 more words