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How Exceptional Familes Can Better Handle Explosive Aggression and Receptive/Language Issues is Autism

Anger. Aggression. Sadness. These are things that are in short supply in our house these days, thank goodness. It was a rough six months though when we juggled all of those things as a family. 534 more words

Simple Family Bonding And How To Go With The Flow

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation and spontaneity, right? Well, in an exceptional family this is both true and false. Yes, life cannot be fully scripted. 619 more words

Exceptional Friend Blessings And Simple Happiness-The Importance of Community For You and Your Child

It’s the simple things that make exceptional parenting, and any kind of parenting work. I was reminded of this on Saturday afternoon at one of Michael’s friends’ birthday parties. 653 more words

Guest Blog Post: Addressing Difficult Behaviors

By Denise Rice, LCSW, ACSW, LAC

What are Behaviors?
All behavior meets a need and has a function. Let me say that again, there is a function and a purpose to every behavior! 1,321 more words

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Reading My Exceptional Child's Cues of Stress By First Being In Touch With My Own

It’s really true what they say. We can’t know anyone else until we know ourselves. And this goes double for parenting. Until a parent learns how to be patient with their own shortcomings, stresses and anxieties, they will have a hard time reading these cues in their child. 838 more words

Coping with Young Kids Who Rage

Yep, I used the word ‘rage.’ You know exactly what I mean if you have a young child who has trouble handling their strong emotions and ends up screaming, melting down, and hitting you, your partner, your nanny or caregiver, or, most mortifying of all, grandma. 676 more words

Challenging Behaviors

Structured And Unstructured Time During Summer Vacation-How To Strike The Balance

It’s official. Summer vacation is here and we are in the process of all adjusting to the changes this brings. I am home from one of my jobs or the rest of the summer and available to work around Michael’s schedule more. 828 more words