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Five Ways I Knew My Son Needed Help

Over the past several months Ev has exhibited some less than desirable behaviors. I am sure (because some said so out loud) that family members and other observers judged the situation, determining he just needed a good spanking or other ways to teach children “respect.” If I am being completely honest I also questioned (as we all do) whether it was my parenting that was causing some of the issues. 760 more words


Baseball Players Don't Wear Diapers

My mother always told me that potty training me was as simple as building up hype to wearing big girl panties, receiving said big girl panties for my second birthday, being super excited about receiving the panties and never looking back to diapers. 531 more words

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Screen Time Boundaries

We recently implemented a new rule in our house. No iPad on school days/nights. Prior to that, we had been allowing Ev to have his iPad before and after school. 595 more words


Challenging Behavior: How Can You Support Children?

If there is one topic I have talked a lot about during my early childhood career it is that of challenging behavior. I have learned over the years that the more information that is known about the child, the family and the behavior, the more successful adults are in figuring out what supports to provide. 643 more words

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Why Don't Behavior Charts Work?

Whenever I walk into a preschool or early elementary classroom and I see a behavior chart, I cringe. One child who couldn’t control her impulses went home crushed because her name ended up on “red.” Another child was reminded that he wasn’t good enough for his teacher. 347 more words

Challenging Behaviors

Who Really Should Take a Time-out By Dr. Gabor Mate

“So, while taking a few deep breaths, whether at home or in the classroom, we can remind ourselves that a child’s long-term development, not quivering compliance, is our most sacred objective.” 798 more words

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A Prayer For The Children Marian Wright Edelman


We pray for the children
who sneak popsicles before supper,
who erase holes in math workbooks,
who can never find their shoes. And we pray for those… 322 more words